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Andreea Axinte

This copywriting enthusiast has an experience of over 8-years in creating engaging online marketing content for various verticals and formats. Out of passion for copy, she devoted 4 years to master the art of sales. Her journalisms-instilled active listening, combined with the sales-bound charm give her the superpower to break boundaries and establish emotional connections with the users.

PropellerAds - Future Land Promo for Publishers

Future Land Promo for Publishers: $6,000 in Prizes + Other Bonuses

$6,000 in Prizes. 3 monthly cash bonuses. + other benefits. Win big, monetizing your traffic with OnClick & PropellerAds’ Future Land Promo for Publishers.

PropellerAds - Rule Based Optimization Best Practices
Advanced Tutorials

Rule-Based Optimization Best Practices: IF (ROI > 300), THEN 🍾?

One rule to rule them all. One rule for all your Push and Interstitials CPC Campaigns. And in this article the best practices for Rule-Based Optimization.

Champions League Final 2022 Stats and Creatives
Affiliate Marketing

Champions League Final Campaigns: Stats and Creatives

Thinking what campaigns to launch for this Champions League Final? Check the stats, creatives, and best practices in here. Hint: It’s time to launch now!

OnClick & Push Case Study

How to Maximize Your Website Monetization: OnClick + Push Notifications Case Study

Looking for a new monetization strategy? What about using two formats at once? Check out this best performing duo. Real stats included.

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