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Holiday Digest: Winter’s Magical CPA Offers 2021 + [Infographic]

Xmas CPA Digest 2021

There’s nothing more heartwarming than the bubbly joy of fresh CPA Offers. And where do you get the nicest offers this season?

From our partners here at PropellerAds, that’s where! So get ready to kickstart the most joyful and prosperous campaigns of all the Winter Holiday Seasons. 

Earn big this Holiday Season [Webinar]

As always, we checked the numbers and we’ve got news for you. The Winter Holidays are no time to sleep. Because traffic is hyping, and profits are booming! Here’s what you need:

2021 Winter Holiday Season Top Performing Verticals (by format) 

Propellerads - top verticals during holidays

As you can see Utilities, Dating, and iGaming are the advertiser’s cross-format choices during these holidays. However, Pinsubmit, iGaming, and Software take the lead for Popunder ads, Push ads, and Interstitial ads respectively.

What GEOs can you Target this Winter

While some GEOs prosper, others aren’t performing as well. Below you’ll see that when it comes to Popunders, you can definitely win if you’re targeting Russia. Whereas Mexico is the best performer for Push, and Peru for Interstitials:

Propellerads - top geos during holidays

The winter also makes some GEOs underperform: India and Indonesia on Popunder, and Germany on Interstitial. Thoroughly test these GEOs before launching your campaigns.

Bidding Strategies to use this Holiday Season

Aside from getting thematic this season, you also need to mind your budget. You know what works this season. Plan your bids in advance. 

The competition gets a bit steamier during holidays, so get ready to increase your bids

Set the right bid for your paid ads campaign

Keep in mind that your favorite set-ups might not bring the needed results. Come up with an alternative plan – new zones that you can test and run campaigns on. And get ready to get out of your comfort zone, if you’re into delivering results.

What Tools You can Use

If you’re on a budget, there are tools that you can use to help with your targeting and optimization setting:

Demographic and Interest Targeting

This tool allows you to narrow down on your targeting, by choosing between popular interests, gender, and age groups. 

For example: In the UK only 14% of women watched English Premier League games in 2020.

Think it’s irrelevant to target them with related ads? Then eliminate the audiences that aren’t interested in your product, from the start. 

Targeting Direct Click Traffic

When you find a really good performing campaign, you’d want to only show it to interested people. Well, now you can with Direct Click. With this new option, you reach parked domain traffic and top converting ad placements.

Rule-Based Optimization

With the Rule-Based Optimization, you can now set your max/min Spend or Conversions, plus min/max CPA, ROI, CR, Conversion. 

If these limits are reached during a defined period of time (1 hr, 24 hrs, 1 week), then your zone bid will be automatically changed or excluded altogether, based on your settings. 

Need more optimization ideas?

New Year, New Verticals, and GEOs

Don’t stress if your preferred zones are not performing as usual, they’ll get back on track. Right after the Winter Holidays, verticals like Finance, iGaming, and Utilities are making a strong comeback, on all formats: 

Propellerads - top verticals after holidays

And while there are still some GEOs that don’t recover as quickly, we can see that Brazil and Great Britain really outdo themselves:

Propellerads - top geos after holidays

CPA Offers to Run Right Now

Now that you’ve got what it takes to spice up your campaigns during the winter holiday season, check out the most brilliant Offers that you can run, straight from our dear partners:

Zeydoo Holiday CPA Offers

Xmas MediaMarkt 750€ voucher4273Sweepstakes??
Desktop, Mobile$3.0
Xmas PS54276Sweepstakes??
Desktop, Mobile$3.0
iPhone 13 IT Christmas4165Sweepstakes??
Desktop, Mobile$2.60
Supermarket Christmas IT4166Sweepstakes??
Desktop, Mobile$2.60
IT – IKEA Xmas4158Sweepstakes??
Desktop, Mobile$2.40

Mobidea Holiday CPA Offers

22731 – UK – [WEB+MOB] – Christmas Win: PlayStation 5 – CPL SOI22731Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$1.5
22732 – IT – [WEB+MOB] – Christmas Win: PlayStation 5 – CPL SOISweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$1.5
22722 – DE – [WEB+MOB] – Christmas Win: Coca Cola for YEAR – CPL SOI22722Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$2.70
22726 – PT – [MOB] – Christmas Win: Get iPhone 1322726Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$5.20
22723 – DE – [WEB+MOB] – Christmas Win: Amazon Gift Card – CPL SOI22723Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$2.70

Gasmobi Holiday CPA Offers

MultiplePrizes – Media Markt Voucher 500€ Christmas – SOI44127Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$3.35
MultiplePrizes – Amazon Voucher 500€ Christmas – SOI44124Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$3.35
BigEntry – Christmas iPhone 12 v2 – CC submit44093Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$33.0
Quiztionnaire – Tommy Hilfiger Christmas Giftcard (With Prelander) – SOI43802Sweepstakes & Coupons??
Web + Mobile$1.00
Rattan Christmas Tree – CPA44154eCommerce??
Web + Mobile$13.0

ClickDealer Holiday CPA Offers

Win iPhone 13114999Vouchers/Leadgen??
Web + Mobile$3.05
Christmas games115380Mobile content??
Web + Mobile$3.20
Christmas iPhone 12115435Sweepstakes ??
Web + Mobile$33.50
Get 500 € Christmas Gift Card95926Vouchers/Leadgen??
Web + Mobile$0.80
WIN Panettone Christmas Voucher115371Vouchers/Leadgen??
Web + Mobile$0.35

In the meantime, stay profitable exploring the best performing zones. And if you need more help, come join us on Telegram or get in touch with your Account Manager, today!


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