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TikTok Affiliate Marketing: Traffic You Need to Rock

TikTok for Affiliates

More and more affiliates are mixing types of traffic. Making various combinations between social networks, email, paid search, and organic traffic, they create custom funnels. This way, they manage to convert leads via various channels, while using different strategies and approaches. 

To help you make the most of your campaigns, we decided to look into various traffic sources that you could mix and match with Push ads and OnClick ads traffic. TikTok was one of the networks that got our attention, because of its very engaged social traffic, looking for unusual content and entertainment. 

Join us, as we start by analyzing how to create working strategies for TikTok’s audience, and go into detailed benefits of migrating audiences. 

But first, let’s check the numbers

PropellerAds - TikTok Stats for Affiliates
TikTok Stats for Affiliates

Advertising on TikTok 

Can affiliates really make a profit with TikTok users? Based on what we’ve seen you can. So, let’s see what it means to advertise on TikTok in terms of paid ads and their costs.

The Cost of Advertising on TikTok compared with other social media platforms & PropellerAds

There are various ways in which you can advertise on TikTok. And based on your preferences, the costs vary as well.

Although up until recently TikTok had a ‘no-minimum bid’ policy, they just updated their conditions introducing a minimum budget per ad group level of $20/day. So, running a campaign for a 30 days month, you’ll spend at least $600 (30 days x $20).

Influence Marketing on TikTok

This is a really big trend on pretty much every social media network. And you could consider it as an alternative.

Just keep in mind that this might set you back about $600-$1000 per post if you’re reaching an influencer with 2.5 million followers or more.

Here are the most followed influencers and the numbers of followers they all have (in millions), according to Statista:

PropellerAds - Most Followed TikTok Creators
TikTok Creators by Followers, Data Source:

Getting a Business TikTok Account

A business account gives you the possibility to create branded AR lenses, filters, and stickers that TikTok users can use in their videos. It will give your access to a royalty-free music library with 500,000+ songs, on top of audience and performance data, and a business content guide.

In addition, TikTok is also offering ad credits for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) joining Shopify merchants. Advertisers that join the program for a $79 or $299 monthly fee can get a one-time $300 ad credit, or up to $2000 in ad credits matching their top-ups. 

4 Organic TikTok Affiliate Marketing Strategies

You need to keep in mind that you’re mostly advertising for late Millennials and Gen Z’ers on TikTok. Which means that you’ll have to adapt and speak their language.

Whatever strategy you’ll use, you need to fit everything within 15 or 60 seconds videos.

#1. Learn from the Influencers

Try following some of the most popular influencers and contributors from TikTok to see what they’re doing and try to replicate that. Here’s how some of them advertise various products:

  • TikTok’s Most-Followed Influencer – Charli D’Amelio:
@charlidamelio it’s christmas season and u know what that means….holiday pjs!!@amazonfashion #pajamajam #founditonamazon #ad ♬ Pajama Jam (feat. Wiidope) – Amazon Fashion

  • TikTok’s Most-Followed Influencer #2 – Khaby Lame:
@khaby.lame It was an honor to help you my friend @carlossainz55 but next time learn how to go into ????#learnfromkhaby #learnwithtiktok #ferrari ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

  • Successful Brand Accounts
@etoro_official Add a little spice to your investments. #eToro #investwithgroove #dance ♬ original sound – eToro

  • Celebrity & TikTok’s Most-Followed Account #6: 
@willsmith Loved transforming into this role! #KingRichard ♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

  • Trending content

There are also cases when TikTok can help you gain fame, without you even being on it. That was the case of Eminem that got in a feud with TikTokers and ended up launching a new hit. 

#2. Connect more social media accounts

TikTok also makes it super easy to connect your account to other social networks. It features dedicated fields in your bio. This way, they make it easy to share the content that you create on TikTok with your other networks as well, to get more traffic.

#3. Reply to Other People’s Videos

Another thing that you can try is to leave related comment replies to other people’s videos. This is a very nice feature that will allow you to gain even more visibility. Make sure to stay relevant, though.

#4. Cash-in on viralized moments 

Follow the social network’s example. TikTok is making a lot of waves with its ad about a woman’s mystery apartment behind her bathroom mirror

Their ad is super huge on both Facebook and YouTube, and on every other social network out there. Way to go viral with someone else’s viral videos!

Scaling Your TikTok Campaigns with PropellerAds 

Now that you’ve gotten in the TikTok advertising mindset, let’s see how you can best improve your performance and maximize your monthly income by migrating your audiences to PropellerAds. 

The first thing you should do is scale your campaigns. Why scale your TikTok campaigns with PropellerAds?

For the same reason, you’d want to scale any other social media campaign with PropellerAds – to maximize your reach and increase your monthly income.

Here are a few new strategies that you can try when scaling your campaigns with PropellerAds: 

Reach Fresh Traffic Sources

Unlike running campaigns through TikTok over and over, with PropellerAds you can show your ads to new audiences. Just choose between our two traffic sources:

  • PropellerAds’ high-quality traffic from selected websites within our network– works great for testing,
  • Selected 3rd party Brokers’ Traffic – fantastic for scaling campaigns.
Propellerads - traffic options

  • Target more GEOs than you can imagine +India

As of June 29, 2020, the app is officially banned in India. And this is one of the markets you really want to get in. India’s affiliate marketing makes for 15-20% of all online sales of the country. Plus, the industry is forecasted to reach $835 million by 2025.

When it comes to GEOs, with PropellerAds you’ve got the upper hand. You can target 195+ countries – India included– and regions, compared with 155 countries where TikTok is available.

Run Audience Retargeting Campaigns

Driving traffic from TikTok to your Pre-Landers or Landing Pages, you’ll be able to tag these users with our retargeting pixel and collect them into audiences.

In fact, using Audiences 2.0, you can collect audiences based on their activity (clicks, views, conversions). Once you learn what interests them, you can retarget these audiences with new or related campaigns. 


Plus, the retargeting pixel will give you an alternative to re-engage your users, while they browse on other websites from our network. And that comes out as a more affordable and effective way to re-convert your audiences.

Narrow Down your Targeting 

Top Converting OnClick Traffic

You’ll be able to target top-notch domain parking traffic and top converting ad placements with our OnClick Direct Click traffic.

It will give you direct-visit rights from top converting zones, allowing you to get exceptional traffic to boost your conversions. 

Premium Zones Targeting for In-Page and Classic Push Notifications

With the CPM and CPC bidding, you’ll easily be able to further refine your Push Notifications audiences, targeting only premium zones for your campaigns. 

propellerads - premium zones

Demographic & Interest Targeting for In-Page and Classic Push Notifications

Ensure you’re reaching the most interested users by narrowing down your campaigns using our Demographic and Interest Targeting. This feature allows you to target users based on:

PropellerAds - Demographics and Interest Targeting

User Activity Targeting

Target users based on how engaged they are, using the CPM bidding on Popunder and every pricing model on Push Notification. You’ll know from the start what the CTR, traffic volume, and price forecasts are.

propellerads - user activity targeting

AdBlock Bypassing Solutions

When you’re advertising using OnClick and Interstitial ads formats, you also have the option to include Anti-AdBlock traffic. This way you can also reach the users that are using AdBlocking solutions in a non-invasive way. 

propellerads - anti ad block

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Tiktok Affiliate Program Supported Countries

The TikTok Affiliate Program, part of TikTok For Business, supports a wide range of countries across different regions. Currently, TikTok’s affiliate program is available in over 40 countries, making it accessible to a broad audience of digital marketers and content creators.

Some of the key regions and countries where the TikTok affiliate program is available include:

  1. North America: United States, Canada
  2. Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Czechia, Romania
  3. Asia-Pacific: Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand
  4. Middle East and Africa: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa
  5. Latin America: Mexico, Chile

TikTok continues to expand its reach, so additional countries may be supported in the future. For those interested in joining the program, you can apply through the TikTok For Business platform and start promoting TikTok’s advertising solutions to earn commissions on conversions

The bottom line

TikTok might be a great way to gather users, launch and viralize campaigns. You just need to get a hang of the trends and walk the walk.

Stay relevant, go viral, and make the most of your campaigns through all the means. And if you need more help, we’re here for you.

Do you have more ideas on how you could improve your ad campaigns’ performance? Join us on Telegram and let’s chat.


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