The bread and butter of publishers is traffic. Your main asset. The higher the traffic, the better are the chances for users to engage with your content. It’s no wonder why one of your main concerns of worldwide webmasters is getting larger volumes of traffic. 

So, aside from the organic methods, what else can you do to convince people to come see your website, browse through your pages, and engage with your content? One pretty handy strategy is to use a Push Notifications Service.

We asked our partner, Notix, to tell us more about the topic.

Boosting Traffic and Engagement with a Push Notifications Service

A Push Service will allow you to send Push Notifications to your users every time you have something to say. And between updates, heads-ups, or urgent notifications, there are plenty of reasons (or strategies) to send Push.

You need to be crafty at creating these messages, so that users can appreciate them and gladly return to your page. But, you need the full picture.

What is a Push Service 

The Push Service is a platform from which you can send Push Notifications. And at the same time, collect and filter data about your audiences and the messages that you send.

Benefits of using a Push Notifications Service for webmasters

When you’re using a verified service provider you can anticipate how effectively you can engage with your users, by analyzing performance data and user feedback. And that’s not all:

1. Comparing performance data

  • Engagement Rate – Here’s a secret: even as little as +30% makes a huge difference.

This website owner was already using a push notification service. But after testing a new provider he decided to switch. And good that he did. He got 500,000 new subscribers in only a few months.

  • User Return Rate – Push Notifications are great at increasing your user return rate. But there are some services that are a lot more successful than others. 

For example, 10% of this publisher’s traffic are now users who return thanks to push notifications. All thanks to two smart integrations offered by his provider: RSS feed and Integromat.

  • Delivery Rate – If the Push provider doesn’t have a good delivery rate (close to 100%), you’re losing potential users.

Here is a case where a 30% better delivery rate, along with better engagement and user return rates meant a 141% better click rate. Sounds unbelievable, right? Read all about this study.

  • Overall performance

When compared with SMS and emails, Push notifications brought the highest engagement rate – 90% and re-conversion rate – 81%.

Propellerads - repeat conversions report

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2. Professional help and assistance

Especially when you’re just starting to work with a new service, it’s very important how fast you learn the ropes.

Knowing how many notifications to send, what time, or how to properly use a Push Notification platform, can make or break your content strategy.

3. Keeping Costs to a minimum

You can save money and resources from not having to develop, test, and improve your own software. You get a ready-made performing service that can also help you with more advanced strategies.

In fact, if you have under 30,000 subscribers, with Notix you can send free Push Notifications

4. Notifications that don’t disrupt UX

While it’s hard to target users with notifications that don’t disrupt the UX, there are settings that allow you to control how the user receives them. And Push is very versatile.

From the time of delivery to actions that enable the prompt or notification, delay, or appearance you can make your notification as least intrusive as possible. Careful though, not all providers offer these settings.

Moreover, data suggest that aside from not hurting your UX, these alerts also contribute to your SEO strategy.

Site Category and Push Notifications Strategies to try 

Every vertical has its specifics. Along with particular content types that users absolutely don’t want to miss. So, here’s a list of strategies that you can try:

Streaming Website

When it comes to Streaming chances are that you can put yourself in the user’s place. So think: What don’t I really want to miss? 

For Your Information (FYI) – shows being removed. This might be one of the best performing updates, as it creates both urgency, and fear of missing out.

PropellerAds - Streaming Website Push Notification
Streaming Website: FYI Push Notification

Other ideas:

Scarcity, Urgency, Exclusivity – What you need to make your campaigns shine

Anime or Manga Websites

Pretty much the same as for streaming, since these websites often feature free broadcasts. If there are only comic books or both, you can however suggest:

Triggered Push Notifications – highly effective. And whether they’re an automatic reminder, meant to deliver product recommendations, or send custom messages, they work if the user relates to them.

PropellerAds - Anime Website Push Notification
Anime Website: Triggered Push Notification

What else you could try:

  • Reminder notifications – unfinished book/series
  • New episodes and series added

Converter Websites (to convert from/to any formats)

The mobile traffic has increased, and more users are browsing and working from mobile devices. Try sending them Push Notifications to ‘Get the app’.

PropellerAds - Converter Website Push Notification
Converted Website: Get the App Push Notification

Other ideas:

  • New products added
  • Interest-based additional services

Multimedia Website (to listen to and download music)

Here you can joggle with strategy combinations of the above websites. What else could you try:

  • FYI – New Hits or Playlists available 

File hosting 

Running out of space is a major reason of concern for users. And this notification causes urgency and fear of missing out as well: 

PropellerAds - File Hosting Website Push Notification
File Hosting Website: Running Out Of Space Push

Other ideas:

  • New features
  • Extended protection

Sports Streaming Websites

Stay up to date with the biggest sports events of 2022

Clearly, you don’t want to miss an event, or an offer for it – upcoming matches:

PropellerAds - Sports Streaming Website Push Notification
Sports Streaming Website: Upcoming Match Push Notification

You can also send:

  • Bundles and tournaments offers

Strategies for paid service 

Whether they’re subscriptions to streaming websites, file hosting, data converting, or mp3 website accounts you can use very similar strategies. And some of the most popular push are:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Free Trial
  • Price drop alert

What you should get from this

Users are your most valuable asset. You need to show them that you care about them, at the same time as helping your website prosper. And Push Notifications are one of the tools that you can use to achieve both these goals simultaneously.

When your users receive valuable information from you, they keep returning to your website maintaining your user return rate high.

What does this mean? You get a steady traffic flow – every webmaster, business owner, and publisher’s dream – and an important ingredient when monetizing your website.

Got all you need?


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