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Andreea Axinte

This copywriting enthusiast has an experience of over 8-years in creating engaging online marketing content for various verticals and formats. Out of passion for copy, she devoted 4 years to master the art of sales. Her journalisms-instilled active listening, combined with the sales-bound charm give her the superpower to break boundaries and establish emotional connections with the users.

Profit marathon promo - 2021
Our News

[Profit Marathon Promo] Mystical Autumn Edition: Increase Your Spend and Get a Bonus

Want to get a bonus? After last year’s Alien invasion, now mystical forces threaten to disrupt traffic, clicks and impressions.

Halloween Digest CPA Offers
Affiliate Marketing

[Halloween Digest] Hauntingly Good CPA Offers

Halloween is near and we want to keep all the eerie and scary ocurings aside. So check out our partner CPA Networks’ best offers and guide.

affiliate quiz_the witcher

The Witcher – Autumn Trends Quiz for Affiliates

As a glorious affiliate witcher you should prove your worth in the crafts of affiliate marketing, by making accurate predictions about the autumn affiliate marketing tren...

Win Rate
Affiliate Marketing

Win Rate: The PropellerAds Tool Every Advertiser Needs to Use

Do you want to know which auctions you’re winning, what bids are best, or from where you can get more traffic? Use the Win Rate.

PropellerAds - Good CR
Advanced Tutorials

What is a Good Conversion Rate?

How can you understand if your conversion rate is good? Does the Conversion Rate vary based on the Vertical?

propellerads - monetization formats to avoid

Top Invasive Software and Practices to Avoid

Invasive software like the iOS Calendar Ads, Video Ads and high frequency formats can do more bad than good. But there’s a fix and we’ll share it with you.

Propellerads - cpa goal for interstitials -
Interstitial Ads

CPA Goal is now Available on Interstitials

CPA Goal is now available on Interstitials. Enjoy effective and hassle-free auto-optimization for your affiliate ad campaigns.

Propellerads - 10 year bday
Our News

There’s no Birthday, like a PropellerAds Giveaway

It’s our 10 years birthday! And we’re making it all about you: our clients and followers! For one time only you get all the attention, and giveaway prizes?!

propellerads - the key elements of ad campaigns
Affiliate Marketing

The Key Elements of Ad Campaigns

Target Audience, Bids, Formats and Creatives are the key elements of ad campaigns. Find everything about them to plan the most effective campaign

learn how to redirect traffic

How To Redirect Your Website and Keep the Traffic

Find out everything about redirecting your website, how, and when to do it. We also included alternatives for when it’s not really necessary.

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