Publisher’s Super Promo: Want it, Work it, Cash it

Publisher's Super Promo

Get your stockings ready, because we’ve got a ‘winter wonderland’ prepared for you. And with all the cricket and hockey, tennis and football, box and UFC, and many other important matches plus an ongoing pandemic year, this time gifts are coming earlier. 

The PropellerAds winter mania spells Promo! And not just any promo, but one that will help you maximize your profit, while taking advantage of all the monetization formats, under one tag – the MultiTag.

All it takes for you to get in and score one of the amazing bonuses that we’ve got ready for you, is to run MultiTag between November 12 – December 12, 2021. If you manage to earn enough monetizing this format, you’ll get bonuses of $50, $100, $200, or $500.

Still wondering what MultiTag is? Just the simplest to use, all-in-one tag (containing Popunder ads, Interstitial ads, Classic Push ads, and In-Page Push ads). It’s fully optimized to flawlessly run all the formats simultaneously. 

Check out this Case Study to find out more about MultiTag.

But, the format speaks for itself, so back to our Promo. 

Do you want to earn money by increasing your MultiTag profits during November 12 – December 12? Then follow the rules below? and get a sweet bonus on your Publisher account. 

Who can participate in the Publisher’s Super Promo?

Absolutely every PropellerAds Publisher can take part in this promo. No matter when you register, or if you register specifically for this promotion. All that matters is to monetize your website using MultiTag.

What you must do to qualify for the Publisher’s Super Promo?

1. Add MultiTag on your active website(s) and monetize traffic during the promo period: November 12 – December 12, 2021.

2. Actively run the MultiTag till the end of this promo (December 12, 2021). If you remove the tag before the end of the period, you will be disqualified from the Promo.

3. Get one of the earning amounts below ? only with MultiTag between November 12 – December 12, 2021.

The Amount You Should Earn with MultiTag Your Bonus Size
$1000Get a $50 bonus on your account 
$3000Get a $100 bonus on your account 
$6000Get a $200 bonus on your account 
$10000+Get a $500 bonus on your account 

As long as you reach one of the above amounts running the MultiTag during the promo period, you’ll get a bonus

⚡ Keep in mind that we don’t count the overall result of your earnings during the promo period. We will ONLY calculate your MultiTag Zones results. For this, at least one of your active sites must have a MultiTag till the end of the Promo (December 12).

How and When to Claim the Bonus?

If you run the MultiTag during the promo period November 12 – December 12, 2021 (without removing the tag until the end of the promo), and earn one of the 4 amounts from the table above, you are qualified to receive a bonus.


Contact our support via @ or the Support chat on the Self-Service platform to claim your award between December 13 – 23, 2021. Make sure to include in your message:

✔ the text “Publisher’s Super Promo”, 
✔ your account ID (,
✔ all MultiTag zones numbers that participated in this promo.

Then wait for further instructions. Your application will be processed in up to 3 working days. If you have completed all the requirements, you will get a reply and the Bonus money straight in your margin, within the next 7 working days.

If your results qualify you to receive the bonus before December 12 and you want to claim it, just contact us. However, keep in mind that you can ONLY get the bonus once. If you manage to qualify for a higher bonus after that, until the end of the competition, you will no longer be entitled to ask for it.

Publisher’s Super Promo Best Practices

Increase your chances to claim one of the bonuses by checking the tricks below:

  • If you are already working with MultiTag and want to reach a bigger bonus amount, make sure that all 4 formats are included. If you disabled something with the help of a manager or support, ask to enable it and maximize your profit. We recommend adding MultiTag to all your websites to increase your total balance and get a bigger bonus amount. 
  • If you are not working with MultiTag yet, put it on the maximum number of your sites,  make sure that all 4 formats are present there.
  • If you already have a working site and you are still using only 1 or 2 formats on it, we recommend adding MultiTag instead of them
  • If your traffic is unstable (as it might happen with sports streaming for example), don’t forget to notify your manager or our support team by email.

Can’t reach the profit requirements? You Join the Special Bonus Raffle

On December 14 we’ll host a special Random Raffle for all the clients that ran the MultiTag during the Promo Period (November 12 – December 12), but didn’t reach the profit requirements to claim the bonus.

3 lucky winners will be rewarded with a $100 bonus each, as account balance.

May fortune be on your side!

Must Read Terms & Conditions

1. You should add MultiTag on your website(s). If you remove the format but continue generating one of the required profits with another ad format, your results will not be counted, and you will be disqualified.

2. We do not count your total earnings during the promo period. We will only consider your MultiTag Zones results. At least one of your sites must have a MultiTag during the entire period of the Promo. Be careful!

3. Each Publisher participating in the Promo will only get one bonus.

4. Referral earnings have not been permitted for this promo. You can only participate with profits earned from your traffic monetization. 

5. We carefully monitor the quality of the traffic and in case you’ll provide us with low-quality traffic, we reserve the right to review and correct the final earnings on your MultiTag Zones within the promo period. Keep an eye on the traffic quality and the negative corrections.

6. The promo involves all accounts except banned accounts. If your PropellerAds account is banned during the promo, we will automatically disqualify you. In addition, Propeller Ads may at its discretion ban any and/or all your Publisher Accounts at any time thereafter.

7. Registering more than once and/or using more than one (1) email is strictly prohibited and will automatically disqualify you from the Promo. Publishers who do not meet this registration criterion will not have a chance to get a bonus.

If you’re not a PropellerAds client yet, but want to participate in the promo, you can register on our platform and monetize your traffic with us. Then you will be able to take your chance in this promo.

If you don’t know how to get started with our platform, check out our Onboarding video and Absolute Guide to traffic monetization, created especially for you.

Best of luck! 


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