Halloween is usually praised as the holy grail of affiliate marketing campaigns. Pros will tell you it’s a profit-producing machine that can be used for any vertical. Halloween is a serious affiliate superhero, one of the hottest events of the year. 

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But what Halloween ravers usually skim over is that ALL marketers know about this event’s divine money-making potential. During this period, the competition, especially in certain verticals, is insane, and let’s not mince words, things get expensive.

[Halloween Edition] Quiz: What type of affiliate are you?

What we suggest here: let’s weigh up the pros and cons of Halloween campaigns, see some stats, and finally, check out the hot (and frightening) Halloween offers provided by CPA Networks. Sounds cool?

#1 Is it worth it?

We start with the hard stuff.

The correct question here would be whether holiday-themed campaigns are more profitable compared to regular campaigns.

Let’s cut the fluff and get into statistics collected over the years.

First, we will look into what verticals are popular among affiliates during Halloween? According to our multi-year study of seasonal campaigns, the top verticals are:

Moving on to statistics, see how Halloween-themed push campaigns in these verticals compare to regular ones.


Utilities & Software0.660.83


VerticalRegular ($)Halloween ($)
Utilities & Software0.020.035

We see a significant jump in CTR across all major verticals, while CPM rates, unlike the common belief, do not show any substantial growth.

#2 GEOs: Are we talking about the US & UK only?

Even though Halloween is not widely celebrated in some countries, the geographics of this holiday and its promo-powers are much broader.

Countries to target:

  • US
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Russia (we see a spike in the recent years)

Another Halloween trend to keep in mind is the pace at which this holiday is making its way into Asia. 

Asia? Yeap, you would be surprised, but it’s definitely gaining traction in some Asian countries, such as Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The key to understanding this point can be found in local traditions: several festivals are overlapping with Halloween. Just pay attention to traditional symbols of these festivals; they are different from the usual carved pumpkins.

#3 Creatives: What works?

Pumpkins, moon, and werewolves are the Halloween starter pack, and lots of affiliates are still exploiting these motifs in their creatives. 

Is there a way to stand out? Yes!

Here are some of the coolest ideas we’ve seen over the years (for obvious reasons, we can’t show these banner images and pre-landers):

  • Quiz / questions placed on push banner image
  • Halloween hunt (can also be used in the ad copy)
  • The top list of scary movies (can be perfect for streaming offers)
  • Memes – the pumpkin meme is still gold and easily recognizable
  • Themed pre-landers on Sweepstakes (Scary decorated iPhone does convert)

An even better suggestion is to check out our newest interstitial templates, especially animated ones and new in-page push skins.

propellerads -halloween-interstitials

#4 How to beat your competition?

Try desktop

For a number of years, we’ve noticed the trend that Halloween campaigns are predominantly mobile. While mobile is indeed first, desktop poses opportunities: prices are comparatively lower, and fewer affiliates are competing for the attention of your audience.

Run campaigns on weekends

Another strange trend that persists among affiliates – they stop their Halloween promos on weekends. We don’t claim that weekends work for every vertical, but easy entertaining stuff (holidays are entertaining, aren’t they?) definitely matches the weekend vibe. More about why weekend campaigns rock 

Focus on performance, not calendar

If your Halloween campaign is doing great, but the holiday is over – there’s no reason to stop this campaign, keep it running until the leads are coming.

Scale campaigns with broker traffic

Halloween is a short-term campaign; that’s why it’s crucial to change your creatives often and reach new audiences. How? Include broker traffic (3rd party traffic sources) to cover a wider audience. 

Note that you should do that only when you have tested campaigns that have high performance.

Start collecting audiences before the holiday season

Here’s your secret weapon – Audiences 2.0. The trick is to collect interested leads BEFORE the event and then go all-in with super catchy creatives, and that strategy will work because this traffic is hot.

*Audience duration is now extended to 90 days so you can have as much fun with your leads as you possibly can.

** It’s just about a month left until Black Friday – use your Halloween audiences in your sales campaigns.

The Eeriest Halloween CPA offers

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