Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from various networks.

Oh, wait, but there is! We just created one!

We refer to CPA offer aggregators, which are sort of conductors between CPA networks and affiliates. And they definitely represent one of the marketers’ favorite tools these days.

The aggregators are only collecting CPA offers and presenting them, but they own neither the product (in this case CPA offers) nor the network itself. They are selling these offers under the owner’s name, helping networks to increase their profits, as well as improve brand identity and visibility. The discoverability of CPA offers that networks have is certainly another point for CPA offer aggregators.

But the question that bothered a great number of affiliates is why they need to use CPA offer aggregators in the first place. Why not just go straight to the network and pick up offers from them directly?

The answer is simple. Aggregators are like supermarkets for CPA offers. They collect a huge number of offers with different payouts, tied to different GEOs and traffic types, so it’s easier to compare and decide which one to run.

Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from

But the best part is, most of these aggregators are also offering reviews of top CPA networks, which can be very valuable, especially if you are all about doing business with exceptional and fully reliable partners. 

Now, let’s see what are the 5 best CPA offer aggregators you can rely on when in search of a converting offer and trusted network.


Number of offers:55.000+
Number of networks:108 affiliate networks / 317 advertising networks
Bonus:Free spy tool / Exclusive discount / Networks reviews

They say AffBank is a goldmine for affiliates. And it seems about right, given this aggregator has more than 55.000 offers from more than 100 affiliate and 300 advertising networks categorized by ad formats, GEOs, and traffic volume.

The website has quite a user-friendly layout, so you won’t have trouble finding any information or search options. The “Offers” section presents all the CPA offers AffBank collected, but for your convenience, it allows you to filter them by name, country, category, traffic type, and payout amount.

Next to each offer, you will find a contact of the manager from the network in charge of it, as well as a preview option that will allow you to see the Landing page that comes with the offer.

Note: There’s an excellent AffBank Guide that will walk you through the whole process in all the necessary details, so even beginner marketers will find their way through it.

Another thing affiliates will appreciate is the possibility of checking each CPA network and getting general information about it, as well as reviews and scores all networks gained at AffBank.

And in case you need some fresh ideas for your promo, you can use AffBank’s free spy tool that will showcase thousands of ads from your competitors. This insight, which includes ad’s header, landing page, short description, network’s name, GEO, and number of impressions will provide valuable information and help you decide how to design and define your promotion.

In the end, we have to mention AffBank’s Discount page with promo codes, discounts, and free trials on some very popular services, like landing page creators or trackers.

Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from


Number of offers:5.000
Number of networks:137
Bonus:OfferVault YouTube channel

Even though it is not as big as AffBank, OfferVault is just as reliable place for marketers to find what they are looking for in an aggregator – numerous offers, ad networks, and traffic sources.

The moment you enter this website, you will be presented with a list of offers and a search bar with all the filters that can help get a more specific offers pool.

The CPA offers are presented with their name, payout amount, GEOs they are tied to, and the name of the network that stands behind each one. What’s helpful as well is the ability to choose the niche you want your offer to be compatible with.

OfferVault has 5.000 offers at this very moment, and 137 networks enlisted.


Also, if you want to select your offer by first picking the CPA network, you can do that too. You will be presented with a short description of each network and with a number of offers collected within this aggregator.

Note: Make no mistake of searching for traffic sources, or for instance, mobile offers while in the “Offers” tab, you will end up finding nothing you were hoping for. For this type of search, you need to click on these specific tabs. The same goes for Pay Per Call offers.
Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from

The usage of this aggregator is completely free, and as a bonus, you can get a lot of useful information on affiliate marketing on OfferVault’s YouTube channel. Their Affiliate Marketing Show features some of the biggest industry names.


Number of offers:4.000+
Number of networks:20
Bonus:Network reviews

In third place, we have oDigger, one of the most used affiliate offers search engines. It is another reliable and safe-to-browse source of CPA offers and networks, launched in 2009 by no other than affiliate marketers.

Just like with the previous two, it’s very easy to navigate oDigger. The aggregator presents all offers on the home page, so the moment you land on it, you will know you are in the right place. Each offer contains a name, preview, payout, network name, and the date when it was added to the oDigger list.

When clicking on the preview of an offer, you will be informed a bit more about it, like what vertical it belongs to, what GEOs it covers, what’s its status, and how the landing page that comes along looks like. So when comparing several offers that fulfill all your parameters with all this info, it should be pretty easy to determine which one to run.

Note: Also, below each offer you open there will be a list of similar ones.

As an addition, not all CPA offer aggregators have, there is a network review tab under which you can discover all the CPA networks present on the oDigger site, with their rating scores and the exact number of offers listed at this aggregator.

Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from

oDigger is a collector of 4.000 offers from 20 networks overall, and its top categories are Dating with most offers, then Mobile offers, Adult, iGaming, Apps, etc.

Note: Please mind that no Adult traffic is allowed at Propellerads!


Number of offers:300.000+
Number of networks:300+
Bonus:Network reviews

Here is another well-organized CPA offer aggregator you can count on. Affplus is a base for tens of thousands of CPA offers from many verticals. Here you will find 300.000+ offers for pretty much any niche you can think of.

The most popular are the ones for Mobile content, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Crypto, Dating, iGaming, eCommerce, etc. At this moment, you will find most offers on Mobile (62389), CPL (28740), SOI (22821), and Sweepstakes (18632).

Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from

The site’s layout is super-clean and easy to handle. At the top of the landing page is a search bar, and right underneath three crucial tabs – Networks, GEOs, and Verticals. So it is quite simple to filter the offers and start searching through a still huge pool of selected ones.

Next to each offer, there is a payout amount, and after you select one, you will be shown all the offer details with short or excessive descriptions, as well as specified restrictions if there are any. Not all of them have a landing page preview, but most do, which is another convenience.


And on the right, there is a Premium networks list where you will find top-rated network names with reviews and all of the offers listed under their name.

Note: Affplus gathers CPA offers from more than 300 networks.


Number of offers:3.300+
Number of networks:150
Bonus:Network reviews and blog section

And in fifth place, we have Affnext – a one-stop directory for top-rated affiliate programs and network reviews. It is another CPA offer collector with around 3.000 offers that came from 150 networks overall. Even though they are a bit smaller aggregator compared to all the previous ones, they do have a great growth potential.

For starters, Affnext will give you a choice to search the CPA networks or through the offers. When it comes to networks, you will be given a chance to select network type, top vertical, payment frequency, and review score. This filtering will make the search faster and more efficient.

And clicking on the network name will open a window with all the basic information about it, including a contact name of a network manager who can lead you through the process of selecting and purchasing offers later on.


It’s almost the same with offer search – you can pick a network, conversion type, and category, and start digging. It’s just that with some offers you won’t be able to see the details right away, from the Affnext site, but you will have to log in to the network.

Affnext is very up-to-date with its blog section, so under the “Articles” tab, you will be able to get interesting and valuable insight into the affiliate industry, including listicles and network reviews. 

Imagine if there would only be some kind of a list of websites where affiliates can find CPA offers from
Note: You can see all the reviews of each network on the right side of this section.


CPA offer aggregators are providing both networks and marketers with what they need. For networks, they offer a wider audience pool and better visibility, and for marketers, they are time savers and represent a perfect platform to choose the right offer due to the ability to compare them easily.

The bottom line is – CPA offer aggregators deserve way more attention than they are getting right now.

Our advice is not to hesitate to test any of the mentioned CPA offer collectors if you haven’t till now.

We will wait for your thoughts on the subject and to share your experience.


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