[Free Workshop] How To Choose the Right CPA Offer


Do you keep on promoting the same offers that no longer convert? You’ve tried changing the creatives, but nothing seems to work? Are the payouts too low for you to keep a positive ROI?

Then you need a simpler, more convenient, and effective way for you to do what you’re best at – advertise! 

Introducing the CPA Offer. And just because we’re PropellerAds, of course, we made a workshop about it!

?️ Join us on June 30 at 3 PM GMT, to find out everything about:

  • What is a CPA Offer
  • What are the elements of a CPA Offer
  • What are the basic principles of choosing an offer
  • What to look for, and how to analyze an offer
  • Live example of analyzing and choosing an offer
  • Open Q&A Session

Konsta Kafkalias, the brilliant and exuberant host of our workshops, has a special guest joining him for this workshop. He knows everything about setting up a strategy, has all the best tricks in the book, and is ready to spill the beans: he’s Oleg Razin from Zeydoo. And believe us, you want to know what he’s got! ?

You can also watch our previous workshop to get up to speed: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing? (Absolute Beginners)

Get all your CPA Offer questions ready, and get ready to make money!


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