Do you keep on promoting the same offers that no longer convert? You’ve tried changing the creatives, but nothing seems to work? Are the payouts too low for you to keep a positive ROI?

Then you need a simpler, more convenient, and effective way for you to do what you’re best at – advertise! 

Introducing the CPA Offer. And just because we’re PropellerAds, of course, we made a workshop about it!

?️ Join us on June 30 at 3 PM GMT, to find out everything about:

  • What is a CPA Offer
  • What are the elements of a CPA Offer
  • What are the basic principles of choosing an offer
  • What to look for, and how to analyze an offer
  • Live example of analyzing and choosing an offer
  • Open Q&A Session

Konsta Kafkalias, the brilliant and exuberant host of our workshops, has a special guest joining him for this workshop. He knows everything about setting up a strategy, has all the best tricks in the book, and is ready to spill the beans: he’s Oleg Razin from Zeydoo. And believe us, you want to know what he’s got! ?

You can also watch our previous workshop to get up to speed: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing? (Absolute Beginners)

Get all your CPA Offer questions ready, and get ready to make money!


This copywriting enthusiast has an experience of over 8-years in creating engaging online marketing content for various verticals and formats. Out of passion for copy, she devoted 4 years to master the art of sales. Her journalisms-instilled active listening, combined with the sales-bound charm give her the superpower to break boundaries and establish emotional connections with the users.