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How to Get 13,740 Installs of an ECommerce App for India in a Month [Case Study]

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We love it when our partners get amazing results, and nothing brings us more joy than seeing how PropellerAds features help them rock. 

That’s exactly the type of feeling we got when we saw the results of our partner targeting India with a popular eCommerce app. 

Let’s take a closer look at this case and analyze the campaign setup, testing period, and optimization. And we’ll also provide a few tips directly from our in-house affiliate marketing specialists here — don’t miss out!

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Basic Information About the Case

Our partner picked an offer for a multi-eCommerce platform that targeted Indian users. Here is the basic information about the case:

Offer: A platform for shopping, travel, and online payments, popular in India. Android only. 
GEO: India
Period: the campaign has remained active for 2 years so far —  when seasonality is high for India
This exact case study dates: March 3 – March 23, 2023
Campaign Goal: 500 installs/per day minimum
Ad Format: Popunder ads and Push Notification ads

The advertiser set a goal of a minimum of 500 installs per day, with the idea of simplifying the tracking and optimization process. What’s more, this offer has been running for 2 years, peaking at the same season every 12 months. 

The Testing Period

Now, let’s take a closer look at the testing period. 

Every campaign you create should be fine-tuned and tested in order to get the right results. In this case, our partner started testing Popunder traffic using our CPA Goal feature — the automated bidding model for smart campaign optimization. The CPA Goal value was set at $0.25.

To strive for better test results and give the overall effort a boost; the advertiser conducted a simultaneous test using Push Notifications, too. This second campaign was run with a grand total of 3 creatives. 

The total testing period of both campaigns lasted for 7 days, from the 1st to the 7th of March. 

This phase showed excellent results: the advertiser quickly surpassed the 500 daily install mark by a wide range. The Conversion rate of the first week did not go below 3.74%, although it hit highs of more than 42% and 23% on separate days:


Later on, the conversion rate became a bit lower. Day eight, for example, brought only 366 installs. However, this is a normal challenge!  

Comment from PropellerAds: Our system provides every fresh campaign with the best possible traffic for the chosen targeting. This will help you get the most relevant and accurate test results. So, after a test period is over, it is more than okay to see a slight drop off in activity after some time. 

Campaign Optimization

Anyway, the test revealed some hints for optimization. How did our partner optimize the campaigns? Let’s see. 

Push Campaigns

The solution was easy for the Push Notification campaign: the advertiser crafted new creatives, and they gave an engagement boost. Here is one creative example:



The Popunder campaign performed so well that the advertiser duplicated it and raised the bid to $0.29. He kept the previous campaign active — without changing anything it in.

Comment from PropellerAds: It’s a good idea to get the most out of a successful campaign. You can do it in several ways: for example, by duplicating it and re-testing with alternative targeting options.

Another move for the Popunder was adding Whitelists. Our partner picked the best-converting zones and created several Whitelist campaigns with the PropellerAds’ SmartCPM model to get a stable number of impressions. 

Comment from PropellerAds: PropellerAds’ SmartCPM is a smart feature powered by a complex algorithm. In simple terms, it allowed our partner to pay less for the traffic received, thus getting more volume for the available budget. And you can still manually adjust the rates of each zone, so you never lose control. 

Campaign Results + Bonus! PropellerAds Pro Tips

By the end of the month, the campaign resulted in a whopping 13,740 installs — which definitely beat the initial goal of 500 installs per day. So, our partner did not continue optimizing it further at that moment.


But there is always space for improvement, right? So, we thought about how the campaign could be improved — so meet our insider tips directly from the PropellerAds traffic specialists.

Make the Most Out of the Whitelists + SmartCPC Model

For Push Notifications, make sure to create Whitelists — lists of the zones that produced the best results. Here is how you do it at PropellerAds self-service platform:


Once you have enough data, create a campaign that only has whitelisted zones on the SmartCPC model. 

Whitelists increase the chances that your offer will get the maximum possible conversion rate and high-quality leads. When you combine Whitelists with SmartCPC, our exclusive in-house bidding model, you also automate the management of these zones and save money.

SmartCPC will adjust traffic volumes and bidding for your zones and select the best bid for every particular zone. This way, you will always pay the optimal price for every placement — and save much time on Whitelists’ control.

Keep Your Creatives Fresh

If you’re working with push, also make sure to refresh your creatives and change them at least once per week. A/B testing of creatives is the key to success here.

Don’t forget that Push Notifications are highly customizable at PropellerAds: you can try various versions of CTA button texts, play around with badges, images, or emojis, and more. Successful customization might significantly increase your CTR!

For example, here is how you can choose a customized badge for your push:

Propellerads - push creatives - badge

Be Generous When Setting a Bid

It’s important to note that the smart algorithm will attempt to get the best possible results when your maximum bid is the highest possible.

So, don’t be afraid to set the biggest bid you can afford: this way, you boost your chances of getting the most conversions. The traffic estimator that you have in your account can help you choose the right one:

Try Interstitials

Lastly, take advantage of every opportunity by implementing Interstitial ads where possible. 

Make sure that each Interstitial ad has its own landing page to have better performance and easier tracking. 

Create Your Own Success Story

Bringing success to our partners brings us a huge amount of joy and satisfaction. If you want to write your own success story, start creating a campaign on PropellerAds today. 



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