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Leadgen aka Survey CPA Offers: Definition, Advantages, Best Verticals

What leadgen offers are? We’ll also go over the best verticals and provide tips on how to set up your lead generation affiliate campaign today.

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Xmas CPA Digest: Have you been a good affiliate?

Unlock insights in Xmas CPA trends. Assess your affiliate performance. Elevate your strategy this season. Dive into the Xmas CPA Digest now!

Halloween stats - trends - cpa offers
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Halloween Trends & Stats + The eeriest Halloween Offers

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of Halloween campaigns, see some stats, and finally, check out the hot Halloween offers provided by CPA Networks

Browser extensions - CPA Offers
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Your Insider’s Guide to Browser Extension CPA Offers

We’ve reached out to Anastasia Loseva, the head of sales at our partner CPA network Zeydoo, to find out why browser extension offers are so popular

Hot_Verticals - Summer after lockdown
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After Lockdown: Offers & Verticals to Run RIGHT NOW

We’ve gathered some intel on what’s gonna be hot and verticals you should stay away from.This summer will feel as an affiliate Disneyland

which vertical to choose - quiz

[Quiz] Which vertical is right for you?

We teamed up with the Zeydoo squad to bring you the most accurate and reliable test ever - now you can choose a vertical with confidence

How to choose a CPA Network
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How to Choose a CPA Network

We’ve created a guide to help you choose the best CPA network for your needs. We’ve touched base with Irina Razvodova, the head of Zeydoo

Click2Call -Click2Sms
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How to Make Money with Click2Call and Click2SMS Offers

We’ll go over Click2Call and Click2SMS offers, plus we’ll provide some examples from our partner CPA network Zeydoo.

how to Structure affiliate marketing campaigns
Guest Expert

Jitendra Vaswani about Structuring Affiliate Marketing Campaigns [Beginner’s Edition]

Want to get started with affiliate marketing and want to promote your product? In this article, I will be talking about the necessary steps that you must take to get star...

Tutorials for Beginners

Sweepstakes: How To Profit From People’s Love For Free Stuff

It doesn’t matter what your objective is - getting leads, giving away the newest smartphone, etc. - the strategies for sweepstakes are already defined, and most of them...