Huh, what a year!

Maybe you made a fortune with hand sanitizers and streaming services, or maybe you were one of those less lucky travel affiliates – no matter the case, we’re now officially entering the HOTTEST time of the year.

Sales madness moves into online, and it’s certainly high time to undust your wildest strategies and campaign ideas.

…and we have some suggestions for you, in case you run low on “wild” strategies.

#1 Verticals and offers to look into

New year, and you’re habitually looking into the sweepstake and financial offers, but how about we dive into consumer behavior? What do people promise themselves every-every New Year?

Exactly, starting life from scratch.


“New Year resolutions” & Verticals

  • Getting fit – People promise to start dieting, eating healthy, etc. It’s the perfect time to promote fitness products and various offers like “Green coffee,” “Goji berries,” “Keto weight loss,” etc. Additionally, to Nutra offers, you can test promoting various fitness apps.
  • Become rich, save money, reduce debt, start making money – yes, financial offers can hit the spot during the holiday season. So, loans, crypto, forex – can all do the job.
  • Finding love/soulmate/ or finally living your love life to the fullest dating – another evergreen vertical that thrives during vacation time. Also, keep in mind the lockdown: singletons continue their search for romance and now have much more spare time for that.
  • Improving life & security – insurance, retirement plans, and similar offers that are supposed to instill confidence in the future.

#2 Use your audiences for retargeting

Have you been collecting audiences for verticals and events as we recommended? If yes, this part is for you 🙂

Time to use your audiences of engaged and converted users and employ the tested creatives for sure-fire success.

How does it work? You’ve been running, say, sweepstake campaigns: promoting smartphones. Great! Now you know which users wanted to receive a phone for free, why not retarget them with another sweepstake offer or suggest to buy a phone?

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#3 Play with your creatives: Listicles & Gift guides

Here’s a smart strategy to employ during the holidays:

Push – Pre-lander (listicle) – Landing page with your offer

Why do we call it smart if it’s a …eeemm… regular strategy? Because it works during the holidays! Especially this year, when offline shopping is very-very limited. People are rushing to find presents for Xmas or New Year and very much likely run out of ideas.

propellerads - xmas listicles

Cracking the Code: Using Geolocation for Dynamic Ads

Your turn to become a magic fairy: create listicle pre-landers suggesting various offers or listing the benefits and who the offer might suit.

Hot CPA Offers to melt the snows

We’ve asked our friends and partners to share the hottest winter offers to launch right now.

CPA Offers from AdCombo

CPA Offer ID Geo Vertical Device Payout
CONSUMERSCONNECT – Win a playstation 5 christmas 30911 🇵🇹 PT Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $1.28
YOUSWEEPS – Win a morrison gift card christmas 30909 🇬🇧 GB Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $1.70
Albert Heijn – 500 EUR – Christmas 30818 🇳🇱 NL Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $3.06
AbsoluteWinner – iPhone 12 (XMAS 2020 – Green) 30898 CA, US, AU Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $25.50
AbsoluteWinner – iPad Air Sweepstakes (XMAS 2020 – Green) 30897 CA, US, AU Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $25.50

CPA Offers from Zeydoo

CPA Offer ID Geo Vertical Device Payout
Macbook (Christmas Theme) 1487 🇺🇸 US Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $12.80
Win PlayStation 5 (Christmas theme) 1526 🇩🇪
Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $3.42
Amazon €1000 Christmas Voucher 1524 🇩🇪
Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $3.42

CPA Offers from ClickDealer

CPA Offer ID Geo Vertical Device Payout
[WEB+MOB] Win €500 Aldi *Christmas* /DE SOI *FB Pixel* 95772 🇩🇪
Vouchers/Leadgen [WEB+MOB] €2.80

CPA Offers from Mobidea

CPA Offer ID Geo Vertical Device Payout
25631 – US – [WEB+MOB] – Win iPhone 12 PRO Christmas – CPL – SO 25631 🇺🇸 US Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $2.31
25592 – UK – [WEB+MOB] – Win a PlayStation 5 christmas – CPL SOI 25592 🇬🇧 GB Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $1.40
25624 – US – [WEB+MOB] – Win iPhone 12 PRO Christmas – CC 25624 🇺🇸
Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $14.00
25597 – CA – [WEB+MOB] – Win iPhone 12 PRO Christmas – CPL SOI 25597 🇨🇦
Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $1.40
25690 – PR – [MOB] – Jelly Christmas Dating – Claro – 2Click 25690 🇵🇷
Dating MOB $1.19

CPA Offers from AlfaLeads

CPA Offer ID Geo Vertical Device Payout
Champion- mindep100р- base3$- social 4732 🇷🇺
iGaming [WEB+MOB] $40

CPA Offers from MyLead

CPA Offer ID Geo Vertical Device Payout
Christmas Hamper 236813 🇬🇧
Sweepstakes [WEB+MOB] $0.91 to $1,36
AliExpress – Smartlink 81431 Multi
eCommerce WEB 2,4% – 7,2%
SHEIN 82841 Multi
eCommerce [WEB+MOB] 8%

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