Fire up your mojitos, inflatable flamingos, and GoPro’s – summer is finally here! Although the pandemic is not yet entirely over, affiliate marketing is showing some really positive recovery signs.

But will traditional summer slowdown stand on the marketers’ way? Not this time. After a continuous lockdown, this summer will likely feel as an affiliate Disneyland and present an opportunity to tackle all those verticals that were hard to get a grip on.

To fast track your summer campaigns to success, we’ve gathered opinions from our team members: what’s gonna be hot and which verticals you should stay away from (at least for now).

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Okay, here’s everything that’s smoking hot. For a faster launch, you can already open your campaign creation page. Ready. Steady. Gooooo!

Finance ???

Let’s start with finance, which is riding high in our post-lockdown charts. You can hardly find an economy that made it out in one piece: small businesses didn’t take the self-isolation measures well. So all ended with lots of people losing at least part of their income.

Creatives: target people who are looking for easy money & fast income. 

Offers: trading, loans, crypto

iGaming ??

It’s summer and you feel like: a) doing nothing but getting money and b) having fun. Let’s see which vertical fits the description. Hmm. iGaming??

Exactly, that’s why it’s on fire right now!

Creatives: talk about cheating casinos (aka casino secrets) and mention huge bonuses

Offers: poker, casinos

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Sweepstakes ??

Firstly, sweeps are always in trend, being the alpha and the omega of affiliate marketing. And, secondly, now that the money is running low, people are ready to take a risk and, you know, try their luck. In other words, offering free stuff in many cases equals success.

Creatives: urgency + special promos + quizzes, simple games, and roulettes.

Offers: phones, gift cards, apparel, grocery.

Life insurance ??

Coronavirus has definitely raised concerns over all those health-related issues. And seeing the million-dollar hospital bills doesn’t make you feel more secure. Really, no. That’s why health insurance offers come into play, and they’ve been big pretty much from the beginning of the pandemic. Rumors about the “second wave” help these offers stay afloat.

Creatives: focus on self-care, mitigating risks and financially protecting the people you love

Offers: health & life insurance, family insurance + home insurance.

Nutra ??

Lockdown has helped us gain a few extra kilos, gyms were closed… and ta-da suddenly it’s time to rock your bathing suit. Where’s your beach body, honey? Diet and quick weight-loss products are back in business, and we some serious growth.

Creatives: safe weight loss, organic ingredients, talk numbers – what kind of results to expect.

Offers: diet, immunity boosters + keto diets.

*Please be careful with using Coronavirus in your ads. Read more about our Covid-19 ad policies

How to Choose a Health & Beauty Offer

Nutra Success: How to Choose a Health & Beauty Offer

Dating ???

Social distancing sounds more like a curse right now; people are interested in communicating and having fun. Are you still surprised that dating is skyrocketing? Although, make sure to check if the country you’re targeting has lifted the Covid-19 restrictions.

Creatives: people hungry for communication, easy dating, lonely/desperate girls.

Offers: dating services, dating chats, click2call. 

How about a FREE PDF? Read how to run Dating campaigns

Home appliances + Gardening ?

The summer classics. Multiply it by several months of sitting at home and you can realize the scale of popularity: people are trying to improve their homes, simplify life, and enjoy the warm days.

Creatives: protecting your home, DIY gardening tips.

Offers: Garden pests, fertilizers, irrigation systems, cleaning devices.

Hold your horses

Let’s see which verticals have seen better times. Could you expect that?

Gaming ?

Over the many months of solitude, people have played enough. What do we have now? At the very first opportunity, people are running outdoors. Games are rapidly losing their positions; many big game releases are postponed until autumn. So we recommend choosing gaming offers carefully: mobile, on-the-go gaming is a YES, but desktop requires you to be cautious.

Sports & Betting ??

Although sports are back, back again, yet matches without fans and audiences are not drawing that much attention. Keep in mind, the majority of significant sporting events are put off until next year. So, despite some early signs of recovery, sport-related verticals are still far away from the former glory.

*We are starting to get updates on sports campaigns. Some of them are showing great results, but it’s in no way a mass trend.

Movies & Streaming ?

Movies had the time of their life during the lockdown, but the golden times are almost over. Streaming is about to get hit by a traditional summer slowdown, only to be back in autumn. 

↗️ Trends to looks out for

We’ve asked our experts and analytics team to summarize the trends that will rule this summer.

  • Back to normal. The market is slowly returning to “routine” and exits this “wartime emergency mode.”
  • Traffic volumes might go down. Again, nothing unusual, users tend to spend their time outdoors.
  • eCommerce will see a temporary drop. Offline businesses are getting back to life, so eCommerce can face the effects. From one side, people are now used to shop online, but from another, some of us might miss touching and trying on their purchases. Yes, offline businesses have the so-called novelty effect. Also, with so many people losing their income, the purchases can become more thought-out. 

? GEOs to Target

We’ve compiled a list of GEOs where we see solid results.

Dating: USA (US), Germany (DE), Philippines (PH), UK (GB), Japan (JP), France (FR), Spain (ES)

Nutra: USA (US), Brazil (BR), Thailand (TH), India (IN), Philippines (PH)

Finance: UK (GB), South Africa (ZA), Australia (AU), Spain (ES), Italy (IT)

Life insurance: USA (US), UK (GB)

Sweepstakes: USA (US), France (FR), Germany (DE), South Africa (ZA), Thailand (TH), Italy (IT), Indonesia (ID), Malaysia (MY), Myanmar (MM)

Propeller’s Choice: Offers to test

We thank the Zeydoo team for helping us find the hottest offers!

NameOffer IDVerticalGEODevicePayout
ClearGalaxy – Direct Signup580Movies?
ClearGalaxy – Ebooks411Content on Demand?
Amazon Prime Test738Streaming??
Ace2Three Rummy785iGaming??
Rummy Circle774iGaming??
Olymp Trade Prelander 215Finance??
Bitcoin code CP669Finance??
TVBox 521Content on Demand??
Ugetlaid LP4636Dating??
Top JucyDate LP 716Dating??

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