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Optimization in Action: When Your Campaign Is Not Doing Its Best [Case Study]

We keep sharing the best case studies from our Follow-Along contest. Read how an affiliate managed to optimize his ad campaign and make a profit

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[Promo] Irresistible Prices for Juicy Case Studies

We are buying your Case Studies! Earn even more when you share your expertise, ideas and achievements - learn how to sell your case study

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A Complete Beginner: The Very First Affiliate Marketing Campaign [Case Study]

Explore a beginner's journey into affiliate marketing with our insightful case study. Learn strategies and insights for success

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[Case Study] Let’s Lose Some Money: Collecting Emails for the Future Profits

Another successful case! It's a special one: our partner collected emails, not money — and shared almost every single detail of his efforts

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Case Studies

[Case study] $2600 on Mobile Offers. Afflift Contest Winner

Meet the case study from the Afflift Follow Along Contest winner! It contains tons of valuable information: from how to find an offer to...

Case Studies

Multiformat Campaign Case Study: Multiplying Your Profit or Three Instead of One

Discover the power of multiformat campaigns: triple your profit with diverse strategies. Learn from our case study now!

OnClick & Push Case Study

How to Maximize Your Website Monetization: OnClick + Push Notifications Case Study

Looking for a new monetization strategy? What about using two formats at once? Check out this best performing duo. Real stats included

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Case Studies

New Badges for Push Notifications: 2 Successful Campaigns with CTRs Boosted by 20% & 38% [Case Study]

Discover how two campaigns saw CTRs soar by 20% and 38% with innovative push notification badges. Dive into this insightful case study now!

Case Studies

Sweepstakes Offer + ProPush Tag: An Easy Way to Get Extra 30% to Your Profit [Case Study]

Read a successful case study from our partner who added Smart Tag from ProPush on a landing page and started earning 30% more with push ads!

Case Studies

Unlocking the Potential of Direct Click Traffic Type [Case Study]

Read this case study to see how Direct Click ensures the most converting traffic and therefore - highly-active users that are likely to convert

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