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[Promo] Irresistible Prices for Juicy Case Studies

PropellerAds - Case study promo banner

Do you have a profitable campaign? Don’t you want to earn even more on it?

And nope, it’s yet not another contest. PropellerAds relaunches its Promo: we are buying your Case Studies!

Increase your profit EASIER and make MORE MONEY on every Case Study. Yummy!

What has changed?

1. No need to show your offer/landing page /creatives 

Say you have a very profitable campaign and fear that your competitors will copy it, leaving you without income.

Fear not! If your offer is still profitable, it may not be mentioned in the Case Study. 

The same goes for landing pages and creatives. We may just have a quick overview of your creatives and landing pages without publishing your screenshots.

What’s important for us is that your Case Study explains the logic behind your campaign so other affiliates can learn without copying your exact campaign.

2. We accept Case Studies even with a low ROI and net profit per day

Formerly the minimum threshold was 50% ROI and $50 net revenue per day. Now, we lower the bar to 30% ROI and $30 net revenue per day.

Sure thing, your Case Studies should be helpful and contain valuable ideas.

3. PropellerAds is ready to assist you with Case Study creation

No time to write a Case Study? No problem at all. Simply send us all the necessary information, and we will turn it into easy-to-read content!

4. We pay good money for Case Studies 

Despite easier requirements, the price for Case Studies remains the same. We are ready to lay out BIG money! 

Each Case Study is evaluated separately — the more interesting the Case Study, the better the payout. Prices start from $250 with no limit at all.

It can cost $500, $700, $1000, or even more!

What remains unchanged

1.No competitions or contests

Everyone, who sends us a Case Study that meets our requirements and is accepted for publishing, will get money. Easy-peasy, right?

2. No deadlines

This Promotion is not time-limited, so you may sell your Case Study whenever you want. 

3. Unlimited number of Case Studies

It’s an excellent opportunity to increase your income with every new successful campaign. Don’t miss out on this chance!

What verticals can participate?

Mainstream dating, e-Commerce, Software, Apps, Finance, Games, Sweepstakes, Sports offers, Streaming, Content on Demand, Health & Beauty. 

What may affect the price of the Case Study?

  • The higher ROI, the more you can get.
  • The better you describe a campaign launch, the more valuable the Case Study. Even if your revenue was not so high, but you analyzed all mistakes and gave useful tips on dealing with them, you would have all chances to earn good money. 
  • Interesting observations and recommendations. Of course, if they are related to PropellerAds tools 😉

How to submit your Case Study?

  • Write and submit a Case Study or ask us to create the Case Study for you by providing all relevant information. Make sure to check out the terms below ⤵️
  • Send a message I want to sell my Case Study” + attach your Case Study and send it to partner

Is the case study already written? Check out if you have added:

  • A link to an offer in your CPA network or just a description (by request, we can publish just the name of the niche)
  • The link (or a screenshot) to a landing page or a pre-lander (we are ready to publish just the description of what is displayed on the landing page)
  • Screenshots of stats from the CPA network 
  • Screenshots of stats from PropellerAds
  • Screenshots of your ads (or only the description of creatives without word-for-word text and images) 
  • Your story about campaign settings, targeting, and optimization
  • Conclusion and recommendations

This Promo is subject to the below Terms. Please carefully read and familiarize yourself with the Terms. By participating in the Promo and/or by submitting a Case Study or information, material, data for this Promo you irrevocably accept and agree with these Terms

As you see, it’s super easy! Check out some examples for inspiration and submit your Case Studies; we are waiting for them 😉


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