How to Maximize Your Website Monetization: OnClick + Push Notifications Case Study

OnClick & Push Case Study

Monetization is often a thought act. Especially when you’re in the business for a while, and can’t imagine what other new, engaging, and fun ways you can use to maximize your income.

So, we figured you might want to try an old-time favorite: OnClick Popunder ads and Push ads. The fun part about both of these formats is that they don’t take up any space on your website. 

Moreover, these are two of the formats that boast some of the highest engagement and re-engagement rates. And while one is large and all-encompassing, the other is small, friendly, and acts amazingly as a reminder.

But before we get any deeper into that, let’s find out more about OnClick Popunder. And keep in mind that these are the most important features of the format. Use them right, and you’ll be impressed.

OnClick Popunder in terms of Profits and CPMs

We keep on telling you that OnClick is one of the leading formats that we offer. So probably at this point you’re wondering: Ok, but just how much can I make with it? Or: What is the average CPM for the Top 10 GEOs? 

Well, if you checked our CPM Fluctuations article, you should already know that there’s no right or wrong answer. In fact, it couldn’t get more objective than this. 

The reality is that you might get CPM rates from $1 (or lower), to over $30. That is because each case is based on a more complex scenario.

And there are a lot of factors that can affect your CPMs value. They dictate whether you’ve got a good or bad CPM, for example: 

  • website structure 
  • the connection to the server
  • the browser type of your users
  • the devices your users are navigating from
  • your user’s engagement
  • the GEOs purchasing power

The only actually tested method to find out whether you have a good or bad CPM is to run tests on a regular basis. Because every website and its traffic is 100% unique.

OnClick – all-time best performer

It’s 2022, so it’s all about engagement. And, despite some voices claiming it isn’t so, a long story does make its point. Especially when it’s well built, and centered on providing for a basic need. 

So, when it puts the user in the spotlight.

But this doesn’t mean that formats with more limited space aren’t performing. Quite the contrary, as it’s all about dosage. And knowing how to strategically place these formats, to deliver maximum visibility. Push Notifications are a proof of that.

Still, before we can see how you can use OnClick together with Push, there are some other important things we need to see about Popunders.

And when it comes to OnClick, our optimization team plays an important role. They always check, update, tweak, and improve our monetization scripts.

This ensures that all our formats are profitable. While at the same time meeting all the policies and updates of the industry.

Propellerads - a guide to monetizing your traffic

Need more monetization info? Check our master post

OnClick Popunder Conversion Rates

Next up, you’re probably wondering: Ok, but does OnClick convert? We’ll have you know that it does in fact convert. And pretty well.

It’s all due to our high-quality advertising campaigns. We make it our business to be as competitive as we can.

At the same time, we work on ensuring only the safest content.

However, over the year there are periods of a market slowdown. You probably noticed them during the months of January and February. Or maybe you were affected by the summer slowdown. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to be done about it.

Of course, if you’ve been working in the industry for some time, you know that after the slowdown comes the traffic overflow! Which happens because our advertiser partners return from the holidays and start investing more, to cover for the inactivity period. 

And we finally made our way to the most important part.

Maximizing your OnClick monetization with Push Notifications

When it comes to increasing your monetization efforts, it all comes down to finding the right format combination. And of course, we’ve checked. 

OnClick + Push Notifications really do bring good results. It’s partly because they complete one another. OnClick offers a detailed description, and Push serves as a reminder. And, given their appearance, Push are pretty hard to miss.

Also, users will also receive Push Notifications when they’re not browsing. These are all things that make them re-engage with your website, and implicitly your monetization methods.

Still don’t believe us? Check out the examples below to see for yourself.

Case Study #1

Website Type: Converter
Testing Period: Mar 18 – Apr 18, 2022
Top GEOs: ID, BR, TH, ES, CO
OS: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

OnClick Popunder Statistics

For the sake of accuracy, we checked the statistics by format. And when it comes to Popunder, you probably already know the results will be spectacular: 

PropellerAds - Converted Popunder 30 Days Stats
Converter Popunder Monetization, 30-day period

As you can see from the chart above, the format successfully monetized on an average 733,000 impressions per day. Not bad at all, considering that the profit totaled almost $17,000. And let’s not forget that the average CPM was $0.81.

When it comes to GEO, most of the impressions were coming from the top performer – Indonesia. Over 31% of the traffic was from this GEO, closely followed by Brazil – 21%.

And finally, by:

  • Thailand – 6% 
  • Spain – 4%
  • Colombia – 2%

Push Notification Performance

However, our publisher started monetizing with Push as well. And he monetized over 16 times more impressions than with OnClick!

PropellerAds - Converter Push 30 Days Stats
Converter Push Notification Monetization, last 30 days

Thanks to the extra traffic volumes he monetized with Push, this publisher made another $10,104 within the same period. What is even more, the top-performing GEO (Indonesia) was responsible for 53% of the total monetization on Push.

The second runner-up, Brazil, was accountable for 11%. While the following GEOs, only brought:

  • 7% – Thailand
  • 2% – Spain
  • 2% – Colombia

Case Study #2

Website Type: Multimedia
Testing Period: Mar 18 – Apr 18, 2022
Top GEOs: ZA, KE, MX, TR, TZ
OS: Android, iOS, Windows, KaiOS, Linux, Mac OS

Popunder Statistics

Popunder didn’t fail to impress us once again, monetizing over 640,000 impressions per day. But what really shined bright this time, was the average CPM, which amounted to $2.58. While the highest CPM reached $5.46. 

PropellerAds - MultiMedia Popunder 30 Days Stats
MultiMedia Popunder Monetization, last 30 days

All this added to a glorious $43,500, in only 30 days. It’s worth knowing that the largest traffic volumes monetized were coming from South Africa – 32.38%, closely followed by Kenya – 8.25%.

While from the following GEOs the publisher only had:

  • 4.56% – Mexico
  • 4.49% – Turkey
  • 4.26% – Tanzania 

You might’ve noticed that for the chosen GEOs there were more mobile OS (Android, iOS, KaiOS), than with the previous campaign.

You should consider that if you’re operating in similar GEOs. Especially since Android was responsible for more than 83% of the entire traffic monetized.

Push Notification Performance

This time, monetizing with Push helped this publisher monetize 23 times more impressions than through Popunders:

PropellerAds - MultiMedia Push 30 Days Stats
MultiMedia Push Notifications Campaign Performance, last 30 days

What is interesting to observe, once again, are the top-performing GEOs. South Africa, took the lead in monetization with 16.8%. While the following GEOs had a tighter performance:

  • Brazil – 7.8%
  • Philippines – 7.6%
  • Mexico – 7.3%

Whereas Turkey only generated 4.6% of the total traffic volume. 

Another important performance worth mentioning this time as well, was that of Android devices. These were responsible for 99.25% of the entire traffic monetized through Push Notifications. Being followed by Windows, MAC OS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

More advantages of this combo

All our monetization formats are constantly developing and adapting for the markets. Everything so that you can enjoy a smooth experience. 

Anti-AdBlock Solutions

So we made sure that you have JS and PHP tags that allow you to bypass AdBlockers. What you’ll get with the PropellerAds AdBlocker solutions:

  • Up to 25% revenue growth
  • Immunity in front of filters and blacklists
  • Optimized code for a fast loading process
  • Compatibility on all browsers
  • Less frequent JS code update

Moreover, when it comes to OnClick you can also monetize via direct link.

Verified Stats and Accurate Numbers

When you’re monetizing with us, you can find the most useful and relatable information. From actual publishers. In fact, we even checked the best responsive website types for the Popunder & Push combination. 

Here are the websites that can benefit the most from monetizing from Push and OnClick:

  • Streaming
  • Sports Streaming
  • Anime
  • Converters
  • Link Shorteners
  • Multimedia

[Interview] Multimedia Website Monetization in the CIS Market

The main takeaway

Push Notifications perform excellently combined with OnClick. This small ad format checks all the high standards of advertising and it’s a technology similar to that offered by Google.

In addition, the fact that it can monetize users without them having to engage with, or actually be on the website is great. 

When it comes to user experience, Push are super friendly. Users receive notifications with our verified ad content through our domain name servers.

And for everything that your users don’t get from Push Notifications, you’ve got an all-time superstar – OnClick – to cover.

While other formats might not work together as well, this is truly one match made in heaven. Ready to give this a try?


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