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new interstitials case study
Affiliate Marketing

New Interstitial Templates In Action: Format Overview + Case Study

We decided to do a quick recap on new interstitials, add some useful stats, and share a comparison test of the new templates.

interstitial - templates
Platform Updates

Party Is On: New Interstitial Templates Are In Town

Today, we’re introducing 4 new customizable templates for your interstitial banners. Highly-clickable and eye-catchy, they attract much more attention

CPC bidding for interstitials
Interstitial Ads

Cost per Click (CPC) Bidding for Interstitials is Now Available

More bidding models mean more flexibility for our advertisers! Today, we expand the range of bidding options available for Interstitials – now you can buy traffic with ...


New Interstitials: HIGH Monetization Potential on Mobile & Desktop

Today, we are introducing fully revamped Interstitial ad format that strikes a perfect balance between publishers’ revenue and user experience.

Platform Updates

Mobile Interstitial Ads are now available on Self-Serve Platform!

A new advertising opportunity – Mobile Interstitial format is now open to all our Partners. You can start a new Mobile Interstitial campaign in your Advertiser acc...

propellerads - mobile-interstitial-ads

Introducing Mobile Interstitial Ads!

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest ad format optimized for mobile display – Interstitial Ads. Interstitial ads are full screen ads and one of...

Advanced Tutorials

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing: Way to Luxury or Just a Hassle?

High-ticket affiliate marketing... competitive, luxurious, profitable! Want to learn more about such offers? Read this.

Case Studies

Optimizing Zones: Follow-Along Contest Case Study and Lessons Learned

Optimizing zones and defining efficient strategies. This Follow Along case includes comments from account managers and lessons learned.

Tutorials for Beginners

eCommerce Offers: What Works and How to Start Smartly?

How to choose eCommerce offers? Which types, niches, and trends are relevant today? Check this guide, find examples, and tips from pros.

eCommerce offers during Lunar New Year

eCommerce Offers During Lunar New Year 2024: How to Increase Your Sales?

How to boost your eCommerce campaign during the Lunar New Year 2024? Here is a quick guide with real offers and creatives to get prepared.

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