Introducing Mobile Interstitial Ads!

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We’re excited to announce the release of our latest ad format optimized for mobile display – Interstitial Ads.
Interstitial ads are full screen ads and one of our top performing ad units, generating the highest eCPMs across all GEOs and mobile devices. Our interstitial ads offer an opportunity to monetize your mobile visitors more effectively by matching the original website’s look and increasing user engagement. Unlike traditional banner ads, interstitials grab users’ attention and maintain high click-through and conversion rates.

  Mobile Interstitial Demo #1Mobile Interstitial Demo #2Mobile Interstitial Demo #3

Watch new format in action here using your iOS or Android device

Key benefits for publishers:

  • Full ad coverage across all mobile devices, OS and GEOs;
  • eCPM rates are 3 times higher in comparison with traditional banners;
  • Additional monetization opportunity non-conflicting with your existing ads (including AdSense!);
  • Only quality and brand safe ads on your website;
  • Easy to integrate ad tags;
  • Work on websites that are not mobile-optimized.

How to get started with interstitial ads

1) Log in to your publishers account and click on the “Sites” tab.
Step #1 - Sites
2) Choose a site from the list of verified sites and click “Add New Channel”
Step 2: Add New Channel
If you need to add a new site, please refer our step-by-step guide for publishers
3) Choose the “Interstitial” format for Mobile Advertising and click the “Next” button.
Step 3: Choose format
4) Provide a name for this new channel (optional) and click the “Next” button.
Step 4: Provide channel name
5) Copy the ad channel code.
Step 5: Get ad channel code
6) Paste the ad channel code in the source code of your website right below the opening <body> tag.
Step 6: Paste Ad Channel Code
To view statistics for this ads use our filters.
Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your website revenue with our newest monetization solution!

Key benefits for advertisers

Increase your ROI quickly with our mobile ads that boost your app installs!

  • Excellent level of user engagement and click through
  • Creative size 500×700 gives more room for your marketing message
  • Instant reach of millions mobile users across the globe
  • Advanced targeting opportunities (by GEO, day parting, by frequency capping, by OS, by device, by ad placement and site)

If you have any questions, please contact our support team or your account manager and we will gladly help you.


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