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iGaming Content Strategy: Expert Insights

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If you work in the iGaming vertical, you definitely need catchy landing pages and pre-landers for your campaigns. Or maybe you run an informational website that partners with iGaming affiliate programs? Or you need to promote your iGaming platform or app?

Anyways, you need high-quality content for all of this.

Today, we invited the master of iGaming Content Marketing expert – Dmitry – and asked him to share something beyond the standard content plans and ideas.

iGaming Audience and Content They Need

Basically, we can divide the iGaming target audience into three distinct groups.

  • Pros. Those who play hard, spend big sums, and actually know the ropes of various iGaming activities.
  • Casual players. People who are sometimes involved in iGaming. Most of them are sports fans.
  • Novices. Users who have just heard of iGaming recently and are now seeking more information about literally every single detail.

According to Dmitry, the vast majority of iGaming content targets exactly the last group. Pretty logically, these wanna-be pros desperately lack knowledge and google like there’s no tomorrow. 

But, what are they googling for? Let’s take a look at the top popular iGaming content types.

Sports Forecasts

Sports predictions coming from experts are relatively easy content to create, but they are usually in great demand. (By the way, here’s our sports calendar)Here is what we are speaking about:


Image source:

As Dmitry told us, one of the biggest traffic boosts he has ever witnessed came from a single game forecast published at the iGaming informational site. And it wasn’t even some top popular match!

Tip from PropellerAds: you can use forecast power in your ad creatives, too. For example, you can motivate a user to make their own predictions, like here:

Push notification example

Rules and Explanations

Have you ever tried to understand the nuts and bolts of, say, Fantasy Sports? As a novice, you definitely need very clear and detailed explanations of how it all works. Content like this is in high demand among new and casual iGaming users, especially if it’s well-structured and really beginner-friendly.

Fantasy Sports rules

Image source:

Dmitry: A good idea is to cooperate with experienced players – not just universal content creators – to deliver genuinely helpful and expert content. This way, you get unique articles, reviews, and guides from people who really know the ropes.


Sometimes, the technical side of iGaming also requires some explanation. For example, as Dmitry puts it, many iGaming platforms focus on promoting their apps today. This means users require clear FAQs and guides on how to get or use these apps.

While this might seem a bit weird for you as a technical-savvy person, such iGaming content is also popular enough. Just a quick test: when you Google any iGaming platform, the Google autocomplete predictions will look something like this:


Video instructions or guides with screenshots are usually more helpful than simple text explanations, so mind it when giving tasks to content writers.


People are also constantly looking for iGaming strategies — e.g., ‘proven’ ways to win. The trick is that there’s always something new out there, while many existing strategies become old-fashioned. So, you’ll barely run out of content.

The formats might include articles, quick checklists, social media posts, and videos.


Updates on the top sporting events, news of iGaming legislation in various countries, and transfer news – all of this can become a great support for your SEO efforts. The main task is to remain consistent, publish the news daily, and do your best to become one of the first to publish sensations.

Tip from PropellerAds: To support your efforts, you can try launching Push ads campaigns to deliver the biggest news to a wide audience through push notifications.

Content Strategy: 4 Main Guidelines

According to Dmitry, there is usually a difference between content strategies led by already popular big brands use and new local iGaming companies. 

Here is how it usually looks:

Big famous companiesLocal smaller brands
1. Unique proposal: for example, 100+ payment methods and worldwide availability
2. Content marketing with the help of influencers, outreach articles, videos
3. Paid ads via platforms: Popunders, Push, Interstitials, banner ads
1. Low competition keywords a few websites use
2. High-quality SEO content that gives players more information about the new platform
3. Scaling with the methods bigger brands use

Whatever your task is right now, the part where you actually create content will require more or less similar efforts. Here are some tips that might help you to master the art of your iGaming content.

Stay Alert

A big concern with iGaming content marketing is that almost every brand seems to have already created its own set of guides, articles, entertainment, and educational videos. So, new and unique content is the king: writing on topics that were not properly covered can give a significant boost.

So, content specialists should constantly monitor the new keywords and user requests and create SEO tasks for new articles, posts, or videos in the blink of an eye! 

How do they do it?

  • Check the new Google requests
  • Find the low-competition keywords
  • Monitor iGaming forums and communities

Dmitry: finding a new topic is half the battle. Your content must also be high-quality to engage people.

Sounds legit, and one of the secrets to this is our next point.

Stay Native and Transparent

This one is also about highlighting negative points. When you speak too highly of an iGaming platform, this might sound a bit suspicious, right? That’s why Dmitry recommends not being afraid to mention disadvantages, too.

Dmitry: it doesn’t mean you need to call it names but mentioning something people might not like about a platform – for example, when you are preparing a detailed review – will not hurt at all. 

Check the competitors

And it’s not always because they can inspire you (although they can). Sometimes, it’s YOU who inspires them, and it’s not really good for you. Here are some great spy tools examples.

Dmitry: We have a case study where we realized our content was really good after we saw it on our competitor’s page. The worst part was that that page ranked much higher than ours, although it just literally duplicated our article with all the keywords we selected for it. After our complaint, Google deleted this page, but it had enough time to steal much traffic from us.

Track the Metrics and Learn

What gets measured gets managed. Every piece of content, be it a video, a social media post, or a blog article, must be tracked.

Dmitry: I use Google Metrics to check the number of unique users, page bounce rates, and conversions—for example, how many people followed the affiliate links from a page. If I see that some pages perform especially well, I analyze the possible reasons for such a good result and try to create more similar content.

Any Don’ts?

Yep. To some extent. Here is a quick checklist for you:

  • Make sure your content doesn’t violate any iGaming legislations of the GEOs you target. Depending on your location, there might be a particular list of don’ts you need to reconfirm with a law specialist.

  • Don’t promise anything. 100% winnings, regular earnings – all of this can not be guaranteed by default, and people feel the fake nature of such promises.

  • Check if you attract the right audience. In other words, it makes no sense to publish content for Brazilian users on a website dedicated to US iGaming. This way, you will just bring in the wrong traffic that won’t convert.


And now, you are pretty armed for your iGaming content marketing strategy – and if you feel it requires including paid ads, too, you are welcome –


And if you need more info, come chat with us, write to your Account Manager, or just come join us on Telegram.


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