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Kira Vessiari

Head of Content at PropellerAds

coronavirus vs affiliates
Affiliate Marketing

Crisis Marketing Strategy: Coronavirus VS. Affiliates

Discover effective crisis marketing tactics amidst COVID-19 challenges for affiliate programs. Stay resilient and adapt with innovative strategies

one month after chrome

Okay Google, What’s with Subscription Volumes & Chrome 80?

What was hailed as a doomsday browser update, actually turned out to be one of the best Chrome updates for publishers. We’ve talked to our monetization experts, big and...

Affiliate marketing quiz

Can You Crush This Affiliate Marketing Quiz?

We created a short quiz for you to test your affiliate marketing erudition and define the areas that need to be improved.


Chrome 80 Explained: How it Affects Push Notifications & Your Earnings

Less than a week left until Chrome 80 is out in the wild, and publishers should be geared up for whatever Google brings to the table

Will Chrome 80 kill push notifications
Affiliate Marketing

[Affiliate FAQ] Will Chrome 80 Kill Push Notifications?

Google Chrome 80 rolls out next month, and although we cannot say with utmost certainty how the final updates would look like, we’ve summarized some changes

Advant Calendar bonuses
Affiliate Marketing

All I Want for Christmas is… Advent Calendar

Starting from December 20, all Silver, Gold, and Platinum account holders can get daily discounts, bonuses, and tips from our partners and us.

Affiliate marketing trends 20202 - free pdf
Affiliate Marketing

Report: Affiliate Marketing Trends & Predictions 2020 [FREE PDF]

Explore the latest trends and predictions shaping affiliate marketing in 2020. Stay ahead with valuable insights and strategic foresight

Xmas cpa offers
Affiliate Marketing

Xmas CPA Offers: Santa’s Favorites

We asked our partners to recommend the most Christmassy offers. And they did.By the way, here are some handy tips on how to rock your New Year campaigns.

IP BlackList - state targeting
Platform Updates

NEW SSP Features for Affiliates: IP Blacklisting & State Targeting

Тew targeting opportunities to buy traffic more efficiently and enhance your campaigns in a major way. What are these new features: IP Blacklisting and State targeting.

Advertisers guide to sweepstake offers

[FREE PDF] An Advertiser’s Guide to Sweepstake Offers

Sweepstake offers are so popular that nearly every affiliate you ask will tell you they tried running sweepstakes in the past.

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