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[Special Promo] Stay Home – Run Ads!

Stay_home - run ads

While the majority of the Earth’s population is saving the world by laying on a couch (well done, by the way), affiliates are fighting their own battles. Coronavirus has already attacked the major outposts of the affiliate empire (eCommerce and betting were the first to fall).

But are we that weak to let a virus destroy our sources of income one by one? Can’t we stand our grounds?

I say we give Coronavirus a good fight!

Let’s protect what’s ours – our affiliate ecosystem and our profits! (While staying at home, of course).

Propeller announces a big BONUS promo: “Stay home – run ads,” where you can add some extra money to your account and scale your campaigns to fight all the bad things Coronavirus has rained upon us.

Why a fun promo is exactly what we need right now?

  • It’ll keep us busy and entertained (let’s face it, Netflix isn’t infinite) 
  • You’ll earn some money – a really BIG bonus on your next deposit (all that will end sometime, and you’ll need this money to party like there’s no tomorrow)

How to participate?

We made participation as easy as possible. No need to overcomplicate things, right? So here only FOUR steps:

  1. #1 Run campaigns in April
  2. #2 Increase your April spending (any ad format) based on your Propeller Priority status compared to your spending in March. (Important: you should actually spend the money on running campaigns, rather than just make a deposit).
Green levelIncrease your spend by $500, get $175 coupon (on 500+ deposit) 
Silver levelIncrease your spend by $1500, get $400 coupon (on 1500+ deposit)
Gold levelIncrease your spend by $3000, get $750 coupon (on 3000+ deposit)
Platinum levelIncrease your spend by $6000, get $1400 coupon (on 6000+ deposit)
  1. #3 Email at In your email, include the Propeller Priority status you had as of April 1st, and your account ID (email).
  1. #4 We’ll check your account and send you a BONUS code for your next deposit.

No brainer, isn’t it?

Now, please read some important details about the rules and conditions. We just want to keep things fair and square.

  • The promo involves all accounts registered no later than April 2, 2020.
  • ONE person gets ONE code. If multi-account cheating is detected, the bonus is given only for the first request.
  • Please note that the promo code does not work with Wire payments and can only be applied to the next deposit of at least $500/ $1500/ $3000/ $6000!

*Please note that the spending is calculated per client, not per account.

Now let’s get back to business- time to receive this nice, juicy bonus in your pocket! 

Are you in?


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