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updated WP plugin

3 Reasons You Should Install Our Updated WordPress Plugin

Now we are releasing an entirely revamped version of the PropellerAds official plugin. It’s a new take on advertising plugins as this version encompasses much more than...


Jump Start Your Networking at Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 (MAC’18) promises to be bigger and better than ever, with more than 200 companies attending

targeting by city
Platform Updates

Hit the Right Audience with City Targeting

In addition to country-level targeting, we’ve enhanced our advertising campaign settings with Targeting by City. This is a new option, enabling PropellerAds’ advertis...

Digital-advertising-in-China image
Industry News

Digital Advertising in China: 2018 Trends & Best Practices

China is a dream market that nearly every international company wishes to work with. Chinese market promises strong growth, striking revenues, and far-reaching possibilit...

mobileworld congress 2018

Mobile World Congress: Harnessing the Power of Mobile Ads

PropellerAds’ Team is a regular participant in Barcelona’s Congress, making this year the third time we are attending this event. The Congress will be held February 2...

FB bans crypto ads
Industry News

Facebook Bans All Ads for ICOs, Bitcoin, and Other Cryptocurrencies

Facebook announced their new advertising policy to ban all ads “that promote financial products and services such as binary options, initial coin offerings and crypto....

go native with push notifications

Rethinking Monetization: Native Subscriptions are Now Available to Publishers

Today we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of a new monetization solution - Push Notifications. Push Notifications is an ad format with the user in mind th...

google chrome native ad blocker

A Survival Guide to Google Chrome’s Native Ad Blocker

Starting on February 15, Google Chrome is planning to remove all the ads from sites that have a “failing” status in the Ad Experience Report

Our News

Inside View: What Makes People Choose A Career in Online Advertising?

Advertising – an industry, surrounded by prejudice and dozens of myths, and a profession that commonly triggers contradictory associations

happy new year banner
Industry News

2017 Recap | Our Biggest Achievements and Hints on What’s Coming Next

Before setting up new goals, we decided to recap all the amazing things that happened to PropellerAds in 2017

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