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Snap Into It: How to Get Started with Snapchat Affiliate Marketing?


Using various traffic sources for your affiliate marketing campaigns definitely is a good idea. Have you ever thought of Snapchat? Well, this platform is something less obvious than other social media! So are you ready for experiments? 

In today’s post, we are going to discuss some tips to help you take a win-win approach to Snapchat affiliate marketing –  stay tuned and absorb the ideas.

What is Snapchat? 

Snapchat is a multimedia platform for instant messaging. The main feature of Snapchat is that images, videos and messages disappear in a while and become inaccessible for users. Initially, this platform served as a personal messaging space, but later on new functions appeared. 

For instance, Instagram-like Stories allow users to create public content that stays available for 24 hours. Also, Snapchat has a Discover feature for ad-supported content. This one is actively used by brands and suits perfectly for short-term announcements, like limited offers or giveaways. 

Another super-popular feature of Snapchat is Spotlight, the one that reminds of TikTok and pays users for video clips. It is popular among youngsters and the number of daily content submissions grows fast. 

Last but not least, Snapchat actively develops augmented reality feature, which will drive even more user engagement and boost new advertising strategies. 

One of the best ways to improve engagement is using Demographic and Interests Targeting feature!

Audience of Snapchat

In 2021, Snapchat experienced the highest audience growth, according to their earnings report. Namely, daily active users amount increased to 293 million, which makes 23% growth from 2020. Revenue increased by 116% and bounced to $982 million, which is faster than Facebook and Twitter demonstrated by far.

As we briefly mentioned before, Snapchat is popular among youngsters. Let’s see the stats from Statista and get some details: 


As you can see, Snapchat is popular among teenagers of 13-17 and young people of 18-24, which is key to your future targeting, vertical choice, and style of your creatives. 

Which verticals to consider? 

Our experts claim that the best verticals for Snapchat are:

It’s easy to explain the reason why these verticals are popular on the Snapchat platform. We discussed the age of users in the previous section and they are mostly youngsters. Their interests include communication, trendy goods, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Dating offers have a chance to satisfy teenagers’ social interests, while Nutrition offers may include ecological, weight-loss and skincare products so popular among thoughtful teenagers.

Talking about eCommerce, the Snapchat app already has a “try on” feature, so users can check if clothes and accessories fit them before buying. For example, Gucci already uses it:


And yes, Snapchat has already announced a pair of AR Spectacles for maximally realistic experience. 

To make your ads relevant, watch the niche trends widespread around your audience regarding their age. This way, you will definitely find how to conquer their hearts with your ads. 

To see what is trending, you can always subscribe to Snapchat influencers and see what they are doing and which goods are the best to promote. 

Here is a small list of influencers to start from:

  • King Rach, 16 + BLN subscribers, Canadian viner and influencer – @kingbach
  • Logan Paul, 9 + BLN subscribers, comedian, and content creator – @loganpaul 
  • Christian Collins, 800+ K subscribers, model – @weekly_chris
  • Frankie Greek, social media specialist – @wtfrankie 
  • Amanda Cerny, model – @amandacerny 

The best advertising practices for Snapchat

Snapchat has an Ads Manager, which allows you to run and manage your campaigns. To start using it, you need to create and link an ad account to your Public Profile. 

Instant and Advanced Create 

When you are done with profile creation, interlinking, and other preparations, you may choose whether you want an Instant Create or Advanced Create for your ad campaign.

The first one will help you start in a couple of minutes – Snapchat will extract creative assets from your pre-landing or landing page automatically and customize the asset. Advanced Create is for advanced targeting, multiple objectives, and ad sets.  

Video or Single Image ads

Single Image or Video ads work best for mobile. These are 3-minute vertical video ads with an optional interactive element. These can be gifs, animations, or short videos. 

  • The shorter your ad is, the more chances you have to drive action. Snapchat instructions claim that 0:03 – 0:05 length is the most efficient;
  • Try different types of media content, including still images, gifs, and videos to optimize the Ad Set;
  • Match your creatives with targeting to reach high relevance and boost engagement/conversion rates;
  • Include concrete offer description within the first seconds of your video or animation.


Your Snapchat creatives should be simple and clear. As the platform is all about dynamics and short content, your task is to grab users attention instantly and present your offer in a couple of seconds. Your key message should be understood right away. 

  • Focus on consideration rather than conversion – your main aim is to grab users attention fast and motivate them to continue their journey;
  • Have multiple creatives to test and avoid creatives fatigue; 
  • Don’t prompt any swiping behavior – users can swipe your ad away accidentally. Instead, think about adding a button to tap and other similar interactive elements. 

In general, the ultimate advice here is to make your creatives maximally attention-grabbing. You can do that right in your advertising account. Here is how the Snapchat creative library looks:


Now check some examples and get inspired. Let’s start with the Dating offer:


This one is a pretty simple and clear example. The ad has an interactive button so that users can press it and get to your offer page right away. 

The eCommerce ad can vary, but for Snapchat, we recommend a couple of main principles. First, remember the young age of the audience – make them fancy! Second, remember about the Snapchat main point – dynamics. 


Snapchat is a nice platform for eCommerce seasonal ads and promotions. As we already mentioned, you can advertise all kinds of sales and limited offers through this website.

Snapchat masks and drawings to blend in

Also, special effects are extremely popular among Snapchat users, so if you want your creatives to look more native, you can always try using them. This can be something super-easy and funny. Like this:


Yes, you literally don’t need to be an artist to make your creatives sparkle in 10 minutes. Or here is another example of simple and cute drawing:


Also, simple moves like smiling fruits or just adding emojis to your images is also a great idea:


There are also emoji stickers you can add to moving objects, 3D painting, funny masks, text effects, and numerous filters, of course. So if you are feeling like going creative and a bit wild – you will definitely enjoy Snapchat! 

Additional tips

Here are some additional recommendations for your Snapchat ads:

  • Use early branding 

To maximize awareness and number of impressions, you should make clear early branding and display key details of your offer before 0:02 of duration. And try not to make the overall length more than 0:06. 

  • Avoid overlapping 

Snapchat places the headline and brand name at the upper left corner of your creative. Make sure to keep the top 150 pixels of your image clear of logotypes and images to avoid overlapping.  

  • Focus on fast impression 

Be laconic with your ads and make sure to keep them dynamic. Use words like “limited offer”, “get now”, “X% discount”, and more.

Scale your Snapchat campaign like a boss with PropellerAds

Even though Snapchat and PropellerAds are two different advertising platforms, you can still scale your Snapchat campaigns with us. This will help you increase your profit by expanding your audience. 

You can drive traffic from Snapchat to your landing pages and pre-landers. This platform can become another traffic source for you, while PropellerAds scaling is cheaper than rolling your ads on Snapchat eternally. 


With PropellerAds Audiences 2.0, you can collect users for retargeting and run new campaigns with them. This can help you increase conversion chances, since Audiences form users groups by their behavior, namely impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

User Activity Targeting 

With User Activity Targeting, you can target people considering their engagement level. Mind that each cohort has its own benefits – highly active users click more eagerly, while Medium and Low groups have huge volumes of cheap traffic. 


Bypass AdBlock 

With PropellerAds, you can easily bypass AdBlock and include the blocked traffic. Your OnClick and Interstitial ads can reach even these users in the least invasive way possible.


To sum up, we will remind you a couple of key points discussed earlier:

  • Snapchat audience mostly consists of young people and teenagers;
  • Snapchat content consists of videos, animations, gifs, and images designed for short and dynamic presentation; 
  • The most profitable verticals are Nutrition, eCommerce, and Dating;
  • Creatives should be bright, high-quality, and youth-oriented. Use early branding and focus on making an impression from the very first seconds. Try to avoid swiping behavior – choose other interactive elements that are more likely to take users to your landing page (say, buttons). 

That’s all, folks! Jump into Snapchat and make it a brand new source of traffic. You can always rely on PropellerAds for campaign scaling and therefore – more income. Good luck!

Have you already tried Snapchat for affiliate marketing? Tell us your story in the Telegram chat!


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