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The Financial Vertical in India [+ Case Study on Conversion Tracking that Boosts Results]

finance vertical in India

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With almost 1.5 billion inhabitants, there is no doubt that India is one of the most promising regions in terms of economic growth. The financial sector has mirrored this trend, as experts predict that nearly 62% of all Indians will be using banking apps by 2028.

India is considered a great GEO for media buyers, affiliates, and advertisers that want to engage profitable markets in Asia. As a matter of fact, we have plenty of examples of success right here at PropellerAds. 

So, in this article, we will share reasons why advertisers and other stakeholders should be excited about the financial sector in India. And, we also prepared a case study from one of our advertisers that has found immense success creating finance campaigns that target the Indian subcontinent. 

The Financial Vertical in India

Indian banks currently hold a stunning 2.6 trillion US dollars in assets, but this isn’t the only reason why the financial sector is well-positioned. 

Some of the core technologies powering this industry are also on pace to grow dramatically over the next few years. 

The card payment market, for example, will grow at almost 19% annually from here to 2026. This area alone is expected to generate a whopping $581 billion. What’s more, some projections suggest that by this year, the digital payment industry in this country will grow by 300% to roughly 10 trillion USD.

Now, it’s also important to note that there are advertiser offers from many different finance sub-industries. For example, marketers can choose offers in:

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Conventional banking and financial services
  • Trading and stock markets
  • Cryptocurrency

So, the media buyers and other stakeholders that establish themselves now will be able to benefit from the market growth of various financial sub-industries. 

The Conversion Tracking Case 

We’ve covered the state of the financial industry in India, let’s review a case study from one of our  Indian affiliates that successfully leveraged this type of offer. 

First, let’s cover the basics. 

  • Offer: A popular trading platform licensed to operate in India
  • Conversion type: Cost-Per-Lead, so users had to subscribe and register
  • Period: long-term offer that has been running for several months from the end of 2021 and keeps getting traffic until now
  • Ad format: Popunder ads

It’s important to note that this specific advertiser had already managed to achieve a high budget of around $4,000 per month. But, the results being obtained were not what this advertiser was looking for, hence the adjustment.

1. SmartCPM

So, the advertiser wanted to attract high traffic volumes, and chose SmartCPM. In short, SmartCPM is our in-house pricing model that allows you to get more traffic for less. 

In addition to paying less for traffic, SmartCPM gives you the ability to control every bid for a certain ad placement manually. So, you can individually adjust your bids on a case-by-case basis. 

2. Early Stages

Once the campaign had been set up, the advertiser allowed it to run for around 5 months. 

The revenue was slightly higher than the investment, but profits were relatively low — even though the offer steadily gained a big number of impressions:

03-20227 815 783
04-202214 284 599
05-20229 564 864

To improve the situation, our partner needed more metrics: at first, he didn’t track conversions and didn’t see the full picture. This is when the advertiser decided to implement conversion tracking and began focusing on increasing the number of people who converted. 

3. Conversion Tracking

Once conversion tracking was set up, the advertiser was able to implement another feature — an automated bidding system called CPA Goal to improve the results obtained. 

CPA Goal is a smart optimization function based on our in-house AI-based technology. Our partner just set a desired conversion price, and CPA Goal began to optimize the campaigns, selecting the most profitable CPM bid automatically.

Comment from PropellerAds: CPA goal is one of the top popular features among our partners. You can read more about how it works and when you need it here: CPA GOAL for Push, Onclick & Interstitials|Fully Automated Optimization for Fine-Tuned Campaigns

The combination of SmartCPM with CPA Goal has proven to be very profitable in the past, so it’s no surprise that this advertiser experienced a significant boost in performance after this step. 

Here are the new stats — now, with conversions data available:

06-202211 345 9976 780
07-202220 156 7896 089
08-202211 953 2094 754

As our advertiser shared with us, the number of conversions after he started tracking them grew almost twice, and continued growing every month.

4. Additional Tips

To optimize the campaign even better, the advertiser also set up whitelists in the areas with the highest conversion rates

In simple words, he began targeting only the zones proven to bring relevant users who are likely to convert.

5. Results

The results were nothing short of amazing — a massive drop in price per conversion while the traffic volumes remained high. 

You can see it for yourself in the graph below. 


As the tracker sent information to PropellerAds, advertisers were able to figure out which variables provided the best results. This included the best-converting browser, network carrier, decide, and so on. 

The new model was so successful that the advertiser increased the budget to the $5,000 to $8,000 range. This, in turn, allowed this advertiser to generate almost 20 million monthly impressions. 

To Sum Up — Are Financial Offers in India a Good Idea?

Not only are financial offers a great alternative for advertisers that want to target the Indian market, but these can actually become one of the biggest sources of income for the right professional. 

We just hope that the data and case study above both help provide the information you need to forge your own path towards success.


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