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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

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We know: You’re itching to join the ranks of successful online entrepreneurs, but the thought of creating your own products or services feels like a mountain too high to climb. What if we told you there’s a shortcut to earning money online, and it starts with just a website or even without it? 

In 2022, businesses in the US invested a significant $8.2 billion in affiliate marketing, according to the researchers at Statista. And the future? Well, let’s just say it’s looking pretty darn bright. 

So, if you’re ready to trade in the nine-to-five grind for a digital adventure with lots of options, affiliate marketing might just be your golden ticket.

What is an affiliate marketer? 

An affiliate marketer is essentially a digital matchmaker. They form partnerships with brands and businesses to promote their products and services to their audience.

So, what does an affiliate marketer do?

Unlike traditional employees, affiliate marketers operate on a contract basis. They’re not necessarily tied down to a single company, nope. Instead, they can collaborate with multiple brands across various industries. 

Some affiliate marketers choose to promote products and services they personally enjoy or find value in. This authenticity not only builds trust with their audience but also makes their job a whole lot more enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t love getting paid to talk about things they love?

How much can you make as an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketers can earn about $10K a year. Not exactly retire-on-a-yacht money, but hey, it’s something.

Now, here’s the kicker: about one in six affiliate marketers earns $50K a year or more. Impressive, right? 

But here’s the reality check. Building a successful affiliate business takes time. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires hard work, dedication, and lots of learning as you go. As for the money, $100 is enough to stary your affiliate marketer career. 

How to become an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer, start by researching and choosing a niche that interests you. Then, sign up for affiliate programs relevant to your niche, build your online platform (website or social media), and create compelling content to attract and engage your audience.

Sounds easy, right? 

Well, let’s see how to be a successful affiliate marketer up close.

Research and choose your niche

Choosing your niche (or else – vertical) is like picking the theme for your online party – it sets the tone for everything that follows. So have fun!

It’s simple, just rely on these:

These questions will help you choose the right offer and form your expectations.

Selecting affiliate programs

Choosing an affiliate program is like picking up the right tool for the job. That’s why it’s important to know these three types:

  • High-paying, low-volume: These programs offer niche products with a smaller customer base but with high-end products.
  • Low-paying, high-volume: These are usually affiliate programs similar to what Amazon offers. You’ll easily catch a lot of traffic and volume, but the commissions are low. 
  • High-paying, high-volume: These programs deal with big-ticket items that appeal to a broad audience, such as credit cards. However, they often attract seasoned affiliate marketers with loads of money to invest in their business.

So, which program suits you best? It all boils down to your niche and expertise. 

Building your platform

Alright, let’s talk about where you’ll be doing your affiliate marketing gig. Here are your options:

  • Website: Websites are like your own little corner of the internet where you can do your thing. Plus, with some SEO tricks, you can get Google to notice you and get you people that you can turn into customers.
  • YouTube: Lights, camera, action! If you’re comfortable in front of the camera or your niche loves videos, YouTube is a great choice. 
  • Social Media: Instagram, TikTok, you name it – it’s all fair game. Show off your stuff with cool pics and catchy captions. Social media is a perfect place to do product-related affiliate marketing. 
  • Podcast: Got a good voice? Start a podcast and chat about your niche. It’s like having a radio show but without the commercials (well, maybe a few).

Know your strengths and pick the platform that suits you the most. That’s the best way to be a successful marketer. 

Creating quality content

If you want to create a pre-lander for your offer to make sure that your future leads know everything about the product, then good content is what you need.

Therefore, using the information provided by the offer owner, make sure to tailor catchy and informative descriptions, add some customer reviews as a social proof, and don’t forget about catchy images. You can always rely on AI tools whenever you lack creative ideas.

But it doesn’t stop there. Collaboration is key. If you can partner up with experts in your niche to validate your insights, even better. 

So, roll up your sleeves, get into your niche, and start creating content that’s so good your readers can’t help but click those affiliate links. 

Where to get an affiliate marketing offer to promote?

You must be wondering, where can you get your first offer and already start getting money? Well, we rush to deliver some of the trustworthy CPA networks:


Indoleads is a place where you can find more than 2000 various offers with pretty high payouts and win-win conditions for affiliate marketers.


Clickbank is a resource where you can get yourself an offer from numerous verticals, including exotic ones, like Survival or Spirituality.


ClickDealer is a CPA network mostly for those interested in eCommerce offers. Classical option to sell products online for a commission. Worth your attention!

And whatever CPA network and vertical you choose to work with, remember that PropellerAds can deliver relevant traffic for purchasing!

FAQs About Affiliate Marketers

How to become an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer, follow these steps:
Choose a Niche: Select a specific area of interest or expertise.
Research Affiliate Programs: Find and join affiliate programs that offer products or services relevant to your niche.
Build a Platform: Create a website, blog, or social media presence to promote affiliate products.
Create Quality Content: Produce valuable content that attracts and engages your target audience.
Drive Traffic: Use SEO, social media, and other marketing strategies to increase traffic to your platform.
Track and Optimize: Monitor your performance and adjust your strategies to improve results.

What is an affiliate marketer?

An affiliate marketer is an individual or company that promotes products or services of another business through various marketing efforts. They earn a commission for each sale or action generated through their referral links.

How to make money as an affiliate marketer?

To make money as an affiliate marketer, choose a niche, create valuable content that attracts and engages your target audience, and promote relevant affiliate products through your content. Build trust with your audience and use strategies like SEO, email marketing, and social media to drive traffic to your affiliate links. Focus on providing genuine recommendations to convert visitors into buyers.

What’s the average salary of affiliate marketer?

The average salary of an affiliate marketer typically ranges from $55,000 to $80,000 per year, depending on experience and success. Top earners can make significantly more, often exceeding $100,000 annually.


So, there you have it. The essential roadmap to kickstarting your affiliate marketing journey. We’ve covered everything from finding your niche and selecting the right affiliate programs to building your platform, creating quality content, and driving traffic like a pro.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which way to go. 

But remember what Rory Vaden said: ‘’Success is not owned, it is rented – and that rent is due every day. Success comes down to choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.’’

Fuel your passion, refine your strategy, and start your journey toward affiliate marketing success today!

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