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Dating Webinar: Get Your Answers

Dating webinar_Your questions

As a follow up to our recent webinar, “Creative strategies for dating offers,” we tackle some questions asked during the broadcast: the ones our presenters didn’t have time to reply or those we thought need more explanation.

? Watch the webinar here or ? download the slides

But, before we start, let us thank you for joining us at this webinar! You’re a dream audience, and we hope you got a lot of inspiration for your future dating campaigns… and fun, we hope you had as much fun as we did 🙂


Pavel Didenko: What is better, to use a Smartlink, or to use offer, that you select by yourself?

Propeller: When launching your first dating campaign, we recommend choosing direct offers. Why? With direct offers, you have greater control over the process: you can analyze every-every step of the funnel: creatives – pre-lander – landing page.

Knowing all the variables, you can detect where the problem is or where users drop off and optimize this step to boost conversions.

Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the nature of Smartlink offers. In essence, you are tied to one CPA network. Is that good news? Not so much. Usually, you can find the very same offer in different CPA networks: meaning you can get a better payout or even better-performing creatives.

Is direct offer a perfect solution? Nope, because direct offers have capping (a number of leads per day that you can bring). Once you reach the limit – you are done for the day, no matter how many leads you generated.

With Smartlink, things are way easier: you reached your capping, or the offer was stopped – Smartlink is automatically switching to another offer. 

So, weigh the pros and cons and decide what’s best for you.

Johan Larsson: What is the most common mistake you see by new affiliates launching dating campaigns?

Propeller: Here’s what we typically notice: wrong creatives (for example, not “hot” enough – but remember about policy), not considering audience preferences (for example, in Japan – images of European-looking people are converting better, while in Arabic countries, audience prefers people with “curves”). Another mistake is well-known: not changing creatives regularly.

And, finally, ignoring advertiser’s requirements. If an advertiser wants users above 25 years old, you won’t be paid for all the leads below 25.

We have analyzed all the mistakes here: Biggest Mistakes You Should Avoid While Testing CPA Offers 

Pavel Didenko: Which platform is better to test first, Mobile or Desktop?

Propeller: No big difference; you should test both to understand what works best with your offer. Only after proper testing, you can exclude certain devices or OS types.

Gaurav Mehta: SOI/DOI/Rev-share. Which one is more scalable and profitable?

Propeller: Just starting with dating? Opt for SOI, especially if you don’t have tested creatives and white & blacklists. Yet, SOI offers usually have low payouts. So, the winning scheme here is to test campaigns with SOI offers, and then switch to more complex conversion flows – DOI and Revshare.

Once you know what performs well for sure, you can scale your campaigns and test offers with bigger payouts.

Michael Tang: So far, the policy was all about the creatives. What about the pre-lander? Are words like “sex” allowed there? Or do the EXACT same rules apply?

Propeller: The same rules apply, yet note that if you use the word “sex” (on your banners, ad copy or pre-lander), your creative would be categorized as “Explicit” and get less traffic. Please read our policies here.

Yj Chen: Should you start dating campaigns with CPC or CPM?

Propeller: It’s always better to start with CPC. When you’ve identified best-performing creatives with the highest CTR, you can launch a CPM campaign, using these creatives. Read also: CPC or CPM – How to Pay Less for Push Notification Traffic

Yj Chen: When starting a new push dating campaign using the CPC format. Do you suggest that we mix the traffic of all (High, Med, and low) to test the offers for the first test? Or do we start with just the high subscribers?

Propeller: To understand if your offer is converting, we would suggest starting with High activity group. Here’s why. The “High activity” users are usually most engaged and very responsive to ads; therefore, it’s simple to figure out if your offer is time worthy.

Do you get great results with High activity users? Time to scale your campaigns to other activity groups. That’s when you can start experimenting with various combinations: low + medium or high +medium.

Pavel Didenko: Is it the right order of metrics optimization: 1) Optimize creatives, 2) Optimize OS version, 3) Optimize browser, 4) Optimize zones?

Propeller: With the order, you mentioned you risk getting non-accurate results. Try optimizing in the following order:

  1. 1. Creatives (Banners, icons, ad copy)
  2. 2. Pre-landers
  3. 3. Offer (testing similar offers). By the way, here’s our article on how to test CPA offers.
  4. 4. Technical aspects: OS, Device, Browser, etc.
  5. 5. White and blacklists – the last step, when you already have all the data, and you know which zones to exclude.

Nadav Luxembourg: As you know, Dating Offers can have a different kind of flows. SOI, DOI, CPA, etc.Would you say it is crucial to make special creative based on the flow?

Propeller: SOI and DOI don’t significantly differ in terms of conversion methods – even a simple flow “Ad – landing page” can deliver excellent results. But when it comes to Revshare, you have to really motivate users. Think exquisite pre-landers, convincing ad copy, quality banners – all that would require more testing and would heavily depend on the audience you target. Maybe you won’t need a pre-lander, or possibly only a long funnel would work. In other words, the bigger the payout, the more testing you have to do.

Have more questions? Ask in the comment section below or join our Telegram chat to discuss dating campaigns with fellow affiliates!


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