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[Case Study] Mainstream Dating with Push Notifications for Brazil ? (ROI 75%)

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Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

Read on to learn why dating offers are a thing now in Brazil. Also, our affiliate explains his logic behind the optimization process.

Traffic: Push Notifications

Affiliate network:

Offer: Mainstream Dating Smartlink

The campaign period: Apr 1, 2019, to May 14, 2019

Geo: Brazil

Spent: $572

Revenue: $999

Net profit: $312

ROI: 75%

The GEO and the Traffic Source

First of all, I had to choose a GEO with sufficient traffic volume and low competition. Brazil filled the bill for the campaign – met both of these requirements.

I primarily use Propellerads to drive push traffic, cause this network provides good Push volumes. I also use other ad platforms for testing and scaling campaigns up.

The offer 

I found the offer at iMonetizeit, cause it’s more convenient for me to work with this network in terms of dating (there’s a variety of offers, customizable SmartLinks: individual settings of pre-landers, pop-ups, etc.).

I asked my account manager which offer to choose, and he advised not to promote the offer directly but to drive traffic to the SmartLink first, cause at that time there were some interesting offers for Brazil. 

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Read about all three steps of promoting a dating offer: where to find an offer, how to choose a great offer, and how to promote it

The strategy 

For starters, I chose high activity users and CPM as a payout model, so that I could buy out traffic a little bit cheaper compared to CPC. I targeted a mobile-only.

The ad creative 

While I was testing a few creatives, this one showed the best results.


The message was something like: “Hello, I saw your photo and would like to chat.” I also spiced it up with some emoji. 


Stage 1 (USER ACTIVITY targeting)

The high activity level didn’t seem to have enough traffic, that’s why I ran two more campaigns: with the average and low activity levels. And added another creative. 

In a while, I had noticed that KPI of the low activity campaign was higher than of any other. There was enough traffic; it was also cheap and with a good conversion rate. Then I focused solely on this campaign and stopped all the rest.

Stage 2 (blacklisted platforms and offer analytics)      

I started to gather statistics. For a couple of days, the balance was a little bit negative. And having analyzed it, I blacklisted some zones with low CTR and conversion rate. I also asked the account manager of iMonetizeit to look into the offer results in SmartLink. The major part of my traffic was redirected to the one particular offer that showed good results. The payout wasn’t huge, a little bit more than 13 cents, but the traffic was cheap, and the conversion rate was good enough. 

After the optimization – both on my part and the part of the network – my campaigns became profitable.

Stage 3 (a long black list and an increased bid)

In a few days, while the campaigns were up and running, I had analyzed the stats from Propellerads more thoroughly, paying attention to the platforms and conversion tracker data. It helped to identify the platforms with “bad” results. Then I blacklisted more zones and increased the bid. After that, the traffic volume and ROI increased.

After the optimization  

After that, my tracker didn’t show any visible spikes. In addition to other campaigns, I tested some new ad creatives and desktop targeting, but without any success. I tried out some other push traffic networks, but something had gone awry either. 

Then I generated traffic only via Propellerads.

The frequency capping was set to 1 per 48 hours, the browser language was Portuguese, targeting mobile devices (Android), and the bid after the optimization fell much below the recommended range:

propellerads_recommended bid

On 15th of May, the offer was excluded from the SmartLink. Other offers I redirected traffic to went negative, because the conversion rate was worse than before, in spite of the higher payout. 

So, I decided to stop this campaign.    

The Screenshot from Propellerads:

PropellerAds stats-iMonetizeIt - dating offer Brazil

The campaign budget in Propellerads was $572.

And I also spent $115 on the testing in some other push networks. So, the overall budget was $687.

Screenshot from iMonetizeit:

Propellerads_iMonetizeIt - dating offer brazil stats

Revenue: 999$.

Profit: 999$ – 687$=312$.

ROI: 75%.

The bottom line

What conclusions should I draw from all that? Test, and test a bit more… 

Many people agree that Brazil isn’t a perfect choice for a mainstream dating campaigns. But assuming you have a good offer combined with the low competition, it won’t take long to get a profit.

The ad creatives stood its ground and didn’t fade away: the big traffic volumes in Brazil helped avoid ad fatigue. So, test different GEOs – that’s my advice! – and get a good profit!    

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