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Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums for Newbies in 2024

10 best affiliate marketing forums for beginners

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We all know forums – what they are, and how they work, but have you ever become a true member of the forum community? Or more precisely – of an affiliate marketing forum group?

Have you ever dived in and participated in discussions?

Some of you would say forums are outdated as forms of communication.

That might be true in general. But not in the world of affiliate marketing.

Here, they are gold.

Affiliate marketing forum is a necessity for all affiliate marketers, especially novices who are still learning about the business.

It is a place where affiliates will get much needed support, an insight into successful tools and ad campaign approaches, but also stay up to date on upcoming conferences and gatherings where big industry names tend to give their share of thought on the burning subjects.

Also, it’s where they will be warned by fellow colleagues about potential mistakes they could avoid making in their own affiliate journey. This one is worth all the money.

Basically, affiliate forums will be your guidebook.

That’s why we made a carefully selected list of the best affiliate marketing forums for newbies in 2024 you should seriously consider becoming a member of. 


Membership:$20 per month / $350 a lifetime membership
Numbers:87,000+ members, 111,000+ messages
Suitable for:Both newbies and expert-level affiliates
Main topics:Pops and redirects, push notifications, traffic optimization, landing pages

AffLIFT is an affiliate forum that was established six years ago by a renowned name in the affiliate marketing world, Luke Kling, who has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Explaining how they started, Luke said:

“I launched AffLIFT with the support of my blog newsletter and the publishers I had been working with for a few years at PeerFly. The idea was to create an affordable affiliate marketing forum with premium content. Since launch, we’ve published 400 affiliate marketing guides, two courses, and we have the most active affiliate marketing forum online! 🚀

Even though it is considered to still be pretty green, AffLIFT is one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing forums right now. They have more than 111.000 messages and more than 87.000 registered members.  

Compared to all the others, they have the lowest membership prices – only $20 a month. You can choose between that, or a lifetime membership offer worth $350. 

But the best part is that at AffLIFT so much content is free and available to everyone, not only members. With an emphasis on free content being super useful.


The forum is easy to navigate and beginner-friendly. At the forum’s lounge, you will find everything you need for starters – Community announcements, a General chat, a Getting started guide, and a section of the most relevant Public discussions.

After you sign in you will be given access to tutorials and courses that are suitable for affiliate newbies, but also additional content will be unlocked that more experienced marketers could find useful.

We asked Luke why the AffLIFT is the best forum for newbies:

“We are the best forum for newbies because I have worked with newbies in the affiliate marketing industry for 20 years and I know what they need to be successful at affiliate marketing. They need a low-budget campaign they can run to learn through action. They need to learn the basics for setting up an affiliate marketing campaign. And, they need to learn how to analyze and optimize the data from that campaign.”

Their Beginners Course explains how to do all of that! The course is included with your affLIFT membership and has been attended by thousands of affiliates.

Motivation for newbies, Failure stories, Spy tool guides, How to make a non-profitable bundle work, Affiliate marketing vs eCommerce are just some of the interesting discussions you can search through or join at the AffLIFT forum.

Bonus: AffLIFT prepared bonuses for you - to get a 20% discount at AffLIFT contact the PropellerAds support team.


Membership:$99 per month
Numbers:$450,000,000+ in combined revenue, 364,000 posts
Suitable for:Newbies, pros, and veterans
Main topics:Facebook, eCommerce, Google Ads, Snapchat, YouTube

There is no affiliate marketer who hasn’t heard about the STM (StackThatMoney) forum. It is considered to be one of the most valuable digital communities in the affiliate industry, due to many reasons.

Mainly, because people at this forum are very open about their experience and are ready to share advice and tips with other affiliates.

“STM forum was launched late one night in January 2011 by three super-affiliates, with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high-quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans,”

said Amy Cheung, Senior Forum Moderator at STM, and she added:

“Since then, we have become the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing. We now provide higher education, host conferences, and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers to every affiliate marketer.”

At STM the main focus is on networking, it’s what its members love most about it. And, the forum has a large base of active users.

This is a great starting point for affiliate beginners since there are step-by-step tutorials and a lot of courses, but veterans and well-experienced marketers claim they got a lot of valuable insights at STM as well.

The forum is very neat and easy to navigate. It’s divided into the News & Information section, General section, Newbies zone, STM treasure chest, Traffic sources, Localized discussions section, etc. 


And as for forums’ chit-chatting, you will find it all – from basic affiliate topics, news, strategies, and case studies, to very specific topics, like “How to make four-figure profit a day with Binom”.

Answering why STM is the best forum for young affiliates Amy Cheung explained:

“We have a number of newbie guides. For example the “$1 Guide” which can help someone that has zero experience to set up their very first campaign in minutes, the “40-Day Pop Tutorial” which is a comprehensive course on how to run pop traffic, “Twinaxe’s Push Tutorial” which teaches newbies how to run push notification traffic, and the Facebook Beginner Tutorial.”

Also, this Senior Forum Moderator says they allow members to post “follow-along” threads to document how they’re running campaigns and ask any questions they may have. And on top of that, they have a “Masterminds” section that encourages affiliates to start or join masterminds to network and run campaigns together.

“It’s like getting coaching for a small fraction of the price! This can really shorten the learning curve for new affiliates!”

To join it you will have to pay $99 a month, which may sound like a lot, but most STM members define this as an investment. This is the forum that hosts Affiliate World Conferences, alongside industry experts.

Bonus: STM prepared some promo offers for you as well. To get a 30% discount for the first-month subscription contact PropellerAds support team.


Membership:Free / $199 a lifetime premium membership
Numbers:120,000+ members, 574,000+ messages
Suitable for:Beginners
Main topics:Case studies, follow-alongs, tutorials, guides, SEO

Everybody agrees on this – AffiliateFix is the most active free affiliate forum you can find. And it turns out that right there is both its biggest virtue and its biggest flaw.

This community was first established in 2006 and was called CPA Fix. It was a centralized location that united affiliate marketers, but within a few years, the membership unexpectedly had grown into a large community of over 20,000 members.

“Then, because of high demand in the field, affiliate programs started competing for all the same publishers and advertisers in the CPA space. This was when AffiliateFix was born and expanded the community’s interests to all of the publisher and advertiser needs”,

explained T J Tutor, CEO and General Manager at AffiliateFix.

The number of users and open discussions at this forum is huge, and it will probably take some time for you to dig up the answers you are looking for. But on the other hand, its members are more than willing to help.

Membership for AffiliateFix is free, but there is a possibility of becoming a lifelong premium member for $199. With that, you will be given access to exclusive content, direct messaging, and advanced search options.

AffiliateFix is a well-organized CPA marketing forum that’s easy to join, and it’s mostly suitable for people who are just starting or are in the early stage of their affiliate journey. This is the place where you will learn all the basics, like what is an affiliate link.

“Newbies are an important segment of the performance marketing industry. It’s vital that all of us in the industry help support the training and launching of new careers“,

T J Tutor explains the forum’s point of view and adds:

Newbies need to get off on the right foot, learn how to start a business, and have the guidance and tools available to provide successful paths to establishing themselves with innovation, professionalism, and sustained growth. It is our mission at AffiliateFix to provide this entry point for the newbies as well as seasoned professionals to assist them”.


It is divided into categories that will help find what you are looking for easily. But what’s especially popular among forum members is an established voting system that rates popular marketing tools.

Also, there’s a Business center that makes sure affiliates connect and find potential partners or clients. So it’s all in one – a place to get answers, resolve doubts, and expand or start your business.

Those who decide to pay for premium membership will be offered AffKIT – a collection of tools developed by marketers that could contribute to every affiliate.

These are the top three starting points for newbies at AffiliateFix:


Membership:Free / $3 a month for publishing section and $5 for VIP
Numbers:150,000+ users, 7.500,000+ messages
Suitable for:Beginners and experienced affiliates
Main topics:SEO, monetization, social networks, WP, eCommerce

According to similarweb.com ForoBeta ranks in the top 10 forums in its category, and has more than one million total visits. It is considered to be the largest and the most important forum in Latin America regarding digital marketing, SEO, programming, and web hosting. 

ForoBeta was established in 2009 by Carlos Arreola from Mexico. He shared the story of how the forum was launched:

“ForoBeta was created with the idea of bringing together writers, designers, programmers, and anyone who could share relevant information in the webmaster world. Initially, it was intended to help me build my websites and, at the same time, assist other bloggers with the same challenges. I didn’t envision it becoming such a large site; rather, it was like a small community that has fortunately grown significantly over the years thanks to constant hard work.”

Considering the number of users and topics it covers in-depth, it became very relevant and helpful to both beginners and digital experts who are more than willing to altruistically share their knowledge.

The forum is easy to register for, but what’s especially interesting is that every member will earn money on ForoBeta for participating in discussions – $0.01 per message and $0.03 per thread, with some rules applying clearly.

“For anyone new to our forum, I highly recommend reading our forum manual to understand how to interact with it. Also, one of the most important topics is “How to do business” on ForoBeta. Using your account balance, it’s possible to do so without the risk of scams. And lastly, by simply posting messages, users can earn cents in their account, a feature no other forum offers.”


You don’t have to pay to become a member of ForoBeta if you want to follow only the regular Business Section of the forum, but for the publishing section, the price is $3 a month, and for VIP members it is $5.

Now, what most users point out as the biggest advantage of being a forum member is the fact it covers all the important aspects that could help its users develop strategies for promoting their projects – here they can find knowledge and all the tools on affiliate marketing, SEO optimization, and social media.

Besides that, it is a great place for newbies in many fields to get an online job without experience, since there are people willing to buy content and links in the forum in order to improve their site’s positioning through link building.

On why you should become a member of ForoBeta Carlos said:

“We believe our forum is the best choice because users can find not only relevant information for their ventures but also job offers and digital properties. That’s why there will always be something to learn or negotiate on our forum for anyone looking to start.”

The forum has a user-friendly layout and the topics are divided into the Latest Discussions, Business Section, Content Managers containing several tutorials (covering eCommerce, WP, YouTube), Monetization where the focus is on CPA and Affiliate marketing, SEO where you can find almost everything on optimization, etc.

Black Hat World

Numbers:Exact number unknown
Suitable for:Beginners and expert marketers
Main topics:Affiliate marketing, SEO

It’s pretty clear, from the forum’s name, that Black Hat World mostly focuses on SEO. Yet, you will find much valuable information about affiliate marketing here as well.

“Launched in 2005, BlackHatWorld is a professionally moderated, large community where millions of SEO enthusiasts, affiliate marketers, and internet marketers discuss the latest trends in marketing and making money online”,

the BlackHatWorld team explains.

This is actually a quite good place for networking since people all around the world are constantly joining the forum and looking for opportunities to learn and grow their business.

The community is pretty active and responsive, so you should feel free to ask for some advice, a guidance, or to share some of your knowledge. 


Clearly, the Black hat SEO is one of the most visited topics, which is not surprising given not many forums are oriented toward these optimization tactics and approaches.

Here you will find a beginner guide for back hat SEO, a discussion on backlink indexing, AI content generators, the most profitable black hat niches in 2023, etc.

The forum itself is structured really well – on the left side of their landing page, you will find Main Menu with the Main Forum list, BHW Newbie guide, Black hat and White hat open topics, Tools the forum members are talking about, and more.

Also, there is a marketplace for content and copywriters, link builders, for social media experts, web designers, video makers, etc. So not only you will be able to find out things about topics that interest you, but you will maybe come across a new job.

The membership is totally free, so anyone interested to take a peek into any of the discussions, old and active, will be able to do so. The information you will find here is adequate for total beginners in the digital marketing world, but also for experts in this field looking to stay on top of burning industry questions.

And 5 More Affiliate Marketing Forums to Keep an Eye On

In this article, we took the top 5 affiliate marketing forums and elaborated on them, so you can get a clearer picture of what to expect in each one of them.

But furthermore, there are several other forums that could offer the answers and community type you were looking for:

  • Warrior forum

The Warrior forum offers a balanced number of beginner and marketing expert members. In the variety of threats and topics, you will find out about website flipping, generating traffic, combining SEO and SEM, etc.

  • WickedFire

This is another free forum that’s oriented mostly toward search engine optimization. The art of mailing, Traffic and content, Hosting and domain, are only some of the most general topics you can come across at the WickedFire forum.

  • iAmAffiliate

iAmAffiliate is another start among affiliate forums. It’s a place that offers a lot of learning opportunities since here you can find many case studies, lessons, and guides that could boost your performance. The forum is paid ($49,95 a month).

  • Digital Point

As a forum intended mainly for advertisers, Digital Point offers a broad range of topics that will be valuable for these members of the digital marketing community. But SEO is also a big part of it, as well as a marketplace for affiliates among others.

  • Affilorama

Affilorama is all about learning how to make money as an affiliate. It’s a great starting point for newbies, and it contains topics on almost all important aspects of the industry – content creation, optimization, PPC, market research, website building, affiliate programs, etc.


What’s left to say then pick the forum of your preference and dive in. You will be surprised how much you can learn from other peoples’ experiences, and even more, how much of a support you can gain as an active member. 

We are waiting for your thoughts and comments on this topic.



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