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Advertising During the Champions League Final 2022-23: Statistics and Insights

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If this is not your first visit to the PropellerAds blog, you must be aware of how attentive we are when it comes to sports-related campaigns. That’s true! We are, because these are the times when traffic flows get stronger, and users’ eagerness to convert grows multiple times.

So, since the Champions League final is around the corner (10th of June, 2023), it is high time to start preparing your campaigns. We are right here to help you with that. 

Maybe, you have read our kinda historical research on the affiliate marketing trends and successful strategies that really worked during sports events. So, to get a full understanding, start by reading this research. Today, we have prepared something really fresh and hot – stats + insights received during the UEFA Champions League final match (28/05/2022) held in Paris. 

So get on the board and check insights based on the research and statistics provided by our analytics team. 

The sports campaigns tendencies over the years and today

A lot of our observations stay relevant from match to match. Let’s refer to them and also check how campaigns performed during the final to see how our insights are reflected in statistics. 

The best ad formats to use during the Champions League Final 2022

Just like previous years, Onclick Popunder ads proved to be the most efficient format for sporting events, and PropellerAds experts strongly recommend it. Here are the general numbers for all GEOs and verticals discovered:

28/05/2022435 626 229
27/05/2022394 506 455
26/05/2022403 851 756

Another ad format our analytics team recommends is Push ads, since it also has a great potential, especially for the Content on Demand vertical. It really makes sense to launch two campaigns: for Onclick and Push to get the best possible results.  

Please mind: further statistics we present here are for Onclick. 

Which GEOs perform best during the Champions League? Spoiler: LATAM

What we have to say about GEOs is that whenever it comes to sports, we can divide all of them into two categories: evergreen ones and those that take part in the match. 

According to our analysis, the evergreen ones include LATAM, and, most of all, Brazil. As we have noticed, whatever significant match happens, Brazilians are always at their screens and the number of conversions from this GEO grows two-three times. No kidding, here is proof: 

28/05/202212 971 757
27/05/20222 972 282
26/05/20226 935 331

Another absolutely exclusive insight from our Account Strategists team:

“There is another LATAM-related tendency that has impressed us. The trick is that users have some kind of solidarity to Spanish-speaking GEOs that take part in matches. What we noticed was the connection between language and countries – users from Spanish-speaking countries support teams from Spanish-speaking countries. This means that you should keep that in mind when setting your targeting.”Alex Shovkun, Senior Team Leader. 

Need a list of Spanish-speaking LATAM GEOs? Easy! Here:

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname

Here are some more GEOs that have shown significant impression growth, even though they didn’t participate in the match. We took two days – before the match (27/05/2022) and the match itself (28/05/2022) for comparison:

US589 2052 358 788
CA146 447503 758
MX71 400681 181

So think about these GEOs for your next Champions League campaigns! This is something that you can find out almost accidentally, running a couple of tests, but we reveal the information at once for your better results. 

Now let’s jump to the GEOs of playing teams and see the table where the growth in impressions is reflected. To your attention:

GB257 2661 754 737
ES130 648580 579

Plus, more European GEOs have shown interest in the match, namely these:

DE172 619585 360
FR242 481702 188
IT202 679500 654

Important notice: this year, we expect even more traffic than ever, because one of the most popular teams in the world, Manchester City, is going to participate in the match. This means that Britain and Italy will bring enormous amounts of viewers for sure. What is more, regarding the popularity of Manchester City, users from all over the world, especially Europe, will definitely watch it. 

The best affiliate marketing verticals for the Champions League final

So, now we move to affiliate marketing verticals. Let’s see the best-performing ones. 

Content on Demand8 091 18732 583 152
iGaming2 870 69612 880 992
eCommerce1 002 4873 514 693
Utilities 251 3161 021 944
Extensions 111 796797 330

Why did these verticals actually perform well? They are relevant to sports and/or to the watching process as it is. Say, Content on Demand is where users can get access to content online, iGaming – deposits for a favorite team, eCommerce – all kinds of football merchandise, Utilities and Extensions, like cleaners, VPNs, anti-viruses and other useful programs/apps can help people watch the Champions League final with comfort and safety. 

Okay, the time has come for conclusions. 


  • Ad format: Onclick Popunder, of course. Choose this champion format and you won’t make a mistake. Also, try launching a Push campaign simultaneously to reach even better results. 
  • GEOs: evergreen ones (LATAM) and those that take part in a match. 
  • Time: our Account Strategists team recommends starting a campaign about 3-5 days before the match, so that you will have a chance to warm up the audience. Expect the highest traffic peak during the match itself. 

And the best news from PropellerAds: after becoming a multisource platform, we have found so many new traffic partners! You will be absolutely amazed by the traffic volumes this year, so hurry up and…

Start a sports campaign


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