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Affiliate Marketing

World Cup Copyright in Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: Play It Safe

An affiliate marketer who wants to run offers during the World Cup? Check out the copyright guidelines for your creatives. What is allowed and what is not?

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Affiliate Marketing

7 Football Fans Buyer Personas: Score Your World Cup Goal

How to successfully target football fans? This guide is a hint: meet seven fan buyer personas and learn what ads they will like

Sports Digest
Industry News

Lucky Number 13: The Biggest Upcoming Sporting Events You Need to Advertise

Sporting Events manage to generate impressive traffic volumes, for various verticals. But which to advertise, from the many?

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Ad Trends

Autumn 2021: Key GEOs and Verticals for Affiliates

Want to know how to run ad campaigns in Autumn 2021? Well, we have some stats and forecasts for you - grab them all and get ready to make your ads skyrocket

iGaming creatives - affiliate campaigns
Tutorials for Beginners

iGaming Creatives: How to Make Them Strike?

Some insights about one of the most crucial elements of your future iGaming campaign - creatives. Images, pre-landers and ad copy

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Affiliate Marketing

Sports Campaigns Full Digest: Affiliates Wealth of Knowledge

Stats, case studies, targeting tricks, podcasts, interactive calendar and other materials to make your iGaming campaigns skyrocket

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Case Studies

Sports Events: Why Should You Care Even if You’re Not a Buff?

Sports events are perfect for your campaigns since they can boast of incredible popularity, and therefore – potentially bring great revenue

how to monetize sports events 2021

Monetizing Sports Events in 2021

We’ve put together an article with everything you need to know about monetizing sports events in 2021. Mistakes to avoid and risks to consider

Sports campaigns
Affiliate Marketing

Sports Just Became More Profitable Than Ever

All about the most debated sports vertical of 2020. Is it gone? Is it really that hot? That plus stats, forecasts, and how to crush your competitors

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Sports Website + In-Page Push Banner = Extra money!

Own a sports website? Earn extra money with newest user-friendly ad format for audience monetization - In-Page Push Banner!