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Autumn 2021: Key GEOs and Verticals for Affiliates

Autumn 2021_key geos and verticals

The rainy season is already here – it’s autumn! Most of you might be missing the hot summer sun, but we are here to save you from the autumn blues. And we know that nothing drives the dark clouds away better than crispy dollars in your pocket. 

Today, we are going to discuss the most profitable GEOs and verticals for these gloomy days. Which offers work best and when? How to boost your income this autumn?

Well, we have some stats and forecasts for you – grab them all and get ready to make your ads skyrocket. 

GEO + offer: which combinations are the best?

After taking a close look at our statistics, we conclude that the most advantageous autumn verticals and GEOs are:

eCommercePhilippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
Sports Brazil, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Hungary, Ghana

At this point, we want to show some proof. Nothing is more convincing than statistics and here are the traffic volumes we’ve had during 9-11th of September:

ID118 749 423
PH132 617 400
TH57 879 546
SG1 166 537
MY28 186 672

The situation is stable and eCommerce continues to break the roof when it comes to profitability. 

When talking about Sports, we mean all offers related to events streaming. Not only online gaming, but also VPNs and Utilities work great in autumn. As our sales expert Sofia Yakovleva claims:

“It seems that users are back from summer vacations and the rainy weather doesn’t inspire them to go for a walk. The boost in VPNs and Utilities can be explained easily – people stay indoors and watch their favorite shows more often than before. What is more, we shouldn’t forget about the global situation with pandemics – sitting at home and enjoying streams is already a habit for most users.”

And here are the volumes of Sports-related traffic (namely – online gaming) that we noticed on the 19th of September:

BR23 978 979
UA1 182 237
ZA3 347 769
MX4 600 082

The reason for such a boost is simple – two huge football matches took place that evening. These were La Liga (Valencia – Real Madrid) and Serie A (Juventus – AC Milan).
Another boost happened on the 12th of September:

BR30 306 099
UA1 258 773
ZA3 378 875
NG17 127 839
GH8 107 827
MX9 954 768

Again, this was a day rich for football matches: Serie A (Napoli – Juventus), Premier League (Leeds – Liverpool), La Liga (Real Madrid – Celta Vigo).

If you aim at Sports and eCommerce, there is a sure way to get the most out of your campaigns – choosing the right date. Let’s discuss.

Which days are perfect to launch a campaign?

As you know, sports fans all over the world want to watch matches without restrictions and they eagerly accept offers that help them unblock content, like VPNs and Utilities. 

Remember that sports events vary. For instance, there are matches popular worldwide, like Champions League or fights between popular boxers. Such events are universal, just because everyone is interested. However, there are local events – specific football matches, like Brazilian or Mexican tournaments. Make sure to tune your targeting with this fact in mind. 

As for eCommerce, holidays and sales are the best periods to get some affiliate dollars. Again, like in Sports, some of those sales are worldwide, like Halloween or Black Friday, while the others are also GEO-related, like Singles Day in China or Thanksgiving in the USA. 

We have prepared a list of the hottest periods for this autumn, take a look at them below.


  • 31/10 – Halloween
  • 11/11 – Singles’ Day, a holiday for unmarried in China
  • 25/11 – Thanksgiving
  • 26/11 – Black Friday
  • 29/11 – Cyber Monday

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  • 6/10 – Start of NHL
  • 19/10 – Start of NBA
  • 6/10 – 7/10 Nations League semi-final matches
  • 8/10 – 16/11 – World Cup qualifier matches
  • 10/10 – Nations League third-place play-off (Turin), Nations League final (Milan)
  • 24/10 – 5/11 – Rugby League World Cup
  • 9-13/11 – Tennis Next Gen ATP Finals
  • 11-14/11 – Motor Racing: Japan Rally
  • 20/11 –  Rugby Union: England vs South Africa
  • 28/11 – Motor Racing in Saudi Arabia GP (Jeddah)

Now you know how to avoid autumn sadness – just launch a thoughtful campaign and get some money. Aim at the right GEOs and verticals to make sure that your growing income will warm your heart during the cold season. Good luck!

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