2022 Publisher’s Leading Monetization Formats & Strategies

top monetization formats 2022

Publisher Trends 2022 are not the only ones that publishers need to keep an eye on. 2022 has a lot of things in stock for webmasters worldwide, and we’re set on giving you a 360 view on the market. So we gather information about how you could craft successful strategies from top figures of the industry and in-house experts.

“If things go well, next year’s performance across many networks should improve a bit more, and this means higher CPMs/RPMs in general for webmasters.”

Servando Silva

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out what our experts have to say about formats, traffic and content types, SEO, and any other tricks that will help you get ahead in 2022.

Frontrunner Format – OnClick Popunder

By far, Popunder will take the lead in the coming year once again, especially in terms of profit. Here is what Elena Radchenko, Senior Traffic Acquisition Manager thinks about Popunder ads:

“Advertisers pay the highest price for them as OnClick converts very well. Moreover, they offer a good opportunity to make additional profit, by not taking any space on the website.” 

Since Popunders open in a new tab, they’re not taking space you can use for additional formats (banner, interstitial ads, In-Page Push ads, Push Notifications, Direct Link, or MultiTag) on your website, maximizing your monetization efforts.

Moreover, as Maria Panova, one of our exceptional Team Leader of Publisher Partnerships teams puts it: 

Our popunder solution is constantly developing and adapting for the market. You have the possibility to bypass AdBlockers with our JS or PHP tags, and you can also promote Popunder feed via direct link.

Propeller - publishers - direct links

Everything you need to know about Direct Link

Second Runner Up – Push Notifications

As hot as always and “despite the fact that Google is testing a new silencing mode in Chrome, we can still see a year to year growth for the push notifications’ revenue on the market.

We are prepared for any upcoming changes, and we are sure that in the coming years push notifications will remain one of the niche leaders” says Anton Averchenkov, another brilliant Team Lead of the Traffic Acquisition teams. 

Moreover, “Push Notifications are one of the main formats that in theory have been in danger, but it’s been like that for years and they still work”, according to Servando Silva.

When it comes to formats that publishers can use to boost up their site’s revenue, Vashishtha Kapoor thinks that testing several ads formats can help. “This opens the door for more technology evolution and push advertising still seems to be relevant and the top monetization format for 2022”, he adds.

Other Formats

Even though Popunders are still the leader of the niche (in 2022), here at PropellerAds we also offer many other not less beneficial monetization solutions – Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Interstitial, Direct Link, and Multitag. The latter is also a trend in itself, combining all the best monetization tools and can increase the profit by a lot”, says Maria.

“In-page push is evolving, and I can see it being used way more than last year. Pops will probably stay the same more or less”


All of the above can be the best choice for your website. All it matters is what your audience reacts to best. That is why it’s essential to test, test, test. Oh, and then test some more.

Strategies for Publishers in 2022

1. Monetize Sport Events

The biggest sporting event of the year will definitely be the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. This huge, two weeks event gathered over 100 million unique users on the Olympics digital platforms and apps, in 2020 according to official data.  

And this will be the first time ever when one country gets to host both the summer and winter Olympics.

The content is translated directly into 9 different languages, and social media posts related to the Olympics already gathered over 3.7 billion engagements, in 2021. There are 75 million followers on the Olympics social media accounts alone. Just imagine how much traffic you’re in for, if you play your cards right.

PropellerAds - Sport_Calendar_2022

And that’s not the only major event of 2022. Check the calendar

2. Focus on Viral Content

“Viral content is still on the top, but it is very hard to consistently provide articles and topics that are viral enough to get a lot of traffic. So I recommend focusing more on organic search traffic from search engines, because that way results are much more consistent and once achieved it is hard to lose them” says Anton.

But there is a catch to all this, and Elena explained it best:

“If the target audience likes the content, they will gladly share it on social networks, blogs, instant messengers, etc. That’s why viral content is still on top. The material you like goes to other people and continues spreading until the information loses its relevance.”

So unless you’re not a gold mine of viral content that will continue to be shared forever, you can look for alternatives in organic search traffic. As Anton explained, this gem coming straight from search engines will bring you a more consistent traffic flow. Plus, it’s one of the most valuable traffic types. 

3. Optimize for new SEO requirements 

Google no longer wants you to just optimize your website for the search engine’s sake. Instead, you’ve got to get personal in 2022, and deliver quality for your end-user. Not clear enough? Let’s elaborate.

  • Mobile users are increasing by the day, but mobile-friendly websites can’t keep up with Google’s mobile-first indexing. You must optimize your website for mobile search engines as well.
  • With the rise of voice commands and content, you need to optimize your website for Voice Searches too.
  • You’ll need to invest in expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) – the parameters supporting better SERP ranking and beating misinformation. They’re also at the core of user engagement in 2022. 
  • High-quality backlinks are still prioritary, as is ranking better than your SERP competitors by delivering more quality content than they do.
propellerads - increase organic traffic

Here’s what you can do to improve your Organic Traffic

Every single thing that will help you make 2022 a truly memorable year is based on getting personal and creating unique experiences for your users. Make them feel the center of attention, carefully prepare your content, and optimize your website for success. 

Keep in mind that users come first. And happy users make happy publishers.


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