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[Video] Summer Affiliate Traffic Stats & Trends

summer traffic volumes

Are we entering a traditional summer slowdown?

In the latest Propeller News video, you can check out how different this summer is. We go one by one through the affiliates’ favorite verticals, as well as examine traffic trends that shape this season.

After Lockdown: Offers & Verticals to Run RIGHT NOW

Here are some of the curious takeaways if you’re too bored to watch the video (seriously? It’s just 1 min long).

  • Sports & Betting are out of hibernation. We can see that sporting events are cautiously starting to return to our life. Nonetheless, it’s still far away from its golden days.
  • VOD is slowing down and, in a short while, will hit a plateau.
  • We see some activity drops in Italy and Spain, which coincide with the loosening of lockdown measures in these countries.

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