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??Revamp Your Campaigns for the Easter Madness?: Stats and Campaign Ideas

Easter 2022 Campaigns

In case you didn’t get the news, you were supposed to launch your Easter campaigns. Starting from last week! Because there’s no better time than two weeks before the event.

Why two weeks? Because it’s 2022. We’ve been hit by a pandemic. And apparently, there’s a new  INFLATION hike right around the corner. 

By the way, Catholic Easter will be celebrated on the 17th of April, while the Orthodox Easter falls on the 24th of April, this year.

Easter Consumer Habits in 2022

So, if the previous years you were launching your campaigns the week before Easter, keep in mind that this year’s campaigns will likely start two weeks in advance. In fact, 53% of the people questioned for an Easter Preview Report, are planning to do their shopping more than two weeks before Easter.


  • 32% one week ahead of time – so, two weeks before Easter
  • And 10% will shop a day or two before the actual Easter day

Based on the same report, here’s what they’ll spend this Easter season on:

PropellerAds - What people buy for Easter
Items purchased for Easter; Source: Easter Preview Report

Inflation will also have a heavy impact on the consumer’s purchasing habits. And here’s what they’ll go for:

PropellerAds - Change in Purchasing Habits

Despite everything, we can already feel the eggcitement growing in the air. But should you put all your eggs? in one basket? We’ve checked with our specialists, and gathered below all the stats. 

You’ll find everything you need about Easter, and how it affects affiliate campaigns. Mainly what verticals, GEOs, and formats are the most profitable this time of the year.

What you can expect from a well-crafted Easter Campaign

Bunnies, flowers, chicks and ducklings, colorful eggs, and giant bunnies really do work. But our experts discovered something impressive while checking the stats. Some verticals performed particularly well during the week prior to last year’s Easter, compared to two weeks before the holiday, and the week after. 

Not to bore you with numbers too much, we only selected the most significant hikes of this period?.


Top format: OnClick Popunders
Top GEOs by volumes: ES, GB, FR, BD, NO

We compared this vertical’s performance with the week before Easter week, and the week after. Here’s what we found:

PropellerAds - Easter Statistics for eCommerce
eCommerce: 2021 Easter Statistics

Want more ideas for eCommerce? Check this out


Top Formats: OnClick Popunders, Push Notifications, Interstitial 

If you’re planning on launching campaigns on Interstitials, you should really check out our new Landing Template

Top GEOs by volumes: FR, BD, ES, GB, 

When it comes to Utilities, we saw very interesting results starting from two weeks before Easter that continued after the Easter week as well.

PropellerAds - Easter Statistics for Utilities
Utilities: 2021 Orthodox Easter Statistics

If you will launch campaigns the week after Easter, keep in mind that Push and Interstitials brought -18.6% fewer clicks compared to the previous week.

Catholic Easter also didn’t disappoint:

PropellerAds - Stats for the Week before Catholic Easter
Utilities: Statistics for the week before the 2021 Catholic Easter

And, the results were better even when compared to the week following Easter:

PropellerAds - Utilities-Stats-Week-after-Catholic-Easter
Utilities: Statistics for the week after the 2021 Catholic Easter


Top Formats: OnClick Popunders, Interstitials
Top GEOs: ES, FR, GB, NO, BD

This vertical performed particularly well during the Catholic Easter week, compared with the previous week:

PropellerAds - Extensions Catholic Easter Stats
Extensions: 2021 Catholic Easter Statistics

However, the week after the Orthodox Easter the results were also pretty impressive:

PropellerAds - Extensions 2021 Orthodox Easter Stats
Extensions: 2021 Orthodox Easter Statistics


When it comes to Media, we include here multimedia, video content, news, general interest content, mundane articles, viral content, and so on.  

Top Formats: OnClick Popunders, Push Notifications, Interstitial
Top GEOs: ES, FR, BD, GB, NO

Media also didn’t fail to perform, during all 3 weeks. Here are the numbers:

PropellerAds - Media 2021 Easter Stats
Media: 2021 Easter Statistics


Top Formats: OnClick Popunders, Interstitials
Top GEOs: BD, FR, GB, ES, NO

When it comes to Dating, we noticed various high performances during all 3 weeks of Orthodox Easter:

PropellerAds - Dating 2021 Orthodox Easter Stats
Dating: 2021 Orthodox Easter Statistics

Yet, Catholic Easter also brought some pretty nice results:

PropellerAds - Dating 2021 Catholic Easter Stats
Dating: 2021 Catholic Easter Statistics

Other important GEOs for the previous Easter holidays

When it comes to GEOs, we also saw very high increases in the US and India, for all the verticals and formats. You should know that in the US 65% of the population are christians. Also, a recent study showed that about 80% from over 8,000 respondents declared they’d celebrate Easter this year. 

And although it might be surprising, in 2021, there were almost 30 million Christians in India that celebrated Easter. Of these, 60% are located in Goa.

For more information regarding PropellerAds’ GEOs and CPM Rates, check out this chart

Easter Campaign Ideas

Feeling eggstatic?

Show it in your creatives! And the most important thing for the Easter creatives is color. Whether you show it through eggs, or images symbolizing the beginning of spring, you need plenty of it. 

So, how can you best put your creatives in the spotlight, when all the other advertisers are up against you? We created a few ideas of how you can best use it on some of our formats.  

Easter Campaigns through Push Notifications 

Push is one of the least invasive and most effective formats, in terms of engagement and re-conversion rates. So what is the best way to make this format work harder than a bunny? this Easter?

You work with what you’ve got. And if Easter is the theme, who said eggs and bunnies don’t fit with our main verticals: 


PropellerAds - Utilities Easter Push Example
Utilities: Easter Push Notification Example


PropellerAds - Finance Easter Push Example
Finance: Easter Push Notification Example


PropellerAds - iGaming Easter Push Example
iGaming: Easter Push Notification Example


PropellerAds - Easter Dating Push Example
Dating: easter Push Notification Example

Interstitial Easter Campaigns

Interstitial is one of the most versatile formats. It appears right on top of the page, and it’s also super user-friendly. With this format, you’ve got plenty of templates, and can literally make it rain… golden eggs for Easter, with our Prize template:

PropellerAds - Easter Interstitial Example
Interstitial Creative Example: Finance Vertical

Or maybe you’re more of a spin the wheel, and classic template kind of guy:

PropellerAds - Spin the Wheel Easter Interstitial
Interstitial Creative Example: Spin the Wheel

And if these also don’t make it for you, you might want to try one of our other Interstitial Templates, like the Light one for example:

PropellerAds - Easter Interstitial Campaign Idea
Easter Interstitial Campaign Idea: App Download

On our platform, you’ll also find Blur Dark, Blur, and Image templates that will allow you to easily revamp and re-invent your creatives. 

Come give them a try!

But no matter what you do, don’t forget to check out the landing Template. It will allow you to skip the creation part, and just use your Landing page, as Interstitial creative. Speaking of which, below you’ll find some more ideas for Landing Page campaigns. 

Landing Page Ideas

Of course, we also checked which are the most popular Easter Campaigns ideas. And we’ve got a couple of winners, from the previous years. One thing that really caught our attention is how crafty creative minds get this time of the year.

And the main topic for Easter is… ?CHOCOLATE! Just check out the “If Carlsberg did chocolate bars…” campaigns:

PropellerAds - Carlsberg's Chocolate Bar Easter Campaign
Image source:

Pretty ingenious, right?

To show that you don’t really need to be Willy Wonka na own a chocolate factory, to enjoy the perks of showing chocolate in your ads. That is, if you’re creative enough!

So, what other ideas can you use in your Prelanders and Landing Pages? Check these out:

  • Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, or other Easter inspired egg (egg-roller game)
  • Countdown Timers
  • Video Content – eCards
  • Surprise gift at checkout
  • Limited edition bundles
  • Minimum spend gift
  • Competition entry minimum spend

And one thing you absolutely shouldn’t forget about is Easter marketing PPC advertising. You will soon realize that it’s worth every penny.

The bottom line

There are plenty of formats here at PropellerAds to make sure your campaigns really shine, any time of the year. And sure, being able to get as crazy-creative with images and text for Easter does have its perks. 

Plus, let’s not forget about bunnies. Eggs, or spring images of nature coming to life.

Based on the format you’ll run, you should be able to find an idea that will bring the golden eggs home for Easter. But first, you need to find the format(s) that makes for you. Make sure to check with your Account Strategist about that.

And if there’s anything else you want to ask, or just chit chat, come join us on Telegram.


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