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[Case Study] Dating offer and German traffic (ROI 71%) case study

Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

Here’s a new case by one of our affiliate marketers. This time we focus on Dating and user activity targeting. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

In short

CPA Network: ClickDealer

Ad format: Push Notifications

Offer: C.Dating

Campaign period: Feb. 28, 2019 – Mar. 07, 2019

GEO: Germany

Total spent: $ 625

Total Revenue: $ 1070

Net profit: $ 445

ROI: 71%

Here’s my first case study on Dating. The first one but so successful that I decided to brag. Hope my example will inspire you to test some dating offers as well.

Dating is everywhere and needed by everyone, meaning, you can always find your audience 🙂 If, of course, you do everything right. I took the ClickDealer offer with a $2 payout per lead. PropellerAds has a lot of German traffic, while the minimum CPC is only $0.005.

Just a quick reminder: we encourage you to share success stories. Share your case with us and get bonuses for your ad account.


C.Dating is a dating website, so I decided to take a “spicy” creative. But it was essential not to cross the line because adult content is prohibited at PropellerAds and would not pass moderation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t use the images of happy couples on dating creatives! Only attractive girls 🙂 I disguised the push notification as a real user message. I thought this would bring high CTR and I was right!

Title: Anna hat (7) bilder geschickt / Anna has sent (7) photos

Description: Drucke ok, um die Nachricht zu lesen / Click OK to read the message

dating push


I used a three-step pre-lander.

In the first two steps, a user chose the preferred type of women. In the third step, the user was told that there were some women he might want to meet.

1 step

step 1

2 step

3 step

My campaigns

I run campaigns for each user activity group and targeted only mobile devices.

You can also read about the User Activity targeting in our previous cases: Weight Loss Offer + Push Notifications (ROI 111%); Rapicredit Columbia (ROI 219%); Hair Growth Treatment (ROI 105%);

I excluded zones that got more than 100 clicks but had no conversions.

The outcome

The results caught me by surprise.

I expected that the campaign targeted at the High user activity group would bring more money because there were the “freshest” users. But the campaign failed, and I lost $18.  The competition must have been too high there…

Campaigns targeted at the Medium activity group showed the best results. After the optimization, the conversion rate has grown by 5%, and I received $384! The campaign targeted the Low activity group showed some good results as well: I earned $78.

Stats in PropellerAds:

Stats in ClickDealer:

That’s how I got a net profit of $445!

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