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[Case Study] Rapicredit Columbia (ROI 219%)

case study - rapicredit

This time, we’ve tested the offer from the CPA-network Soicos. The offer is financial so get ready to see some good profits!

Roman, our affiliate marketing expert, chose the microloan offer with $2 payout and tested it especially for you. So, we’re going to explain and colorfully illustrate how to make financial offers profitable without much effort.

Traffic: Push Notification ads

Affiliate network: Soicos

Offer: Rapicredit

Campaign period: Nov. 5, 2018 – Dec. 10, 2018

GEO: Columbia

Total spend: $279

Total Revenue: $890

Net profit: $611

ROI: 219%

Ad creatives and landing pages 

For the push notification icon, Roman used a logo of the credit company Rapicredit, and Colombian peso bills as a banner:


Localized ad creatives often hit the mark: the country’s national flag, money, and celebrity photos. People are well familiar with these images so they’ll trust you more.

Title: ¿Necesita efectivo hoy? / Need cash today?

Description: ¿Necesita efectivo hoy? / Apply now and get up to 350 000$!

The Push Notification redirected to the landing page, without a pre-lander.

The landing page:

rapicredit-landing page


Roman launched three push campaigns, targeting desktop and mobile (Columbia):

Campaign 1: CPC, Android, bid $0.006, activity targeting – high, frequency 1/24.

Campaign 2: CPC, Windows, bid $0.007, activity targeting – high, frequency 1/24.

Campaign 3: CPC, Android, bid $0.005, activity targeting – average, frequency 1/24.

The stats

The final budget and the revenue for each campaign:   

Campaign 1: $154 budget, $550 in revenue

Campaign 2: $83 budget, $218 in revenue

Campaign 3: $42 budget, $122 in revenue

As it happens, the campaign targeting mobile and high user activity showed the best results: 257% ROI.

Stats from PropellerAds

Stats from PropellerAds

Stats from Soicos

Stats from Soicos

Al in all, there were 445 conversions with the 2$ payout. Invested $279, earned $890. Net profit: $611.

The bottom line

Roman adds: “Each campaign I launched turned out to be profitable, and the idea is clear: choose exotic GEOs. The competition is less stiff, and the audience is more responsive to advertising messages so we can generate profit without much effort and long hours of optimization time.



Have questions to Roman? Or want to share your experience with similar offers or GEOs? Or maybe you want Roman to test a certain CPA network and vertical? – leave your comment below or request a review on our Telegram chat.


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