ASW’23: Our Team is Headed to the Affiliate Summit West 2023

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Las Vegas is known for being fun and entertaining, but in 2023, this metropolis will become the focal point of the affiliate marketing universe as it’s hosting the Affiliate Summit West 2023. 

And, we are excited to announce that PropellerAds is sending a team of experts and specialists to represent us at the ASW’23.

Read on to find out more about this big event, which team members we’re sending, and the awesome materials we’re bringing to this exciting event. 

First, the Big Announcement: We’re Headed to the ASW‘23

At PropellerAds, we put a lot of attention and resources into developing the best, most technically-sound platform that delivers a great performance each and every time. 

Likewise, we put a lot of effort into meeting our clients face-to-face and building strong bonds by spending a good time together. 

This is the reason why we focus so much on attending awesome events. It’s exactly what led us to our decision to attend the ASW’23. Simply put, we’re planning on making a huge splash and pulling out all the stops for Las Vegas — the original city that never sleeps!

About the Affiliate Summit West

Dozens of keynote speakers, exclusive product demos, a VIP meeting area, and a wide range of networking events — these are just some of the amazing things you can expect at the Affiliate Summit West 2023. 

More than 6,000 affiliates, advertisers, technology suppliers, and other stakeholders are participating in one of the most important affiliate events in the US and the world as a whole. 

With hundreds of exhibitors and speakers, the ASW’23 will be one of the most exciting gatherings in recent memory. 

Name: Affiliate Summit West 2023
Participants: 6,000
Countries: 60+
Exhibitors: 310
Speakers: 100+
Dates: January 23rd through 25th 2023
Location: Las Vegas
Where to Find PropellerAds: Table #1214

Eager to learn more? Contact us today and book an in-person meeting with one of our team members. 

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Our ASW’23 Delegation

This year, our delegation of ASW representatives will be constituted of two of our top experts. They are:

Karlina handles some of our most important accounts and is a key part of our day-to-day operations. Konstantinos is a crucial team member in his own right, creating some of our clients’ defining strategies while also starring in many of our how-to videos and webinars. 

ASW'23 floor plan

What We Are Bringing to Vegas

At PropellerAds, we pride ourselves on bringing innovation into a space that’s defined by technology and efficiency. We’re setting our best foot forwards in the ASW’23, and we promise that you won’t be disappointed. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re bringing to the ASW’23. 

PropellerAds Multisource Platform

Throughout the years, PropellerAds has constantly worked on improving its technology. Today, our platform isn’t just a conventional traffic source – it’s a comprehensive tool you can use to collect leads from any and everywhere.

Because of this, we’ve established ourselves as a multisource platform, which means that you can reach different audience sources, including mobile, desktop, and in-app, to scale your user acquisition campaigns even further and always be sure of our traffic quality.


We have been operating as a multisource platform for some time now, and as such, we’ve also started creating features to help you spend less and earn more. 

SmartCPC is among the first of these tools created specifically for our new setup. It is yet open to some of our users, but will soon become available to everyone. Come to Las Vegas and find out first-hand how this option can help you save 20% to 30% on your traffic. 

Auto-Optimization or CPA Goal

Our team works relentlessly to ensure you always have the best technology available, and our auto-optimization feature is no exception.

Named CPA Goal, this feature can help you keep revenue high while maintaining your workload as low as possible. The best part is that we’ll discuss interest targeting during the ASW’23, so you can learn how to combine these two features to get the best results. 

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Las Vegas is undoubtedly a fun place – but very soon, it will become the capital of the affiliate marketing kingdom, at least for a few very exciting days. 

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