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8 Ways to Get PropellerAds Bonuses and Promo Codes

Propeller ads bonuses and promos

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We know you often search PropellerAds promo codes. But we don’t even hide them! Here is your ultimate guide to all the places where you can grab our bonuses. 

#1. Emails

Are you on our mailing list? We hope you didn’t unsubscribe from our marketing emails as it’s a real mine of bonuses sometimes! We not only share our news, tips, and helpful blog posts in our emails but also give away promo codes.

Here is an example of one of our previous email promotions:


This one is not active anymore, but we still have plenty of them! We usually send them before holidays or PropellerAds biggest events like our birthday. 

#2. Special promo offers

Do you know that we have promotional activities every several months? And that you can earn pretty much with them? Such promo campaigns are usually based on your spending, so the more you invest in your campaigns, the more you can earn back. The bonus amount can reach $700!

To keep an eye on such profitable offers, make sure you are subscribed to our blog, Telegram channel, emails, and social networks.

#3. Case Studies

Hiding secrets is losing money. Sounds strange? Not at all — we at PropellerAds buy great case studies to share with the world: right here on our blog.

We pay from $250 for a case study — but it’s not the limit! And not that we require much: just a fresh (no older than 2 months), profitable case with a budget of $300+, ROI of 30+%, and your average daily net profit of $30+. Of course, your case must be about a PropellerAds campaign. 

You might get back all your campaign spending if you share these campaign details with us. Isn’t it nice?

#4. Guest Posts

Don’t want to share your campaign results but still have some juicy info? Probably some insights on how to track and optimize your campaigns or make the most eye-catching creatives? We appreciate all sorts of affiliate marketing expertise — and are happy to publish your posts! 

Ah, almost forgot: we pay from $100 for a post!

#5. Webinars and Podcasts

We love your curiosity and desire to learn. This is why we work hard to deliver both entertaining and useful activities: webinars, workshops, and podcasts. And also, we often thank you for coming to our online events by giving away special promo codes.

What is more, some webinars have contests with prizes, or we can grant you a bonus if you were an active webinar participant.

We always announce our new webinars and other activities on the blog, Telegram channel, and social network — stay tuned! Here is what we did last time:


#6. Our Partners

We have many friends in the affiliate marketing world — and we often get together for cross promos. So follow our partners and catch the hottest promo codes they share with you! For example, you can easily come across such a banner at our partner’s site:


Who are our partners? Here is the list:

And many more — we will let you know about the next cross promo as soon as it arrives!

#7. Forums

Forums are not just about pleasant chats — although we love them, too. Besides, you can regularly find various PropellerAds promo codes at affiliate marketing forums: at some, we share them monthly!


No need to surf the whole net: here are these gold mines:

#8. Telegram Chat

What, you haven’t joined our Telegram Chat yet? Why? Probably it’s because you don’t know we grant the most active and helpful chat members with promo codes — every month!

unnamed-4 image

What to do? 

  • Join our Telegram chat
  • Answer advertisers’ questions, share your expertise, and help newbies
  • Get your promo code at the end of the month!

Wow, we are real Santas… but work the whole year round! Don’t miss the next best PropellerAds promo code: subscribe to our news on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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