Insights and cases are what a good company blog is made for, isn’t it? Well, we couldn’t agree more and today happy to announce that PropellerAds blog will now be regularly updated with “Expert tips” posts.
Which bidding-model to choose? How to use Retargeting properly? How to maximize ROI with SmartCPA pricing?  We’ve asked top affiliates and online marketers to answer those questions and share more insights and ideas about promoting with PropellerAds with you.
The first expert post was kindly prepared by Mr. Braun, one of the top affiliate marketer, STM Forum moderator and well-known member of the global affiliate community.

As an online business perhaps you’re generating visitors organically or via paid advertising from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or some other marketing channels you’re using right now. But how many of those visitors convert on their first visit? Global eCommerce statistics indicate – less than 5%.
Those visitors that don’t make a purchase the first time around might come back to your site, but why not make the decision easier for them? Use retargeting!

We are interested in you getting two things: positive results for your advertising campaigns, and comprehensive control over them. That’s why we continue to expand our collaboration with the most trustworthy tracking solutions on the market and to reduce the number of complications in your workflow. Today, we want to present Thrive tracker, which will help you know everything about your campaigns – read on for even more great features.