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OnClick & Push Case Study

How to Maximize Your Website Monetization: OnClick + Push Notifications Case Study

Looking for a new monetization strategy? What about using two formats at once? Check out this best performing duo. Real stats included

Vignette banners monetization

New Monetization Format: Vignette Banners + [Case Study]

Learn about our new monetization format - Vignette banners, and find out how you can increase your profits and get better monetization results

Growing Traffic on a New Website

The Essential Guide to Growing Website Traffic for Newbies, Part II

Tricks are worth nothing if you end spending money in vain. So when is it worth paying to grow the traffic on your new website?

Publisher quiz - monetization 2022

Publisher’s New Year Traditions Quiz

New year, new you. But what monetization formats and strategies could you use? Take our quiz to find out! We also included some New Year traditions

Boosting Traffic with a Push Service

How Do You Get More Traffic with a Push Service?

Are you looking for new ways to increase your website traffic? Try a Push Notifications Service. Strategies for every publisher and more in this article

top monetization formats 2022

2022 Publisher’s Leading Monetization Formats & Strategies

Craft successful strategies and gather more traffic than you could possibly monetize with top tips from industry experts and PropellerAds professionals

Publisher Trends 2022

2022 Publisher Trends: Your Time to Shine

Trends come and go, but the best strategy is to be prepared to monetize them to the last cent. So here’s what our pros think 2022 has in stock for publishers

Publisher's Super Promo
Our News

Publisher’s Super Promo: Want it, Work it, Cash it

They say that money draws money, and we’re here to prove it! Join the Publisher’s Super Promo and win a one-time-only Bonus!

propellerads - monetization formats to avoid

Top Invasive Software and Practices to Avoid

Invasive software like the iOS Calendar Ads, Video Ads and high frequency formats can do more bad than good. But there’s a fix and we’ll share it with you

increase organic traffic article

Tips for Pubs: How to Increase Organic Traffic And Not Spend a Lifetime on It

It’s time to finally work on your SEO strategy! Learn how to do SEO right to increase organic traffic and make sure your monetization efforts are not in vain

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