New Monetization Format: Vignette Banners + [Case Study]

Vignette banners monetization

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d have an ad format that generates high CPM rates but looks like a native banner, with a clean and safe feed? Well, now you can! With our newly-launched Vignette banners.

These bad boys comply with the Better Ads standards, and combine the efficacy of Popunder ads with the native-banners look of In-Page Push ads. Moreover, you can use Vignette with any other of our 6 monetization methods to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) by up to 65%?.

That’s right: Vignette will help boost your website monetization! And while it can add extra value to any campaign you run on other formats, it will not affect your UX.

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What are Vignette Banners?

Vignette banners are small banners that appear shortly after the user gets on your website, in the center of the page. They look like native banners, and include a small header and description, plus Close and Call to Action buttons. 

This format is very similar to In-Page Push (IPP) and the famous Google Vignette, hence the name.

However, different from Google’s technology, this format doesn’t appear as the user is leaving the page. Instead, the user sees our Vignette when he gets on the website. 

Moreover, our format is placed in the center of the display and can be set to appear with a 5, 30 seconds, or any other custom-set delay. 

Here’s a sneak peek of how the PropellerAds Vignette appears on your user’s device:

As you can see from the example above, Vignettes feature a header, a small description, an image or icon, as well as Close and Call to Action buttons. Once the user sees your Vignette, he can interact with it, by following the call to action (button), or simply closing the banner. 

Extremely easy, and user-friendly at the same time!

Another very nice feature that Vignettes bring is that they resemble classic native banners. Creating an even more pleasant User Experience (UX), and making your website more trustworthy.

PropellerAds Vignette – US Case Study

We put our new format to the test, and we discovered some very promising results in terms of CPM rates. In fact, this format is equally effective to OnClick ads. Check out how Vignette did.

Testing Period: December 24, 2021 – January 16, 2022
OS: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

Based on the average eCPM test results, we have discovered that Vignette banners outperformed In-Page Push by 65%. And it also got better results compared to In-Page Push as well – 65% higher Click-Through Rates (CTR).

“Twice as many clicks on Desktop Devices

Another very interesting performance indicator was the number of clicks per device. In fact, Vignettes bring twice as many clicks on desktop devices than on mobile. So, if you know that most of your traffic is coming from desktop devices you really must try Vignette!

Monetize Desktop Traffic like a Pro

How to Launch your Vignette Campaign

To start using Vignette banners on your site, go to the “Sites” tab, click on “Add Zone” and then select “Vignette Banner“. Extremely easy, right?

8 Advantages of Using Vignette Banners 

The test results are quite impressive, right? But there are also many other advantages to using Vignette:

  • You can target your users with a super user-friendly and UX-safe format, similar to Google Vignette Ads.
  • Having a central position on the screen, Vignette contributes to an overall higher CTR – 60% higher on average, compared to classic banners.
  • With Vignette, you’ll only get clean and safe ads – like games, Google Play/AppStore applications, utilities, etc. 
  • Vignette banners have higher CPM rates than classic banners. The fact that the ads they feature are always clean contributes to keeping your good performance. 
  • The clean ad feed along with the large Close button of Vignette banners, also makes the format compliant with the Better Ads standards. 
  • A very flexible format, performing on every platform (Desktop, Mobile) and OS.
  • Comes with an integrated Anti-AdBlock solution, helping you monetize AdBlock traffic as well.

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8. This format is compatible with all our other 6 monetization solutions available with PropellerAds – Classic Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Direct Link, OnClick Popuner, Interstitials, and MultiTag.

Summing Up

Based on the eCPM, CTR, and desktop engagement rates of our test, it’s safe to assume that Vignette has the potential to greatly improve your website monetization. 

And considering the many extra perks that this format brings, the fact that it’s very similar to a performing Google format, and that it costs you nothing to test it. 

For everything else, just contact your Publisher Partnership Manager and activate your Vignette website monetization now.


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