Meet the Publisher Mobile App and Other PropellerAds Platform Updates

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Dear Publishers, 

We are here for the great news — we released our Publisher app! But that’s not everything we want to tell you. We also changed your stats management and added a new profitable format — Vignette Banners.

So, without further ado, let’s see what we brought you today in detail.

PropellerAds Publisher App

The thing you have been waiting for — we know it — is now here!

Meet our new native PropellerAds App for publishers! It’s already available in the AppStore and Google Play — come and grab it!

From this day on, you can always keep your finger on the pulse of your traffic monetization. You will always know how much you earn and when you can withdraw your money. It’s all right in your pocket! But what exactly? We’ll explain right now.

#1. Check Your Earnings and Control Payments

Anywhere and anytime — you will always know how much profit you get from your traffic. The Home screen instantly shows your all-time profit and earnings for today, the previous day, and last week. You can also see payments on hold — and the next withdrawal date. 

Besides, the Home screen gives you quick access to your personal manager’s contact info — very convenient, right?

If you need more detailed information on your earnings and payments, you can check it via the app, too. It’s available under the Payments or Earnings tabs on the Home screen:

#2. Get Quick Access to Your Stats

We gathered all the stats about your monetization in our app’s simplified interface. Now you can see them within a couple of clicks on your smartphone. 

Just like in the desktop self-service platform, you can track your results by various metrics.

Here is how the app can show you the stats:

  • By ad format
  • By date
  • By zone
  • By country
  • By OS
  • By site

#3. Receive Real-Time Updates

We won’t bother you with unnecessary alerts but can instantly update you on the most important events. The app can send you notifications on the following:

  • When we approve your website
  • When we decline your website
  • When you get your first impressions

You can switch off notifications you don’t need in your profile settings:


#4. Change Your Minimum Withdrawal Amount

You can quickly change your minimum withdrawal amount via the app under the Payment Methods tab. 

Go to the Payments tab — select Payment Methods — Change Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Where to Get the App?

The app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and in Google Play for all Android smartphones and tablets. 

You can download the app directly from the stores — and leave your fair reviews on what you liked or want to be improved. We care about your experience and appreciate any feedback.

Publisher App Summary

To sum up, here is what you do with our new Publisher App:

  • Monitor your payments and earnings in real-time
  • Check your statistics by zone, ad format, country, OS, website, or date
  • Get timely notifications on important events
  • Set your minimum withdrawal amount

We keep working on our Publisher app, and will add more features soon — but it’s already an awesome thing now, so try it!

Statistics Management Changes

No, it’s not everything we got for you! One more nice thing we are also happy to show you is the new format of stats. You asked for it too, and we think it really makes things easier: 

We split the Push Format into two: Classic Push and In-Page Push ads. You can now track and optimize your monetization efforts with Push formats in a more efficient way.

Here is what it looks like on your self-service platform now:


And how it looks in the app:


So, you can now group your stats by 5 different formats — while there were only 3 before! And yes, the fifth format is also quite a new thing — have you tried it already?

New format: Vignette Banners

We announced them in March, and it’s a kind reminder: we have a new great format! Vignette banners look very native, don’t spoil the user interface, and can increase your CTR up to 65% when you use them with the other formats.

Don’t have a PropellerAds publisher account yet? No worries: register right now and get all the perks of monetization with us.


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