Our affiliates share how to run sweepstakes CPA offers and make some serious profits. Learn how to drive sweepstakes traffic to maximize your ad campaigns.

smartphone giveaway roi 80%

[Case Study] Smartphone, Push Notifications & Thailand ($2800 Profit + ROI +80%)

A new case study and a Thailand offer. How to earn a solid profit on low payout offers and why mobile carrier targeting of PropellerAds is a cool thing?

iphone 10 sweepstake

[Case Study] iPhone X + German traffic ($1900 Profit)

The offer, creatives, and landings that we used in the campaign not so important here. This case will show you how to boost your profit significantly by means of cloning ...


[Case Study] UEFA Champions League Final + Giveaway (ROI 87%)

Are we waiting for the Champions League final? So do millions of football fans! The final match is set for June 1. And it’s just about time to make some money from this...

Samsung galaxy S9 case study

[Case Study] Sweepstake Samsung Galaxy (ROI 78%)

First, I launched CPM campaigns and targeted at "All" user activity groups. Then I was A/B testing to see what ad copy had the best CTR. After that I calculated the effic...

sneakers cc case study

[Case Study] The Sneakers, CC Submit and Sweepstakes (ROI 87%)

This wonderful offer I’ve found at AdThink while rummaging through the catalog of offers. There you’ll find quite rare ones.Back to the case. One of its key advantage...