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[Case Study] Smartphone, Push Notifications & Thailand ($2800 Profit + ROI +80%)

smartphone giveaway roi 80%

Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

How to earn a solid profit with low payout offers and why mobile carrier targeting of PropellerAds is a cool thing?

Traffic: Push ads

Offer: Win an iPhone XS (AIS only)

Campaign period: Feb 15, 2019 – June 15, 2019

Geo: Thailand 

Spent: $3300 

Revenue: $6100

Net profit: $2800 

ROI: 80%  

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going tell you how I was running Sweepstake campaigns targeting Thailand with Propellerads. My profit was $2800 and 80% ROI.

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The offer 

The manager of the affiliate network has suggested this offer (thank you, mate). Actually, I could purchase much more traffic, but there were two issues. First, the offer targeted only one carrier; the second one – capping. I generated from 200 to 400 conversions a day with the payout of $0.48.

How did I choose the affiliate network?

Since the offer targeted only one carrier, I had to use a mobile carrier targeting. This thing is thoroughly developed in PropellerAds. I tried to buy traffic from other networks, but the carrier targeting wasn’t a well thought out option there, or there wasn’t at all. So I used PropellerAds all the time, and the capping didn’t allow to scale up too much.

The landing page  

I searched for the Thai sweepstake landing pages in AdPlexity. Eventually, I chose seven landing pages and filtered out two of them on the first two days of testing. Then in a few more days, I discarded another one. There was only one standard landing page with the wheel. I added a pop-up notification to the landing page, that every few seconds displayed a message, saying: “John Smith has just won an iPhone!” 

This thing added a few more percents to ROI.

The ad creatives         

As for ad creatives, I used something like this: 

Title: You have (1) new message

Description: Click here to get your price

The banner text: You can win iPhone XS  

The top ad creatives

I inserted emoji in the text of the ad, that had attracted visitors and increased CTR. 

The campaign

The payout wasn’t that high, so the CPC bid had to be low, but with this price, I couldn’t get enough traffic. Then I decided to run a campaign using the CPM model. The ROI of this type of campaigns was higher compared to CPC. On some days it even reached 200%!    

I targeted high activity users because users with medium or low activity level brought fewer clicks. And despite the low CPM, the launch of such campaigns turned out to be unprofitable. 

I created lots of CPC and CPM campaigns. Some of them were catching up and generated good traffic volumes. I paused the ones that didn’t bring enough traffic and ran a few more campaigns. As usual, two campaigns launched simultaneously – CPC and CPM – were generating good results. 

The offer was stopped a few times and then was running again later.

My results

Click to see the images

Stats from Leadhits      

Stats of some campaigns from PropellerAds:

Stats from the tracker (the cost of clicks for CPM campaigns wasn’t displayed in the tracker).

Tracker statistics - case study_thailand

The bottom line

Don’t skip offers with low payouts, because some of them give really good results. Use the CPM model to scale the campaigns up, and also try to test as many landing pages and ad creatives as you can. 

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