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[Case Study] Sweepstake Samsung Galaxy (ROI 78%)

Samsung galaxy S9 case study

Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

Ad Network: AdCombo

Traffic: PropellerAds

Ad format: Push ads

Offer: 15127 Sweepstake

Campaign period: Mar 18, 2018 – Jun 26, 2018

GEO: Greece

Total spent: $1404.5

Total Revenue: $2508

Net profit: $1104

ROI: 78%

I didn’t use any pre-landers, only a landing page.

Landing page example

The manager from PropellerAds helped me with ad creatives that converted well. Thanks to her 😉

Well, I tested 2 versions: with «missed message» and the one for brand awareness.

There were 18 push ads in total. Here’re some of the best examples:

Push 2 push 1

The messages were plain and simple, for example: «you’ve missed (1) message. Don’t miss your chance to win a new Samsung» or: «That’s a special message for you. A new Samsung phone can be yours».

First, I launched CPM campaigns and targeted at “All” user activity groups. Then I was A/B testing to see what ad copy had the best CTR. After that I calculated the efficiency (CPM or CPC), and duplicated some campaigns to run with CPC bidding. The results of CPC campaigns were also good.

The bottom line

All creatives I used appeared to be efficient, and the only reason I had to stop these campaigns was that the CPA network deactivated the offer.

I could have optimized the zoneid, but in my case it was unnecessary, because all the top zones had similar results. I could’ve segmented campaigns by user activity groups (high, medium, low), but I decided not to proceed with that – I wanted to save some time. Even though I didn’t work hard to optimize my campaigns, the results were pretty impressive for the time spent.

What I want to recommend is to check if your advertiser accepts Push traffic. And it’s also good to know about all possible limitations for texts/landings beforehand.

 PropellerAds stats:

stats 1

AdCombo stats:

stats 2

General statistics in PropellerAds:  

general stats

General statistics in PropellerAds:

general stats

Thanks everyone, and make profit!

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