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Irresistible Advertising: Clickbait Is Not Bad if You do it Right

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By definition, clickbaits are misleading ads that convince you to click on them with their attention-grabbing titles. Eventually leading to falsely advertised content, offers, promotion, page, and so on. So is there such a thing as Perfect Clickbait?

Sure, they’re one of the most engaging and powerful types of ads. And although you might be tempted to think that they’re spammy, deceitful, and slightly below the radar, we beg to differ. What’s even more, you might already be using them ?. 

So, to answer the question: YES, the Perfect Clickbaits Exist!

In fact, we believe in these ads so much as we’ve seen their stellar performance. And since they rock, we’ve decided to simplify your work with a set of ready-made templates to just copy and paste in your campaigns. 

Still, that’s not all. We’re also going to teach you how to create good Clickbaits, and stay on the safe side with your audience.

But before that, let’s start with the beginning.

What are Clickbait Ads?

Clickbait ads are only the most curiosity-inducing promotional material. And the reality is they work, specifically because people can’t resist but engage with them. Or click on the link they feature.

So how do they do it? To start with, if you’re familiar with our articles, you probably already heard of Scarcity, Exclusivity, Urgency – or the Marketing trifecta to engaging content. In other words, FOMO or fear of missing out, with a dash of curiosity or challenge.

Exactly: clickbaits rely on emotions. Which can be fear, excitement, happiness, love, or disgust.

Usually, a clickbait ad consists of a very engaging header, that teases about the story which is found within a link. Because the title stirs curiosity, users can’t help but follow the link to get the full story.

Think tabloid journalism, but even more for the masses. Doesn’t need to be as narrow, can be very generic, include luck, odds, or chances. Offers little to no value. But it’s extremely entertaining.

What Clickbaits aren’t?

So, different from popular belief, they don’t need to be false online advertising. And we couldn’t say this enough: when used correctly! Because you can have a sensationalist headline that leads to actual content that provides the info promised in the first place.

Clickbaits only become annoying, and misleading when they promise something that users won’t find in the link they follow.

For example, an image that’s only in the Push notification, and nowhere within the article. Or a header that appears on the Interstitials and has no climax in Popunder, or the link which follows.

And even the missing answer to questions asked in the ad format. False promotions, and offers, or any other type of misleading or inconsistent content.

Now that you’ve got the idea of what Clickbaits are (and what they shouldn’t be), let’s see a couple of examples you can just copy-paste in your campaigns.

Clearly, we didn’t just play it by ear. Instead, we checked with our team of Account Managers which are the top performing verticals of the month. And below, you’ll find great Clickbait examples, based on the top 5 verticals you love to work with the most.

*All carefully checked by our policy team


Teasing Clickbait

PropellerAds - Teasing Clickbait Template
Teasing Clickbait Example

“Can you lose when your team is winning?
Wanna bet?”

Make sure to pair this up with an article talking about the many ways in which a certain sports fan can lose, while his team is winning. It could be for missing out on a really good game – see streaming services.

How Do Sports Campaigns Perform? Key Stats for 2018-2022 + Forecast

Or maybe he just won’t be notified about the event in time – give him an app to track it. Or just make a game out of it. You’ve got a lot of choices ?. Use them wisely.

Cross promo

PropellerAds - Cross Promo Clickbait
Cross Promo Clickbait Example

“There’s no winning at this
Cause you’ll need a larger wallet”

This could be an ad for a special Sports Subscription offer (or even sports wallets, irresistible large wallets, a sweepstake offer, and even promos or bonuses). 

You just need to be crafty enough with the content this ad is leading to. It will have to include both a game, a prize, and a certain something that will make them need an actual larger wallet.

And whether they get a coupon with discounts for games, a certificate to wear in their wallet at all times, or other types of sports prizes, it’s only up to you.

Shocking Content

PropellerAds - Shocking Clickbait
PropellerAds – Shocking Clickbait Example

“Sport’s Dirty Affairs
Is the Sports Mafia real?”

You’ve got that right! Shocking content. It’s tested, it works, and it’s within reach. All you need is some research and some reputable links. Believe us, they’re not hard to find with such content types.

Shocking Content: Is It a Yay or Nay?


Welcome bonuses & discounts

PropellerAds - Welcome Bonus Clickbait
Welcome Bonus Clickbait Example

“You’re only a newcomer 24 hrs
Special ‘How much can you buy?’ discount’

This one’s not as direct as the other, as the clickbait is found within the discount code. Still, you are encouraging your users to shop as much as they can, with new users’ discounts.

And also brings some urgency with the 24hrs deadline for newcomers’ bonus.

No reason whatsoever sensational sale

PropellerAds - Find Your Reasons Clickbait
Made Up Promo Clickbait Example

“10 cheap [items] even the stars couldn’t resist
They’re so good, no one even cares they’re not [sensational detail]. And the price is to die for. But only for the 10 first bought. Can you grab yours?”

Come on now, this one speaks for itself. All you need is a special product that even some celebrities are using. Just make sure not to infringe any Copyright laws when using the images, and you’re good to roll.

Flash Sale

PropellerAds - Flash Sale Clickbait
Flash Sale Clickbait Example

“Last Day Shopping Craze
Get them before they’re gone. The [items] you need to rule the [event]”

This one looks like a pretty regular push, just that we included the clickbait right in the end. However, when using longer content, make sure that it fits for the OS you’re targeting.

The longer version only fits in Push Notifications for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Pro.

For the other OS, you can drop ‘Get them before they’re gone.’ and still get away with a pretty good and positive clickbait. As long as your gadgets are worthy of the header.

Abandoned cart reminder, or Lightning promo with stats clickbait & a dash of Dare 

PropellerAds - Abandoned Cart Clickbait
Abandoned Cart Clickbait Example

“[Stats that show that you can’t do it]
Empty your cart making a purchase in 30 minutes from now & get a $50 Promo Code”

This one is more tricky. As you don’t want to fall in the trap of badly researched or deceitful content, you’ll need to find a reputable source with related statistics, and make sure to mention them in your offer.

All we did was wordplay. Because according to Shopify 70% of cart abandoners never return to complete their order.

Price drop alerts

PropellerAds - Price Drop Clickbait
Price Drop Clickbait Example

“No one’s seen this before
We’re dropping prices by a whopping [your biggest discount]%?”

Clearly, you need to make sure you’re actually dropping by your largest amount, at least of the period. Other than that, you’re free to play with the text as you want. 


Big discount

Clickbait worthy✓✓.

Reminder for inactive users

PropellerAds - Inactive User Clickbait
Inactive User Reminder Clickbait Example

“Long time no see
But you we can’t let you miss this?”

Here we’re including several clickbaits. One on the body ‘Can’t miss this’, and one in the image ‘This is the sign you’ve been looking for.’ Will it work? There’s only one way to check. Test and see for yourself?.

Don’t forget: it’s only valid if it’s worth their time. So make it a truly good offer. If you can, check what they want, and offer that specifically. Even if it’s for a limited time period.


New lines and products added

PropellerAds - New Products Clickbait
New Product Clickbait Example

“The new [product] to end all [problem]
You won’t believe how good it is!”

So here’s the gist. If you have a product that really is as good as it sounds, then no one said you can’t milk that baby for all its worth. And this goes not only for utilities, but pretty much everything else. Some other tricks that you could use for your page would be including actual user reviews.

Utilities CPA Offers: Types, Campaign Comparisons, Tips + [Case Study]

And when we say actual, we mean the kind that people will really find on review pages. Coming from real peoples’ accounts. We know you’re a good advertiser, so make sure to get this right.

Personalized offers – retargeting

PropellerAds - Personalized Offers Clickbait
Personalized Offer/Retargeting Clickbait Example

“The Cheat Code to Your [Problem]
The [App] that goes with your [previously purchased App]”

This one’s a no-brainer. Find something they already purchased, and offer them something to go with it. A case for a phone, a wallet for a bag, a plugin for software, etc.

And make it so good, they absolutely can’t refuse.


When it comes to finance, users react best when receiving live alerts. So push notifications might be your best friend. However, there are some clickbait ad examples that can also have a longer shelf screen life. 

Weather Based Promo

PropellerAds - Weather Based Clickbait
Weather Based Clickbait Example

“Hot & Wet: Better for You?
Monsoons & rains boost coffee production”

You’ve caught us. We also sneaked in a little naughty innuendo. But let’s be honest, you need to speak to your audiences. And the target audience of finance companies are all adults, and mostly men. 

Before using this specific example, just make sure that the market and weather forecast supports your statement. Otherwise, you’ll have to find similar wordplay. 

Stock alert (as in newly added item, or more supply of something)

PropellerAds - New Stock Alert Clickbait
New Product Clickbait Example

“You’ll never guess what you can invest in
Already [relatively high]% right after its IPO”

Most often, immediately after the Initial Price Offering, assets tend to move. So why not also include that along with your clickbait header?

Also you might be surprised to see that as soon as you add something new, people will rush in numbers to buy, trade, or invest in it. And sharing actual numbers helps?, and it’s also accepted by financial regulators. 

Of course, you’ll have even more success if you’re listening to requests and adding assets your clients actually want to invest in. 

Also Stock Alert (but about actual stock movements)

PropellerAds - Financial Stock Alert Clickbait
Stock Movement Alert Clickbait Example

“[Asset] is getting sky high
The [event] made it hike [huge]%”

This is nothing more than just an usual movement update. Sure the asset is moving a lot more than usual, and we used a bit of a sensationalist headline. But it’s all within regulations. Check what assets are moving now, and why, and you’re good to go.


Profile completion offer

PropellerAds - Profile Completion Clickbait
Profile Completion Clickbait Example

“Hot cougars can’t find your area
Unless you complete your profile”

Sometimes playing on the safer side and mocking legendary messages pays off. Just be clever about it, and don’t forget to stay on the surprise side. Even an actual cougar image does the trick. Make sure to differentiate from your competitors, and you’ll have to gain.

Propeller On Air #6: Dating Campaigns for Alpha Affiliates [Live Podcast]

Make the first move unlock – action required

PropellerAds - Action Required Clickbait
Action Required Clickbait Example

“You won’t believe it
But making the first move pays off. More inside.”

Even a hanging word can act as clickbait. So why not play with it? Use a nice image, a shocking header, and leave a bit to the user’s imagination. They’ll come running.

Get a date promo – action required 2

PropellerAds - Engagement Required Clickbait
Reaction Required Clickbait Example

“10 Ways to Get Your Way
Get a date & unlock first level”

This could easily lead to an actual listicle. And hey, listicles are, in fact, another type of clickbait. Make it interesting and emotional, and you’ve delivered exactly what you promised.

Other message examples you could consider

  • “You won’t make it”
  • “This is too good, but it’s true” (yes, challenging cliches also works)
  • “Shocking discounts” (hyperboles and exaggerations are also a go)
  • “Badly good ‘somethings’ you need right now” (and oxymorons)
  • “You’ll never guess what we did”
  • “Undisclosed Secrets You Need to Know About”
  • “The list You need This Season”
  • “How to make her buy you the [gadget]”
  • “Only 3 players got this right. Can you?”

If you want to find more good examples of correctly used Clickbait in content, check out Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, The Onion.

You’ll find a lot of useless things in there, that are nothing but plain entertaining. That’s what you could aim for. Otherwise, choose your emotions wisely and play your card right.

In a nutshell

Keep in mind that with a bit of craftiness, all the ad strategies included in this article can easily be shifted to work for other verticals as well. And yes, we mean those for Dating, or Finance as well. 

The key to well-done clickbaits is to not bite on more than you can chew. In other words, don’t offer something that is out of your reach, or you can’t support in the rest of your campaign.

And that includes:

  • Misleading or false promises
  • Playing with your users’ emotions
  • Nonexistent bonuses

Also, try not to overuse Clickbaits. Or, at a certain point, your users might get fed up with it, and give you the shoulder. Or stop reacting to your ads.

Other than that, make an event of everything. And make sure to deliver on what you promise. Also, don’t lie.

If you have any other examples of ideas that you’d like to share, write them below in the comments section.

Or come join us on Telegram! We’ve got much more fun stuff waiting for you.


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