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Valentine’s Day Templates for Non-Romantic Industries: How to Get Installs and Deposits

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As if the hearts and pink banners invading the internet didn’t tip you off, Valentine’s Day is pretty much upon us!

While consumers indulge in chocolate, love notes, and romantic getaways; advertisers and affiliates are looking to increase traffic and boost their conversions through Valentine’s Day promotions.

That said, taking advantage of the most romantic day of the year is much easier for some companies than others. But, this doesn’t mean that those operating in non-romantic industries can’t benefit from the Feast of Saint Valentine.

With the right strategy, companies that operate in industries like gaming, gambling, and software can still benefit from all the love in the digital air.

Let’s check out some Valentine’s Day ad templates for non-romantic industries.

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by millions of people around the globe. Although there is no exact figure for the number of people who acknowledge the event, Valentine’s Day spending in the US amounted to more than $19.5 billion in 2018.


The average consumer spent more than $140 on romantic gifts, which is one of the reasons this holiday is also one of the seasons for some verticals. It’s estimated that jewelry companies alone sold more than $4.7 billion last year!

There’s no question that the Feast of Saint Valentine is a great opportunity to increase your revenue, even if your industry isn’t particularly romantic.

Is it Suitable for All Verticals?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has always favored industries that are romantic. Apparel, travel, and chocolate are always at the top of the list, but non-romantic organizations can work an angle that helps them net more traffic.

Some examples of online verticals that you may think can’t benefit from Valentine’s Day include:

  • iGaming
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Loans and financial services
  • Stock and currency exchange
  • Software and utilities

Even though the benefits of Valentine’s Day campaign are not immediately obvious to the verticals above, you can still take advantage of this festivity by using the right approach.

15 Valentines Day Templates for Non-Romantic Industries

Non-romantic businesses don’t have to miss all the Valentine’s Day flare! Below, we’ve put together a few templates that you can use to reel in more traffic, even if your industry is less than glamorous. Grab these ideas or use them for inspiration 🙂

Gaming and Entertainment

The gaming vertical often targets singles, but taking alternative approaches can help you reel is extra traffic come the most romantic day of the year. Here are some examples you can use:

  • Appeal to Singles: Love isn’t only for couples – play with love this Valentine’s Day!
  • Waiting for Secret Admirers: Longing for a secret admirer? Nothing a game can’t cure
  • Target сouples that enjoy playing together: Couple’s games are fun – Challenge your second half today!

Software and Utilities

Software and utilities may not strike you a romantic right away, but there’s a special relationship between people and their devices.

Check out some ad templates for software and utilities:

  • Make a match for your device: You devices need lovin’ too! Find the perfect utilities for your PC
  • You’re not alone approach: No one around on Valentine’s? Don’t worry, these apps have your back!

Payday Loans and Microcredits

Payday loans are often used to make ends meet. But, it’s not uncommon for someone to take out a personal loan in order to have an awesome Valentine’s as well! Read more: [Case Study] Promoting microloans in Mexico with Push Notifications ($891 Profit)

  • Meet your soul mate: Found that special one? Good thing you don’t have to wait for payday!
  • Get a treat for number one (You!): Always look out for Number 1 – get a payday loan and treat yourself!
  • Show love for the ones that matter: Celebrate with all your folks – friends and family need love too!


how to promote ico with paid traffic

Forex is all about stats and numbers, so interlacing emotion can be challenging. Except, of course, if you mention the odds of falling in love.

Finding love takes risk: No risk means no gain – In love and stocks, It’s worth taking the leap.

Target long-term couples: Happily married for decades? Add some market volatility to your life.


iGaming platforms can benefit from Valentine’s Day because of the players’ love for the game – no pun intended!

  • Free plays on Valentine’s: Roses are red, violets blue – we have free Valentine’s plays for you!
  • Bring people together with a tournament: Don’t have a valentine? Good, we’re a player short for the tourney!
  • Love for the game: Passion, excitement, and thrills – It’s all part of the game!

Creating the best campaign for the celebration of Valentine’s Day may take some time. But, even the most non-romantic industries can benefit off this great season.

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