The Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts 2021

best affiliate podcasts

Everybody knows that in order to learn the tricks of the trade, you start by seeing what the others are doing. And then you get better. Or you take the safe route and find a good affiliate podcast.

Let’s analyze this more in-depth. You want to enter the (online) affiliate marketing industry. So you can either:

a) get really good at tracking your competitors, with sophisticated tools and software; Oor…

b) find a really trustworthy source of inspiration.

But let’s get serious, it’s B. And chance has it that your own PropellerAds has a very insightful affiliate podcast series. 

We call it Propeller On Air – but you can also refer to it as ‘The Best (In Absolute) Podcast and Source Of Inspiration For Affiliates Of All Levels’.

The host is none other than Renz Gonzales. As a man of many hats, he draws his talent from the many years working as the Leader of our fierce Account Strategists. 

So… when it comes to affiliate marketing, its meaning, useful tools, and various sources or courses you can use to learn it better, he’s your man.

Plus, he’s always inviting well-renowned names of the industry, so if there’s one thing Renz won’t be able to answer, his guest will steal the show. 

No really ?, it already happened before.

And to answer your question: Yes, you can learn affiliate marketing from a vlog! Especially by following Renz Gonzales’s insightful series. 

But enough about him. Check out our Podcasts hits, the crème de la crème, the absolute best of all the Performance Marketing Webcasts – Propeller On Air:

#1. Dating Campaigns Podcast for Alpha Affiliates 

This ‘muy calliente?’ (aka ‘very hot’) affiliate webisode of Propeller On Air, should be your No. 1 priority if you’re running a dating campaign, this year.

Why? Because the delightful Nilu Yusupova, TopOffers’ Head of BD & PR, is on a mission to get the fire started with her incendiary reveals about this vertical. 

And trust us, that’s one spicy confession you don’t want to miss. Join in, as she’s talking about:

How much sex sells|Adult, mainstream, gay, religious, and other affiliate marketing niches|2021 Winning Dating Formats, GEOs, and Creatives|And much more… ?

#2. Affiliate Marketing Forecasts – The Vlog to Advertise Like It’s 2021!

Here’s another outstanding webcast. This time, Renzi had Luke Kling, affLift’s founder, and Manu Cinca, Stacked Markerter’s founder as guests. 

Take it from us, these are two well established digital marketing companies, you want to start following.

And oh God, what good times they had, and the juicy subjects they debated! When it comes to marketing podcast success, we like to think this one made it to the top. 

And not only because it carefully dissects the main trends of the year, but also because of the secrets that were shared??.

To name a few:

‘Post-vaccination era’ & evergreen verticals|eCom, Travel & iGaming hot-hot GEOs|email lists: In or Out?|And many other goodies…

#3. Pro Secrets to Running Utilities Campaigns – Affiliate’s Go-To Webisode

What could be more useful nowadays than talking about Utilities? And whom better to do it, than the one and only, Anastasia Loseva, ZeyDoo’s Head of Sales.

She’s bold, she’s beautiful, but most importantly she’s Renz Gonsalez’s (Renzi, as she calls him?) Propeller On Air guest no.3!  

With her winning attitude, Nastia (as we like to call her) told Renzi all about how you can ace at running Utilities campaigns. 

Here are a few topics they discussed, to get you going:

Understanding Utilities & their popularity|Best GEOs for Utilities|Top Conversion Flows|Best Performing Ad Formats 

#4. Hot Affiliate Summer Podcast, with Servando Silva and Erik Gyepes

Yet another spicy Propeller On Air Podcast, ensured by the exhilarating Servando Silva and Erik Gyepes. You’ve guessed it, they’re Renzi’s guests. 

Still wondering why this podcast’s a hit? Well to start with, one of our guests is an experienced Affiliate Marketer, while the other’s the Founder & CEO of DEPI MEDIA FZE. 

Secondly, it’s never too early to prepare your summer campaign. So, here are some gold nuggets from this affiliate podcast:

Sports and other Summer Verticals|Hot-hot Events|COVID-19 infused affiliate summer home-runs|Summer Dress-codes and Staying Productive|And then some…

#5. Propeller On Air: Our Very First Affiliate Podcast with Ian Fernando & KJ Rocker!

Can you feel the awesomeness?? Can you? Cause judging by how great this first podcast went, we were almost overwhelmed. 

But that didn’t stop us from going. Not even when our super-stars of guests decided to talk about the elephant in the room?. 

Curious to find out what we’re talking about? Hurry up and watch this Podcast. You’ll also find out more about:

Favorite Formats, Verticals, and Strategies|First View on the Pandemic Impact|Preparing for a New Pandemic Wave|And plenty other treats.

If you think of any other topic you’d like to know more about in our upcoming podcasts, make sure to leave a comment below. 

For anything else, hurry up and join our Telegram chat


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