Propeller On Air #5: Affiliate Forecasts – Advertise Like It’s 2021

Affiliate podcast - affiliate trends 2021

You guessed it!

We made it our mission to make sure there’s never a dull moment in your life as an affiliate marketer. And because traffic never sleeps, we wanted to have you up and ready for everything 2021 might throw at you. 

That’s why we got together with two heavyweight champions from the affiliate arena: affLift’s founder, Luke Kling, and Stacked Markerter’s founder, Emanuel Cinca. 

And who better to moderate their battle, than THE ONE AND ONLY…

… Reeeeeeeeeeenz Gonzales!!!

What could the founders of two of the most resounding affiliate marketing brands say, to shake the whole affiliate world to the ground?

Here’s a little something to give you an idea of what they’re defending:

  • What’s the one evergreen vertical that Renzy adores, and Luke’s ‘gonna keep his eyes on’ (in 2021)?
  • What vertical will steal the show in the ‘post-vaccination era’, and what will be the ‘new Push notification’?
  • What hot-hot GEOs for eCommerce, Travel, and iGaming should you put all your money on?
  • What creatives and strategies Manu Cinca thinks are gonna be a sure win in 2021? 
  • Are email lists dead, or should you get in on the action?
  • Luke Kling’s take on the ‘Will Pop(unders) Survive?’ matter.

Who are we kidding, there are so many other goodies, these two marketing gods shared, you’d definitely want to hit the PLAY button. 

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But while we’re at it, do you think Luke will finally tell Renzy what campaigns he’ll run in the COVID-19 Vaccination year? 

Play the podcast, and find out!


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