Summer is in full blast, and what could be better for affiliates this time than a handful of insights on hot summer offers?

This is what the new episode of our podcast is all about!

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Our new star guests, Servando Silva and Erik Gyepes, are discussing their top offers and secret techniques for profiting this summer.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What has changed in the traditional summer hustle for affiliates in the light of COVID19 pandemic
  • What verticals are on the rise now and which are stagnating
  • What’s the deal with sports betting and iGaming: how are they doing right now?
  • What events does it make sense to promote now (and if there are any whatsoever)?
  • Pro tips to running campaigns this summer: verticals, ad formats, GEOs, targeting and optimization tricks
  • And of course, what are the hottest offers to run RIGHT NOW! 

A few sweet nuggets to top it up:

  • What’s Servando’s summer dress code
  • How our guests organize their day in order to stay productive
  • What they HONESTLY think about PropellerAds

What are you waiting for?

Jump right in! 


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